Best of Private: Nurses in Heat


Best of Private: Nurses in Heat

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation

155 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Compilation

THEMES: Nurses

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Carla, Katja Kean, Silvia Saint, Laura Angel, Adrienne Klass, Brigitta, Judith Grant, Sophie Evans, Claudia Ricci, Patricia Major, Sylvia Raz, Suzan Strong, Melody, Dorothy, Mona Lisa


This is a DVD that has must-own written all over it. A collection of ultra-hot Euro babes dressed in nurses uniforms? Are you kidding me? What could be better than that? (Lots of things if you don’t like nurses or Euro-babes I guess.) Private compilations tend to be great fun with a lot of eye candy and hot sex. The nine scenes in this movie are packed with good looking chicks who live to make men feel better. Maybe it’s their short skirts or their giving natures, but somehow Private nurses always seem to come through.

Katja Kean sneaks into Jean’s room while he is recovering from a horrible accident. She gives him a short blowjob and then uses her feminine wiles to steal all of his money. Cruel Katja leaves him like this, but the pretty nurse, Carla enters and is sympathetic to his condition. She strips to her bra and panties so she can administer some mouth to cock therapy. The very pretty girl can barely get more than the head of his dick between her lips, but she gives it her very best. Her blowjob is really short and even her pussy seems too tight for his fat meat. Carla slides very slowly up and down his pole, working most of it into her slit. The anal penetration is just as slow, but she manages to work it hard enough to get him close. With a little more oral attention, she milks a load from her happy patient.

Silvia Saint makes a really hot fetish nurse as she attends to Laura Angel. With the help of a toy, she works the leggy brunette into a frenzy. There is a slight haze to this scene, but not enough to ruin the heat. Thanks to Silvia, who really looks lovely in glasses, the veggie warm up is worth a look. A pair of doctors join the mix and now we get to watch Silvia take dick. I would rather see this scene without the fuzzy edges. Still, it’s hard to beat a Silvia facial even if it is slow motion.

Adrienne Klass is the nurse in the next scene. She helps the handsome doctor examine pretty little Brigitta. He starts by checking out her spread pussy with his probing fingers. Another guy shows up and Adrienne now has a nice cock to play with. The horny patient now tries to out-fuck the nurse and she does a pretty good job of it. Though Brigitta is prettier, Adrienne has a super fine ass that is shown off as she rides the new guy. Doc keeps Brigitta busy and eventually bends her over so she can lick some nurse twat while being plugged in the ass. They all switch so that we can watch Adrienne do some RCA and then the girls share a load of cream. Showing great commitment to her work, Adrienne works to clean him up.

Judith Grant is a great looking blonde who strolls into a doctor’s office, strips and leans back on the examining table. The exam quickly turns sexual as no man can come that close to her hot hole and not dive in for a taste. With her legs already spread, he dabs her ass with lube and slides his big cock right between her cheeks. Judith likes the straight to the A action and loves the way he man-handles her natural rack. To show of her great body, she gets into RCA and holds that position as they from anal to vag. I don’t like the occasional slow motion shots, but they aren’t enough to totally kill the heat this time. In the end, it takes two hands from this hot blonde to get the load she craves.

When Claudia goes to the doctor’s office, she is helped by a handsome young doctor and his sexy nurse, Sophie Evans. He uses some special cream on her to help with abdominal pain. It helps with the pain, but also makes her horny as hell. (Or maybe Sophie’s hands on her body did the trick.) The girls get undressed and play for several minutes. Sophie takes the lead at first, but her patient knows what she needs. In comes the doc with a big hard cock and now everyone is happy. Sophie watches as Claudia gives a pretty hot blowjob with good eye contact and a lot of hard hand action. He ends up shooting all over her lips, leaving his nurse out of the mix but giving us a great facial on Claudia’s load-worth mug.

Patricia Major may be the prettiest girl in the whole movie. (Yes, I’m including Silvia in the mix.) She is a massage therapist who is very popular. After gently applying oil to the lucky ma’s back, she works her hands down over his ass and smiles as he rolls over. When she sees that the primary source of tension in his body comes from his big throbbing cock, she happily slips it into her mouth. She is good with her tongue, but only fits a few inches in her mouth. That doesn’t matter very much when you a face this pretty sliding up and down on a hard rod. Stripping down to her bra and panties, Patricia gives him a chance to sample and ogle her young flesh. After a short 69, he pushes her legs apart and pumps into her pussy. There is so much eye candy in this scene that the energy almost doesn’t matter. Thankfully that is pretty as well with Patricia bending over and taking him deep in her butt for a long while. She gets back on her knees and uses two hands to stroke him right into her mouth. The POV pop is perfect, right in her mouth and across her cheeks. Even the after shot footage is great as she cleans up.

Claudia Ricci comes back for a scene with Suzan Strong, Sylvia Raz and Franco Roccoforte. While Franco is feeding his big cock to another girl, the two nurses abuse the lovely brunette. The nurses watch as Franco drops the bomb on the cute little girl with muti-colored hair. After taking a whole lot of cock, she is put into a straight jacket so that the nurses can take their turn. They pass it back and forth and take turns riding. Franco doesn’t’ spare the asses either, rearing back and slam-fucking them both anally. This is a super hot scene thanks to some very loving nurses and one well-hung doctor.

Dorothy and Melody team up for a little two-on-one with a happy patient. Nice looking girls, these two just don’t have quite the heat that we’ve see to this point. The sign of a great comp is when you look at these two babes doing a great double blowjob and think that it’s the weakest scene of the flick. There is a lot of fetish appeal to this scene and some very good vaginal pumping on the sexy blonde chick.

Mona Lisa is the final angel of mercy. She works in a prison and enjoys teasing the men through the bars. When they get hard, Mona happily strokes them through the bars and makes her way into the cell. Taking on two at once, the nasty chick shows that she can work one with her mouth and the other with her hand. It takes great skill to please two at once and clearly Mona has years of experience. The guys also know how to treat such a willing slut, filling her at both ends with deep, hard strokes. It’s only a matter of time until they do what guys in prison do best and find her asshole. They DP her hard enough to make it almost look like what would happen to a hot redheaded nurse trapped inside of a prison cell with two horny guys. They finish her off with a couple of hot loads right on her face.

A really nice feature at the end of this disc is the scene breakdown. We find out the names of the people involved, the movie the scene was pulled from, the year and even the location of the shoot. In the extras menu, there are brief bios, a photo gallery, production notes and trailers.

This DVD is prefect for anyone with a nurse fetish. It’s packed with uniforms, both fetish and non as well as great looking women who know how to fuck. Some of the scenes are little to arty for their own good, but for the most part we have a fine collection of women, hot sex and nurses uniforms galore.

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