Quality: 9

Quantity: 7

Ease of use: 9

Reviewed by Tosh

SYNOPSIS: I ran across a few pics of Brook Bradford on

the web and was really impressed. Athletic girls have

always rung my bell, and Brook is a tiny little naked

spark plug, a hardbody lover’s dream. Her site, while

mostly about her, includes some “sister content” from

other porn and glamour girls. Variety, I’ve always

been told, is a good thing, though a steady diet of

Brook wouldn’t exactly be torture.

FREE STUFF: Like many sites, there is only a

smattering of free content, mostly composites of the

images in the pay section. They’re actually quite good

(if Brook did them she has solid Photoshop chops) and

at least give the prospective customer a good idea of

the kind of stuff included inside.

PAY SECTION: After ponying up the shekels to get in

the main section, you get Brooke galore. The pay

section is mostly themed photo shoots, and all are

named accordingly. For example, one set is called Roll

Model, and features Brook in roller skates and a short

skirt/halter top getup. Another set called Deep Purple

features not smoke on the water, but Brook on a

Kawasaki motorcycle, working herself over with a big

purple dong. Many of the photo sets include nods to

the “extreme sports” community. There are motorcycles,

jet skis, wet suits, and the like. Many also are shot

outdoors, with Brook dolled up in skimpy bikinis and

other swimsuits and beach gear.

One of the best things about this site is the really

superb quality of the content. The costumes Brook puts

together are great, the photographs are magazine

quality (if not a little better), and the lighting is

first rate. A lot of web site content is a steady cam

or a $500 digital camera with a flash, the work on

microbabe.com is from a completely different level.

This being Rog Reviews, I’m sure everyone is wondering

just how hardcore the content is. It’s somewhere in

between soft and hard. Most of the shoots are solo or

with toys. Brook’s body and face are so amazing I

didn’t need anything more to get going, but not

everyone is the same. She also includes a few photo

shoots with some very lucky guys, who get access to

the microbabe’s lovely mouth and sexy pussy. That

said, they are the exception to the rule, and there

are no pop shots, no anal, no gang bangs or any of

that. There is also no girl-girl or g/g/b photo sets,

which personally I would really enjoy.

The video section is pretty minimal. Mostly it’s

“behind the scenes” type footage from the photo

shoots. It’s fun to see the way Brook moves and hear

her voice, but video is not the reason to join her web

site. There’s also a very honest and engaging bio,

some geek stuff for photographers, and a few nature

and travel photographs. The site worked equally well

in Mozilla and IE, no need to install fifty browser

plug-ins to see a freaking .jpg.

Overall rating: 8+

Because this is a site really about one girl, how much

you like it will depend mostly on what you think of

the girl. For me, she’s just the kind of weight

lifting, water skiing, kick boxing,

fuck-me-after-spotting-me-on-incline-presses girl I

like. I like the outdoor shoots and the very

professional photography, and the fact that the site

is updated very often. If you want mad hardcore, DPs,

cum guzzling and such, this isn’t the site for you. If

you want a super hot chick in a lot of sexy scenarios

with a little taste of hardcore, you’ll be major

excited by the microbabe.

Price: $19.00 for a 30 day membership, $34.00 for two


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  1. can u please help me find that content iam a huge fan of brooks just want to see every thing i can thx peace

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