Beat the Devil


Beat the Devil


78 Mins.

Digital Playground






STARS: Jesse Jane, Monique Dane, Jana Cova, Angel Long, Felecia Fox, Eric Masterson, Evan Stone, Tim Case, Mark Davis & Bunny Luv.


Robbie D movies are always quality flicks and I find myself interested in just about all of them. Of course this movie could have been directed by anyone and I would have been interested in it. Whatever impressive technical aspects this movie may have, it’s the boy/girl debut of DP Contact babe Jesse Jane that is the real attraction here. I just reviewed her newest movie on VHS so I’ve now seen her do boys, but this one came first. Whether licking pussy or sucking dick, Jesse looks great and seems to have good energy. Still, it is good to see that we didn’t have to wait too terribly long to see the full extent of her sexual skills. (Then again, that pretty little ass may still be cherry…hmmm.) Jesse is not the only hot chick in this movie though. Felecia Fox, Jana Cova and Angel Long all have their own appeal and hopefully Robbie will put them to good use as well.

Eric Masterson stars a wealthy man who wasn’t always so well off. He made a deal with the devil to shed his old life. This new life includes sex with chicks like Angel Long. Hey if you are going to sell your soul, it might as well be for a young blonde chick who can suck cock this well. Angel is so cock hungry that she keeps sliding off of his dick to taste it some more. (Or maybe she just really likes the way her pussy tastes.) I think he spends more time in her mouth than anywhere else before finally pulling out and feeding it to her.

Eric is telling his story to Jesse and takes her to see the man who gave him his new life. Evan Stone plays the devil with the over-the-top craziness that he often brings to such roles. Eric wants to re-negotiate his contract to put a stop to the aging process. Evan reminds him that he lived up to his end of the bargain. As proof of this we see a nice little lesbian scene between Monique Dane and Jana Cova. It’s a pretty tame pairing, but both women are totally hot so it’s sexy in a soft-core/eye candy way.

The story is being told in herky-jerky little dialog moments between Stone and Masterson that lead us to the next scene. It seems that Eric is having trouble as he gets older. He is in a bar with Felicia Fox and Tim Case watches on. It takes him a while to get it up, but he eventually takes her from behind. (We actually don’t see anything going on.) When he can’t get the job done, Tim punches him and sends him on his way.

When his manhood is challenged, Evan rises to the occasion with Jesse. Once his comedic antics over the two settle in for a pretty energetic scene. Evan drives her crazy with his mouth and for her first boy/girl scene Jesse seems right at home with a scruffy guy between her pretty thighs. She shows surprising energy while giving head and it’s one hell of a nice sight to see hard meat penetrating that pretty mouth. Jesse sucks hard, slaps it against her face and keeps talking until he orders her to suck on his balls. (Careful baby, those things are a serious choking hazard.) Being able to hear her talk while she gets fucked is a huge plus. (The other Jesse movie I just reviewed had music over the real sounds and it wasn’t close to this hot.) Some of the rapid-fire editing during the fucking is a bit heavy handed, but the energy level stays high and Jesse gets the shit fucked out of her. After a quick three position screw, she uses both hands to jerk him off. His cream ends up all over her chest as she sneers at him.

Right after we see Jesse do Evan, we go back to when she met Eric and watch her fuck Mark Davis. He starts off on her pussy, but moves down to her feet and sucks on her toes for a while. The blowjob is short this time, but the fucking is still white hot. She stands on one foot to let him have access to that pretty little pussy. For the best looking footage of this scene, she rides his lap in reverse cowgirl, with Jesse slamming down on his rod as hard as she can. He shoots his load all over her pussy and belly.

This is a pretty nicely told story with interesting performances from Stone and Masterson. Evan can be a bit over the top, but in this role it works more often than not. Sexually there are some decent moments, but let’s not beat around the bush. Jesse Jane is the star here and given a chance to shine she really burns the house down. Her scene with Even is really nicely shot and very, very hot. Before we get to Jesse, the scenes are hit and miss, but she is worth waiting for. Robby D’s movies always have a bit of an edge to them and in this one it’s the dialog and Jesse that really stand out in this tightly edited feature.

The bonus material on this disc consists of a behind the scenes reel, bios, trailers, a photo gallery and running audio commentary from Robby D.

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