Jenna Jameson’s Wicked Anthology: Volume 1 1995


Jenna Jameson’s Wicked Anthology: Volume 1 1995

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation

90 Mins


DIRECTOR: John Leslie

THEMES: Jenna,




STARS: Jenna Jameson, Nikki Taylor, Peter North, Jon Dough, T.T. Boy, Brad Armstrong, Anna Amore, Taboo, with special appearances by Brad Willis, Joy King & others.


You have to hand it to Wicked on this one. They are all set to take the Jenna Jameson legend and turn it into a line of compilation movies. As part of Wicked’s 10th anniversary they have put together this movie that’s more than just a comp DVD. It’s got some documentary elements as we trace Jenna’s career in this first volume. Through a series of interviews, we find out about her early shoots and get to hear from the people who were there, just what kind of a woman she was. Granted, this is a Wicked movie so it’s pretty heavy on the Jenna Legend stuff. It’s easy to get caught up in it though because the early moments of this movie are a montage of award acceptance speeches. She took off like a rocket and has had an unprecedented ride ever since.

The first scene stars Jenna with Peter North. He spreads her out on the hood of a car and gets a good taste of that sweet young pussy. Peter moves her into position and turns her into a lovely hood ornament. Watching her suck his big cock it’s pretty easy to see why she became a fast favorite with fans. I’m not wild about the way the scene is shot. The close-ups don’t seem to fit with the longer angles. There is some great footage as she backs on his dick though, wiggling her cute ass and getting him ready to pop. Peter lets Jenna use her tits to fuck him for a while and then pulls his pud all over those funbags. Much of his load ends up on his fist, but there is still enough cream to glaze her rack.

For Jenna’s second movie, VR 69, she gets to do a scene with Nikki Tyler. (I didn’t know that they were roommates and that Jenna brought Nikki in. See, this movie has educational value.) Nikki is all done up in white face make up while Jenna has a sexy little leather outfit on. The two superstar blondes get together just like must have done every night when they were living together. This is a pretty veggie scene with some decent pussy licking and nice shots as Jenna gets done with a silver vibrator.

Jenna’s career also included a marriage to Wicked director Brad Armstrong. Their scene together is fro one of his first movies and is a full blown costume affair. He comes home from the Civil War and rushes right into her arms. It always makes me smile to watch a period piece with fake boobs, tats, shaved pussies and all those other wonderful things that we only see in porn. Of course with Jenna working her mouth on a cock, authenticity really isn’t the issue. She always gives great head and looks really pretty in this scene to boot. Proving that she is a woman who doesn’t follow the morals of the day, Civil War Jenna gets on all fours and lets Brad explore her nether regions. When she is good and juiced up, she mounts his cock and squat fucks him like she really missed her man. If every guy had something like this to come home to, the war probably would have ended years sooner. Brad puts Jenna on her back, hooks her feet over his shoulders and starts pumping deep into her waiting hole. To avoid any embarrassing pre-marital pregnancy, she has him pull out and shoot all over her face.

In “Wicked One” Jenna got to expand on her acting, but we get to watch her fuck again. She and Jon Dough share some time in a very dark room with candles all around them. Even though this scene is dripping with couples porn clichés, it has some really good blowjob footage as Jenna squats and takes that big cock into her mouth. The music changes to match the action as Dough bends her over and takes her hard from behind. They get down on the floor for some spoon action and Dough even tugs on Jenna’s hair for additional power as he thrusts. The scene switches between Jenna and Tiffany Million so it’s not Ms. J who gets the facial, but Ms. Million. It’s still pretty damn hot.

The discussion of the next scene talks about Jenna’s desire to try being submissive and to do an interracial scene. It’s an all-girl scene but it does have Jenna working with Taboo and Anna Amore. Even sucking fake dick, Jenna does a fine job and makes the women really happy. She straddles Taboo’s dick while Anna is right there to add some great skin-tone contrast. I like the way Anna pumps her from behind, making Jenna scream and cream with her rubber prick.

Michael Zen discusses Jenna’s camera presence. They shoot “Blue Movie” and TT Boy was the lucky guy who got to plow Jenna’s fields in that one. The scene starts out ordinarily enough with Jenna’s thighs spread for some generous oral loving. He picks up the pace, fucking her pretty slit with his tongue and making sure she has plenty to pay him back for when they switch places. Tony Tedeschi is outside watching as Jenna stares into the camera, loving every inch of TT’s cock as she takes him into her mouth. The blowjob doesn’t last too long, but she fucks with such great energy in this scene that it’s hard to mind. In reverse cowgirl we get to see her hot pussy during the close ups and stare at her tits as she fucks hard enough to make them bounce. He pulls out and creams on her pussy first, then adds a second dribble to her ass. (Zen tells an interesting story behind the multiple-pops before this scene.) Saving the best for last, he shoots on her face and lets Jenna lick it up happily.

For anyone who wasn’t around to watch Jenna’s rise to stardom, this anthology is going to go a long way towards explaining the Jenna phenomena. The interviews are interesting and well paces. We would love to see Jenna take part in them of course and maybe some interviews with her co-stars can add some light to future volumes. The sex scenes are a good mix and give us plenty of Jenna to enjoy. In addition to being a good history of Ms. J, this one is a must-own for any fan of the blonde superstar.

Bonus Material: There are six photo galleries on this DVD, one from each of the movies covered in this volume of the anthology. They are very high quality shots and put together in nice slide show fashion. Other features include trailers, Wicked Promotional Materials, a rolling Jenna bio and some DVD-Rom stuff. (Wicked material, desktops etc.) There is also a bonus sex scene featuring Jenna and Nici Sterling in a blistering lesbian encounter.

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