Jesse Jane: Erotique


Jesse Jane: Erotique


75 Mins.

Digital Playground

DIRECTOR: Nic Andrews

THEMES: Soft Core, Couples Porn

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Jesse Jane, Ashley Long, Rene Pornero, Monique Alexander, Amber Lynn, Jessica James, Belladonna, Nichole Loren, Aria, Felicia Fox, Barrett Blade, Mark Davis, Richard Delaware


Digital Playground has really been bringing little Jesse Jane along slowly. It’s been almost a year since they’ve signed her and no one can accuse the little blonde of being over-exposed. I’ve only seen her a couple of times and never with guys. (Her first boy/girl was in Beat the Devil which I will review on DVD tomorrow.) Nic Andrews gets to bring her to us this time and we know that everyone will look great. His movies are always high quality adventures, but too often miss the mark sexually. With Jesse, Ashley Long, Belladonna and Rene Pornero in his cast, I hope that style won’t win out over strokeability in every scene. Since we brought up quality, I should mention that the picture on this VHS is very good. I’ve been reviewing on a 55 inch screen lately and so many videos look horribly grainy at this size. (Even some DVDs don’t look this clear.)

Jesse races into a garage on her motorcycle where Belladonna is waiting for her. Her garage attire is pure-porn, and catches Jesse’s attention right away. The beautiful blonde bends Bella over, giving us a great shot of her perfect ass, and works her over with fingers and gentle spanks. Bella is pretty tame in this scene, taking care not to ruin Jesse’s tight little slit. Jesse doesn’t take it that easy on Bella though, yanking on her hair as she fucks her from behind with a strap-on. Watching Jesse ride Bella’s fake dick is pretty hot as well. This is still primarily an eye candy scene, but with some decent heat.

The next girl is credited as Amber Lynn, but she’s not the 80’s porn queen, but a rather cute young blonde. With some absurdly sleepy music playing, she teases and uses a fake cock on her pussy. This short scene reminds me of something Andrew Blake might have shot during the Regan administration and it doesn’t really do a whole lot for the movie.

Speaking of old-school Andrew Blake, we get Jesse watching some action through a telescope. He gets down and finds a conveniently large hole in her fishnet stockings through which he can lick her tight slit. Ashley’s long legs part and he has a nice meal. It’s a bit disappointing to see a hot cock sucker like Ashley get short changed on her blowjob footage. Instead we move quickly to some leggy reverse cowgirl as she pushes herself down over Barrett’s meat. Their energy is good and if you listen carefully you can her moan a little bit over the jazzy guitar riffs and thumping drum machine. Overwrought as always, Barrett appears to be exploding on the spot as he shoots his load onto Ashley’s waiting tongue.

Monique Alexander is gorgeous and shows off her hot body in another glossy tease scene. She rubs her flesh, toying with her pussy to the sound of echoing monks. Since there isn’t much more to say about this scene beyond the fact that Monique is freaking beautiful and the action is very tame, I’m going to comment a bit on the music. It’s not just this movie or Nic Andrews flicks, but an epidemic in high-end porn. Does anyone really like this music? I know that DP makes movies for couples, but is this the soundtrack for your sex life? I don’t think we can even classify this music. It’s ONLY heard in porn. Maybe there are women out there who watch sex and think “This would be hot if only there were some echo-chamber monk chants to cover up the body slapping and moaning.” Personally it kills the eroticism for me faster than just about anything.

Jesse strolls through a huge sex party where everyone else is wearing masks. Dick Delaware is waiting on a table and Jesse joins him. With the other guests watching, she starts sucking his dick. The thick meat is a bit too much for her and she can only take the first few inches. I do like the way she moves her whole body though, letting those pretty boobs shake as she pushes her mouth down around his head. It fits much more easily into her pussy as she gives some really hot looking reverse cowgirl. Jesse has a really pretty pussy that is nice and tight as she rides hard. She opens up well during doggy and again we can almost hear her talking and moaning as she gets filled. There actually seems to be some good energy here He pulls out and strokes between her big tits as the masked figures around the table applaud their efforts.

After a rather hot tease sequence from Jesse that includes some music that at least has some energy, we get a very moody scene. It starts out in black and white and then moves a slow moving fetish scene between Nichole and Jessica. If you like to look at leather and riding crops, then this is probably going to excite you. I say look at because this is a very low-impact scene. There are some nice editing maneuvers, but I’m getting almost no heat at all as the girls do some strap-on sex.

Things pick up a bit as Jesse lies back and lets Mark Davis have a go at her beautiful little box. Mark’s cock is too thick for her mouth as well, but she can get more in and really uses her hands to help. After a few strokes, Jesse has him wet enough to slide about half way down during a very hot looking blowjob. She is already in position, so Mark just moves around behind the sexy blonde and pushes all the way into her from behind. Davis doesn’t power fuck her with all of his might, but he gets in some serious pumping when Jess I on her side with one leg up on his shoulder. As he pulls out, we can barely hear her say “cum all over my fucking tits.” Again, why in the world would cheesy music be hotter than those words?

After another solo/tease scene, Jesse does some veggie work in the middle of a windy desert. Yes, she still looks totally edible, but I think I would prefer to think of the movie ending with her taking on Davis. If you are a big fan of Nic Andrews’s movies then you will find a lot to like in this one. The quality is excellent and everything looks really pretty. Jesse Jane is the main reason to watch this movie and she shows some genuine sexual heat. Her scene with Davis is the best, but she and Bella create some veggie action to remember. It’s kind of hard to pin this movie down, but there is a lot of pretty, almost soft-core footage. That’s not my kind of porn, but it’s very well done and is great if that’s your cup of tea. I’d like to see Jesse cut loose in a movie with a little less style to get in the way of her obvious heat.

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