Nasty Nymphos 35


Nasty Nymphs 35


140 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Christopher Alexander

THEMES: New Girls, Natural Tits, Anal Sex.




STARS: Olivia O’Lovely, Taylor Lynn, Melanie Jagger, Giovanna, Ander Page, Amee Donavan, Marc Davis, Lexington Steele


Chris Alexander is best known these days as the owner of Anabolic, but he’s still the man behind the camera for two of their most popular lines; this one and the World Sex Tour movies. It’s a very simple line with new girls having basic couch sex. When the cast is good, there are few lines on the market that can match this one for sheer sexual heat. Thanks to a crop, NN35 looks to be a winner. Olivia O’Lovely’s debut is only one reason to check it out. Anger Page, Melanie Jagger and best of all, Amee Donavan all take their turn in front of Chris’ camera.

This is Olivia O’Lovely’s first scene. She’s become quite well know, but for this one she’s brand freaking new. During her interview she calls herself a “young slut” who started fucking at fourteen and has done twenty guys in her life. She was married for seven years and brought home girls for her man. After talking for quite a while, Erik Everhard finds a better use for her hungry mouth. For a first timer, Olivia has great eye contact as she works her lips down nearly to the base of his throbbing rod. He pumps her tits for a bit, but can’t wait to turn up the heat inside of her pussy. Olivia picks up the high-impact vibe and starts riding like a champ. She may be a first timer on video, but Olivia knows how to fuck and matches Erik stroke for stroke. He power fucks her from behind, actually pushing her over the arm of the couch and taking Olivia to the floor. The action slow down considerably when he stars working his dick up into her ass. She reaches her limit and then moves gently through three positions of anal with Erik taking very slow strokes into her back door. She takes a big blast of cum on her face and licks up every drop, unfazed by the idea that she just pulled that thin from her asshole.

Taylor Lynn is a nice looking blonde with great natural tits that are perfectly shown off during some really hot tease footage. She gets her mouth to work on a hard cock and seems pretty good at giving head. The eye contact is good and she has a fresh face with pretty eyes that make up for the fact that she can only get about half of his cock in her mouth. While she’s riding dick number one (John Strong) Jon Dough pops his prick between her lips. Taylor is more enthusiastic as the scene goes on, taking both guys in her mouth for a while. They put her on her hands and knees so that Dough can fuck her hard enough to make her lovely tits shake underneath with every stroke. When they have thoroughly tested out her pussy. Strong gives her ass a try and Taylor doesn’t seem to miss a beat. She rides as hard as ever and keeps right on moaning for more as they fill both orifices for simultaneous coital stimulation. Her face makes for a great target as the guys unload all over her smile and her big tits.

Bobby Vitale is already kissing Melanie Jagger as the camera rolls. She gives us a short introduction and then drops to her knees for some serious cock sucking. Melanie gives great looking head, getting her whole body into the act as she provides us with a whole lot of hot stroke material. Skipping the pussy altogether, they go straight to the A with Mel riding hard in RC. Her big tits are flopping all over the place and we have a great view of the action. Bobby wants to go from ass to mouth and Melanie just keeps rubbing her slit while he alternates between the two holes. She gives him a bit of ass licking before letting Bobby stroke furiously over her face and empty into her mouth.

Giovanna is a sexy Ohio girl who is making her Anabolic debut. Jon Dough and John Strong are going to break her in. She bad mouths her boyfriend who doesn’t like porn. That’s OK, he also thinks she out in LA doing bathing suit modeling. Little does he know, his girlfriends is in a hotel bed, on her knees sucking two strange cocks. Both guys seem to really enjoy Giovanna, fucking her at both ends and giving her gentle slaps until it’s nice and pink. This rookie gets worked over pretty good, riding Strong until her ass cheeks bounce while nearly choking on Dough’s thick meat. Her ass is off limits, so they just use and abuse her pussy forever before finally feeding her a lot of cream. She licks it from her fingers and makes sure that she swallows every drop.

Ander Page is a pretty girl who doesn’t have much to say. The sexy brunette just stuffs Mark Davis’ dick into her mouth and does her best to swallow it. He likes the way she sucks, but wants to get his dick inside of her where he can really pound away. Her energy level is really high and Ander is easy on the eyes as she rides hard. This scene really looks like two people who are just dying to fuck the shit out of each other and that passion really shines through. The energy remains high when she lets him into her ass. She takes it all the way up her butt in RC and smiles this dirty smile for the camera as she bounces. Mark takes his cock out of her and strokes it for a rather long while before finally delivering the dose of ball batter that she has been dying for from the start.

That brings us to Amee Donavan who says right off the bat that she doesn’t want two dicks in one hole. (Yay) She does get to play with Erik and Lex and is actually working on Lex’s dick as the interview comes to a close. Erik sneaks around behind her and starts fucking that tight little pussy. He gets her tits going while Lex enjoys a great blowjob. They tag out and switch, giving us a shot of Amee lowering her pussy down over Lex’s long prick so he can hold her in the air for some acrobatic fucking. It takes a lot for a woman to be able to handle the two top performers in porn at once, but Amee shows her superstar skills by fucking and sucking the dynamic dui like few women can. Eventually she spreads her cheeks and lets Erik slide into her ass. There is a short shot of her tiny little pussy, but Lex isn’t about to let that hole stay empty for every long. She takes the DP perfectly and looks spectacular. The guys switch places and somehow she manages to take Lex in her ass without shooting Erik right out of her pussy. Amee ends up begging for cum in her mouth and she gets two big loads to swallow. This was already a great movie, but this final scene pushes it up two full notches.

Wow, this is a great stroke flick. Amee’s finale is the best of a great bunch. It’s hard to rank the other scenes because there really isn’t a weak one in the bunch. Melanie Jagger is a great fuck and I don’t think it matters who you put her with, you’re going to get something great. Ander, Taylor and Giovanna are sexy, focused and open up their orifices for our enjoyment. Throw in Olivia O’ Lovely’s debut scene and you have a perfect jerk off movie. I’m putting together my list of finalists for this year’s RRCC awards and I NN 35 is on the short list of potential nominees for best all-sex flick of 2003.

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