Asslickers 2


Asslickers 2


110 Mins.

Sean Michaels Productions

DIRECTOR: Sean Michaels

THEMES: Rimjobs, Interracial Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Jewel De’Nyle, Logan, Simone, Angel Eyes, Nevaeh Ashton, Vandalia, Bishop & Sean Michaels


It was bound to happen sooner or later. The specialization of porn has now grown to include salad tossing. There isn’t a thing wrong with a little tongue-in ass action. Hey, whatever feels good, feels good right? What makes me wonder about this as the subject of a porn video is the fact that it’s not something that looks as good as it feels. What we usually end up with is a big screen full of HMA (Hairy Man Ass). Hopefully it won’t be too bad in this movie because Sean has some really nice looking babes. They can lick his ass all they want as long as we spend more time looking at their faces than we do Sean’s (or any guy’s) backside.

Jewel De’Nyle is the kind of girl who does everything. She sucks cock, licks ass and lets well hung studs stick their pricks anywhere they like. In short, she is a perfect porn star. Sean stands in the middle of his bed while Jewel drools all over that long tool. It takes both hands and all the mouth she can manage to keep him happy. When she is done stuffing that black dick down her throat, Jewel gets her tongue between his cheeks and really gives his ass a ton of attention. Sean has his own tongue games planned and makes a meal out of her spread twat. Never going near her ass, he licks her slit and then shoves every inch of cock right up into her. He does give her ass a solid poke though, ramming it hard and making her gasp for breath. Sticking with the ass tasting theme, she pulls it out of her butt and sucks him hard. Reverse Cowgirl Anal is one of my favorite porn positions because it just looks so damn hot. Jewel gets into this position, works her ass all the way down on his cock and lets her body just drop to take it the last few inches. For the doggy, Jewel really plays for the camera, sticking her butt high in the air and arching her body to give him unrestricted access. Sean is sweating heavily by the time he pulls out and shoots onto Jewel’s ass. Wow, this is a hot scene.

Girls like to have their salads tossed as well, so Sean puts Simon together with Angel Eyes for a little veggie-love session. Simone puts her pretty face between Angel’s big cheeks and rather timidly licks up and down her crack. When they switch places, Angel does a whole lot more actual licking of the rosebud. She really digs around in there and there gives Simone an ass-eating that she wont’ soon forget. Not content with just licking butt, the girls break out a small blue dildo and we get to watch Simone rub her clit while she gets filled. Once you get past the salad tossing, this is a pretty average veggie scene.

Logan is a very attractive brunette with a solid rack and a very nice ass. Her scene starts out with Sean fucking her from behind. He spanks her ass as she pushes back to take the full length of his cock. This looks pretty good, but at seven minutes it runs really long. He rolls her over for a while before finally letting her show off her oral skills. Logan gets about half of his dick into her mouth during a short blowjob. The ass eating comes at the end of the scene with Sean’s butt high in the air and Logan doing her best to cover him from balls to hole with her tongue. Sean switches places with her and drills her long and deep from behind. Only after a really long mish does he pull out and shoot his load all over her stomach and chest.

Vandalia is a girl I’ve never seen before. She’s got a bit of a hard-core look with lots of ink and facial jewelry. With Sean taking a break, she gets to suck on Bishop’s cock, taking it deep enough to choke and making it very wet with her tongue. Though she doesn’t exactly turn me on, this girl knows how to give a blowjob and earns points for enthusiasm. He returns the favor by shoving his face between her cheeks and eating his ass. Not to be outdone, Vandalia pokes the tip of her tongue around Bishop’s asshole as well. When the fucking starts, we get some doggy that doesn’t exactly show her off from the best angles. (Though to be honest, I don’t know what angles would be best here.) He fucks her hard and does end up shooting a really big load right onto her tongue. (Slow motion is bad for pops though.)

That brings us to Neveah Ashton, a curvy young thing with long hair, great tits and a few tats up and down her arm. She lies on the bed rubbing her pussy while sucking the full length of Sean’s dick. As the action gets more intense, her fingers slip inside the panties and she uses even more spit on the tip of his dong. Neveah really knows how to worship dick with her mouth and gives Sean a truly outstanding blowjob. He is careful to put it inside of her slowly, working the first few inches into her pussy and letting the cute young girl rub her clit to keep things nice and wet. Eventually they hit s good rhythm and she is pushing her hips to meet his thrusts. There is some really great footage of reverse cowgirl as she grinds her hips and takes every inch. I don’t remember seeing this girl before, but I’ll sure be looking for her in other movies. Neveah does her ass licking, staring up into the camera as she rims Sean. This doesn’t seem to be her favorite thing, but thankfully we get a great shot of her sexy ass while Sean takes her home in doggy.

There is some good action in this movie, but it has an amateur feel to it. Some of the shots and the editing make it feel like something you might she shot at home. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a whole lot of heat though. Jewel and Sean hook up for a great scene. Even if you don’t want ass licking, you have to love the way she just attacks him. Neveah is the second best girl in the bunch and I really like her body. She takes Sean really well, making me eager to check her out in other scenes. For the rest of the movie, we get quite a bit of rimming, some decent sex, but nothing to live up to the first and last pairing. If you are looking for all licking, this one delivers, but short of that, and a couple of a really good scenes, it’s pretty much a run of the mill flick.

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