Interracial Lust 2


Interracial Lust 2


135 Mins.

Platinum X Pictures

DIRECTOR: Jewel De’Nyle

THEMES: Interracial Sex,




STARS: Jessica Darlin, Elizabeth Del Mar, Kelli Jennsen, Nomi, Jewel De’Nyle, Darren James, Lexington Steele, Mark Anthony, Sledgehammer & B.J. West.


Jewel De’Nyle has sort of become the point-woman for wild-ass interracial sex. She was one of those contract girls who didn’t get to cross the color line for a few years. As soon as she made the leap though, it’s been black cock around every corner for Ms. De’Nyle. Now that she’s running her own company and directing her own movies, Jewel is on a mission to make sure that every girl who works for her gets a full dose of dark meat. For this second volume of Interracial Lust has some fresh new faces as well as two of the biggest IR stars ever, Jewel and Jessica Darlin. Jewel has done us a huge favor by bringing in Lexington Steele to pound the shit of Lex. These two performers always do great scenes and I’m sure we’re in for another in this flick.

Jessica and Lex get together in the opener. There is a quick-cut opener that sort of gives us a preview of the scene. (Personally I like the tease footage that just shows off the woman, but this is nicely edited.) They settle in and without a word Jessica has that big cock half way down her throat. With her hand gripping the base, there is still enough dick for Jess to choke on sticking out. There aren’t very many woman who suck cock like Jessica and she really shines Lex’s knob perfectly. With plenty of spit to make the penetration work, she slides down and holds on while Lex stands. Once she gets going, Jess just pumps her body up and down on his dick until it glistens with her pussy juice. It slips just as easily into her ass. Lex takes charge and just wrecks her hot little ass. It amazes me that even after being rammed by that much meat, her ass doesn’t just fall open. What does stay open is her mouth as Lex fires a big load on her pretty face. The bar has been set very high with this first scene.

Elizabeth Del Mar has been doing some really good work of late and she has her hands full with Mark Anthony’s sizable member. He starts out with his head between her thighs and gets her pussy ready for some later invasion. Mark goes right for the good stuff, stuffing Elizabeth’s pussy and making her moan with desire. Once her juices are all over his prick, she gives the thick head a lick and comments on how good it tastes. He is too big for her to take much in her mouth, but her pussy swallows him easily as she mounts his lap. She shakes her big ass and moves into doggy so he can pound away. He isn’t about to let a butt like that get by without his dick filling it. The doggy footage is really fucking hot and Elizabeth has no problems taking it all. She talks dirty and tastes her ass on his dick in between positions. The action in this scene is perfectly shot and Elizabeth does a great job in RCA. There is a big gape shot during the piledriver and Mark has a good sized load for her pretty face. Liz is one of my favorite rookies and this is another in a long line of great scenes.

Kelli Jennsen is a nice looking girl with a really good ass. She gets busy with newcomer B.J. West, sucking his big dick like it’s a long candy stick. The blowjob is short, but the reverse cowgirl footage is plenty good. I like the way this girl looks and as the scene progresses, her energy level picks up considerably. She reaches back to help hold her pussy open as he crams it full of cock from behind. I think she’s got a long way to go before she will be in the category as Jessica, but Kelli shows promise. We get some more blowjob footage as they 69 before a final poke in the pussy and a shot on her face.

Nomi is a petite blonde who is a little hard looking and who is dwarfed in the arms of Sledgehammer. She opens her mouth really wide to take as much of him between her lips as possible. It’s a big job, but Nomi handles it well, jerking him hard into her mouth while he slips his fingers between her cheeks. Even though it’s a tight fit, Sledge rears back and slams all the way into her hole, pounding Nomi into the mattress. Little Nomi likes it big and she isn’t afraid to slam her body down onto his pole time and again. Somehow it all manages to fit in her tight asshole. It’s one thing for a girl to take a dick this thick in her butt, but another for her to smile as she pushes back on it like she wants more. Sledge feeds her a load that makes its way down her throat as she smiles for the camera.

Now that she’s directed the other four girls in their scenes, Jewel can get her fill of dark meat. She’s all painted up for her scene with Darren James. Sprawling out on the bed, she takes his prick in her hand and worships it with her mouth. Jewel makes it nice and wet as she grinds her pussy onto his face. Part of what makes Jewel such a popular performer is the way she makes it seem like she is dying to fuck every single guy she works with. Either she is a great actress or she’s just a really cock-hound. (Or perhaps a good combination of both.) Holding her cheeks apart, Jewel guides Darren’s dick up into her pussy and is screaming a he power fucks her from below. She rolls over and shows off her flexibility, letting him push her legs back against the mattress while he just bangs the shit out of her hole. Her ass gets the exact same treatment as Darren goes balls deep into Jewel’s butt. She remains vocal, encouraging him to keep going. Reverse cowgirl is one of my favorite shots in porn and Jewel knows just how good she looks in this position. She plays it perfectly, letting her legs flail about as she grinds her hips to get more cock up her ass. After all that hard work, Jewel lets Darren just sit back while she jerks a huge load right onto her face.

There is some really good interracial action in this flick. It seems that someone at PXP has decided to follow the first, second, fifth formula for successful porn. The best scenes come out of the one, two and five holes. Jessica, Elizabeth and Jewel all bring their A-game to this flick. Jessica and Lex turn in another great scene. There just aren’t many duos that are this hot together in porn today. Elizabeth is a very hot rookie who adds this to her already impressive resume. Jewel giving us a great fuck is a given. Her energy is unquestionable and she nearly fucks Darren to death and probably could have banged every black dick in the cast and still come out ready for more. For those looking to see a solid interracial flick with a few really blistering scenes, this is it.

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