Angel X


Angel X

Kaylani’s site


90 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Michael Raven

THEMES: Asian Women, Couples Appeal



STARS: Kaylani Lei, Asia Carrera, Olivia Del Rio, Alexis Malone, Lisa Parks, Brittney Skye, Lea De Mae, Nick Manning, Dale Dabone, Lee Stone, John West, Dillon & Mike Horner


Wicked is always good at showcasing their contract girls, so we’ve all been waiting around to see what they would do with the stunning Kaylani Lei. She has the lead in this new Michael Raven epic and will get the chance to show off more than her flawless body and gorgeous face. Raven likes to make movies that are larger than life, or at least somewhat larger than your average porn fare. I’ve always been a bit iffy on Raven’s sex scenes, but no one can question his film making ability. What I would hope for from this movie is a well done picture with sex that is at least somewhat stroke worthy. (For feature sex.) After all, he’s got Kaylani and Asia Carrera, so we had better get to see these two in some good sex scenes or all the great looking footage and technical qualities will be for naught.

The movie begins with Asia Carrera sharing tea with Dillon (Day) who is sporting a Mohawk. They each take a sip, kiss each other and then move right to the sex. He kisses his way down her body until his mouth finds a home on Asia’s tiny little box. She looks great as always and is quick to strip so she can return the oral favors. Her body looks great in the longer shots, but this scene could stand to have a few nice tight shots of her face as she delivers the loving, totally hot blowjob. When the action is captured from in close, it’s mostly a side angle which isn’t bad, but we lose out on some potentially great eye contact. Ready to take it to the next level, Asia mounts Dillon and starts riding. As she bounces away we get some log shots, a nice little pan across the table and some other less-than-raincoater aspects. (I happen to like shots like this, though they take away from the sexual heat for most porn viewers.) Asia has good energy as she rides and picks things up a bit when Dillon takes her from behind. Don’t blink or you will miss the close up during this position, but a longer shot of Asia in doggy is always great eye candy. They spoon for a while, giving us a lot to enjoy before he empties his sack onto her boobs. A post-coital dream visit from Mike Horner kicks off the story.

After an impressive title sequence, we join Kaylani and her lover in the rain. They are attacked in an alley and she watches as her boyfriend is beaten to death. She passes out and awakens in Asia’s bed. (You know for a woman who was stripped in the rain, Kaylani’s make up is quite good.) This is where the story kicks in. Asia relates a tale that has Nick Manning and Olivia Del Rio getting busy. She is an empress and he’s a master of deception, but I’ll let you follow the plot on your own. With the fog machine on full blast, Nick slides down and licks her slit. (Whatever it is he thinks he’s doing down there, Mrs. Rog is officially freaked out by his head spasms.) He lies back and Olivia pumps her mouth up and down on his cock. There isn’t as much eye candy as the first scene, but there is a little bit of heat generated when Nick starts really pumping his brunette partner. The fog gets a little annoying to me as it only affects certain camera shots, making me feel like I’m watching it through a dirty lens half the time. She strokes a load into her hand and onto her lips.

The empress is Kaylani’s mom and Nick’s henchmen are out to kill her so there is a bit of tension introduced to the sexual mix. She and Asia do a little training montage that ends with them naked and playing. Anyone who loves Asian women is probably going to really enjoy watching these two beauties together. Asia lies on her tummy and laps up Kaylani’s juices, giving us enough eye candy that even a veggie-hater like me has to say damn. I’d love to just dive right in there and help these girls out. The girls change places and Kaylani fingers Asia’s sweet slit. Watching her wiggle her butt while she devours that box makes me want to just drive something home from behind. I may not like girl on girl action that much, but this scene looks great and is plenty hot.

Back in the evil lair, we get a seven person orgy scene between Lea de Mae, Lisa Parks, Alexis Malone, Brittney Sky, Lee Stone, John West and Nick. The four blondes are all busy sucking cock and doing a decent job of it. All of the girls move onto a bed-like platform to make it easier for the guys to take turns with them. There is too much going on to really enjoy any one girl over the others. Brittney is one of my favorite performers, but she is mostly lost here. The action is good though, so if you like group fucks then you probably won’t mind nearly as much as I did. The pops go mostly onto bellies with one big shared handjob pop at the very end.

After a fight scene, Kaylani gets a chance to show of her sexual skills again. She and Dale Dabone start of with some gentle kissing and move quickly to some mutual nipple play. He takes down his pants and lets her bend at the waist to give him a very special kiss. Even with the slow pace of this scene, Kaylani’s beauty makes the blowjob hot. She does pick up the pace, but they are clearly going for romance here. After licking her snug little pookie, Dale leans her up against the wall and fucks her from behind. They have some good energy here, but it’s the eye candy factor that makes this one work. Conveniently there is a bench right nearby so he can sit and let Kaylani take a quick ride. Her gorgeous face gets a good shot at the end.

There are some really good elements to this movie. It’s got a slight anime-feel to the plot though I imagine it would take more than one movie to really develop something like that. Sexually, there is some decent heat, though the scenes are definitely shot for the cable/couples crowd. Kaylani and Asia make a great looking pair of stars and their veggie scene is very sweet on the eyes. Both women also turn in good boy/girl scenes. Yes, they are more eye candy than raincoater fodder, but you can’t escape the fact that these women are beautiful and they bring heat to scenes even when the style would seem to prevent it. Angel X is a very solid movie with some great looking women and decent sex to go along with a rather interesting story. In all, it’s a really good movie for couples who like watching gorgeous Asian women and just a bit of martial arts/fantasy with their sex.

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