Anal Fever 5


Anal Fever 5


107 Mins.

Anarchy Films

DIRECTOR: Corey Jordan

THEMES: Anal Sex, A2M



STARS: Olivia O’Lovely, Honey, Lauren Phoenix, Melanie Jagger, Vanessa, Cheyne Collins, Brett Rockman, Tony Sexion, Tony Tedeschi & John West


For any fan of big, fuckable asses, the box cover shot for this movie has to be appealing. Olivia O’Lovely has some serious junk in her trunk and she’s showing all of it off on the cover for Anal Fever 5. I’m sure we will get to enjoy her butt more in the movie and it looks as if her cheeks will split as well. In fact, the quick-cut opening montage shows us all of the girls taking dicks up their asses. Corey Jordan has five girls, including Olivia and the always filthy Melanie Jagger who lend their colons to this wall-to-wall anal ball. With only brief introductions and short music video tease sequences, there isn’t much to take away from the action so strap in, lube up and watch ten cheeks get split by five hard pricks.

Olivia says her name, shows off for a minutes in the intro and then is topless on a bed with John West. He starts in on her big tits, but moves quickly to her equally sizable backside. Olivia slides on top of him in 69 and starts sucking his dick to full mast. I usually really like Olivia’s blowjob scenes, but this one is a little lackluster. She is plenty loud when she mounts John though, screaming out as he pounds up into her. Cheek fans are going to have fun watching her mounds of flesh wiggle and jiggle every which way as they pound together. She takes a break to suck her juices off of his rod and then gets back on for another ride. They roll her over and go for the anal. The shot is so tight that most of the screen is taken up by his balls and shaft. After several minutes, we finally back up enough to actually see something and the action gets much better. After a single position vag, I was hoping to see more than a single position anal, but that’s what we get. Olivia does finally pull her legs back for the anal, but he shoots into her mouth without ever trying in her in any position other than mish. This is a fairly hot scene, but doesn’t have nearly enough variety.

Lauren Phoenix is fairly nice looking young lady. Her intro is very short and there is John again, sticking his fingers deep inside of her waiting slit. She talks a bit, but sounds totally mechanical as she moans and groans. Things get a bit better as she fills her mouth with cock. Half of this footage is shot from a strange side angle that obscures much of the action. Lauren has some pretty ample cheeks and shoves a finger up her ass as she rides. Like before, the only vag position is cowgirl, letting us enjoy her butt, but not really get much else in the picture. She turns around and slips her ass down on his cock. RCA is a really good position to watch a pretty fuck and Lauren shines as she pounds her butt down. She does A2M a couple of times, down his dick right from her backside like it’s coated in candy. They roll into spoon and Lauren never stops talking dirty. By the end, it almost sounds somewhat normal and she keeps right on doing A2M until he is ready to blow a big nut all over her face.

Honey is a girl I haven’t seen before, but with eyes like and a butt you could eat cake off of, I’d like to see more of her in the future. Cheyne Collins gets to know her really well. She wraps her fist around his cock and starts stroking it into her mouth. Most of the blowjob is shot from a distance, but there is some semi-pov action thrown in for good measure. After doing her best to please him with her mouth, Honey slides up and takes his prick in her slit. Honey isn’t a big-assed babe like the first two girls, but she has a nicely shaped little bottom and a very tight pussy that grips him on every stroke. Cheyne works her pussy from below and them flips her onto her back where she can pull her knees back to her chest for deep strokes. They work it into her ass and Honey is happy to slide off the couch for a bit to suck his dick straight from her cheeks. She handles the anal violation well and if you like super tight shots, there is plenty of sex from that angle when she’s in RCA. He’s got a big load for her face and she opens up to take it all.

Vanessa is a nice looking Latina with big eyes, some unfortunate ink and a pretty sexy backside. Brett Rockman has a whole lot of cock for this young thing, but he starts by giving her perky little titties some attention. She bends over and is driven crazy by his tongue on her slit and some spanking of her exposed cheeks. Vanessa gives really good looking head, making him all wet and power stroking his shaft with her hand. I love her eye contact and energy as she does her best to take it all. Now that they are both ready to go, the high impact fucking can begin. Brett slams into her tight hole and Vanessa just loves it. The camera is tight on her pussy as she turns around drops down on him with her ass in RCA. He puts her down into piledriver where he can drive deep into her ass and then put it right into her mouth. When Brett pulls out, he shoots a huge load right onto her pussy lips, but Vanessa is too quick to rub it in, obscuring the shot a bit.

Last, but far from least is Melanie Jagger. This brunette is sexy, dirty and one of my favorite stroke fantasies working today. She is so hot that it takes two guys to give her enough attention. They put her in the middle of the bed so she can suck one guy while shoving her big ass into the face of the second. Mel looks heavier in this movie than I’ve ever seen her, but her holes are still plenty tight as Tony Tedeschi works two into each opening. As always, her energy is super high and when a prick slips into Mel’s pussy, she really turns it up a notch. She starts riding, showing off her big ass and what appears to be a huge bruise on one of the cheeks. Both guys have a great time working that pussy over. After abusing one hole, they move on to the next. Melanie’s ass swallows cock so well that the guys push into a DP after just a few strokes. They do their best to power fuck, but she is happy as she asks for their cum. The first shot is awkward, with her chin getting most of the coverage, but the second guy busts a big nut on her tongue and we get to see it perfectly. Olivia might have the cover shot, but Mel gives the best scene of the movie.

This is a spotty movie at best. There some really questionable angles in most of the scenes and that doesn’t help things. It also doesn’t help that some of the scenes lack any variation in positions. Olivia has some heat, but we only see her fuck in one position and that ends up looking a little stale. Some of the girls lack genuine energy, but there area a couple of scenes that still stand out. Melanie really kicks ass in the finale, making sure that there is at least one strokeable scene in the flick. Olivia has some heat, but it’s Vanessa’s energy that earns her the second slot in this movie. With some work, this could be a really solid movie, but the way it is, it’s hit and miss with too many holes to get a strong recommendation.

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