Sinful Creations


Sinful Creations


75 Mins.

Digital Playground


THEMES: Fantasy Girls




STARS: Alexa Rae, Laurie Wallace, Angel Cassidy, Jesse V., Jewels Jade, Monica, Jay Ashley, Joel Lawrence, Johnny Valentine, Val Pacino & Brent Rider


Digital Playground’s Robbie D makes high gloss porn with couples-friendly sex. Before he came to DP, Robbie was best known for making couples-friendly but hot movies for Vivid, so he’s got a lot of practice when it comes to making cable porn at least somewhat strokeable. I don’t know if a story about a guy who is endowed with the power to create leaves a lot of room for car chases or gun battles, but Robbie may find a way to sneak one in anyway. In fact, that sounds an awful lot like the plot of a Jim Carey movie. The lead character, Jay Ashley, uses his father’s tape recorder to create whatever he speaks into it. (Years ago, Stephen King used this in a great short story about a word processor that did the same thing.)

Jay Ashley comes home from school and his father gives him one simple instruction, stay out of the study. Naturally it’s the first place he goes as soon as dad takes off. He immediately dictates some specifications into the tape recorder and he’s got Alexa Rae in a revealing main’s uniform to play with. As always, Alexa’s body is simply smoking as Jay slowly works her out of her skimpy outfit. His new maid falls to her knees and starts polishing the family pole. Alexa has gotten back to the kind of performances that made her popular before she signed with Wicked. That means we get a pretty hot looking blowjob. Jay just stands there and lets her do her work. This kind of oral action is a hot hotter than the trend in raincoater porn to make blowjobs as ugly as possible. He stands her up in front of the fireplace, bends her over and enters from behind. There are some good leg shots before she lifts one leg to let the camera in tighter. Keeping the energy level high, they move to the floor for some spoon action. Alexa keeps her thigh-high stockings and apron on as Jay fucks her to a nice facial finish. She may never make my top ten, but Alexa is looking good these days and showing good energy again.

Joel Lawrence pops by and doesn’t believe that the new made came from the tape recorder. He describes his perfect woman and is led to the shower where she is just finishing up. The busty brunette, Monica I believe, looks great during the tightly edited tease sequence. (This is pure couples porn, complete with soft focus and chanting.) For over eight minutes we watch her touch herself, clean off and tease us. There is no sex scene thanks to a slip of the tongue by Joel when he created her. This is nice tease stuff, but it’s still strange to see a scene like this in the middle of a porn flick.

Joel creates his next dream and this time brings two girls into the picture. He has them together so ends up left out again. This veggie scene between tow pretty blondes picks up where the last one left off. It’s got quick-cuts, slow motion and music that will remind everyone of a long elevator ride. If you like pretty blonde girls kissing and grinding against one another then you will love it. After that first scene, I really wasn’t expecting twenty minutes of this kind of footage. It is great eye candy, but doesn’t really generate enough heat for me to be all that interested. I’m hoping to see some better action throughout the rest of the flick.

Jay creates a nice girl next door to lie by his pool, but Joel goes in the opposite direction. He creates a stern fantasy nanny to punish him. Jewels Jade is the nanny and she actually looks pretty good in this movie. She shoves him back and starts sucking his cock, showing nice skills as she bobs her head on him. You know, as punishments go, this one isn’t so damn bad. Her blowjob is great looking with a lot of energy. After those last two scenes, it almost doesn’t seem to fit. Jewels loses her clothes and power fucks that big cock, slamming her hips down hard and taking every inch. Joel takes over and bends her over the counter, fucking Jewels as hard as he can and really cranking up the heat another notch. (For those keeping track, this scene doesn’t use condoms.) He shoots a big load all over her face at the close of the scene, giving us one hell of a fine boff.

After an interesting little twist, Jay gets to take his dream girl to bed. Jesse V (Not DP contract girl Jessie J) comes in wearing a blue bikini and heels. She looks beautiful, fresh and totally fuckable. Jay puts her on her hands and knees so he can lick that pretty pussy from behind. When she rolls over, he slides the bottoms off and the eye candy factor is very high. Jay slides a condom on and starts sliding into that tight little slit. Jesse looks good from every angle, but especially in doggy. The energy level is rather mild and Jay pulls out to shoot on her butt without ever letting the super cute girl even suck his dick. Interesting choice in an otherwise hot scene.

This is a nice little feature with outstanding technical aspects. The sex is a bit schizo though. We get some really hot scenes from Alexa and Jewels that are straight forward, stroke material. Alexa’s open shows her off and really gives her a chance to shine. The tease scene and the lesbian romp that follows take the movie in a totally different direction. All of the scenes are well shot, these two just fall into the high-gloss, low-heat category. Jesse finishes the movie out with a scene that falls somewhere in between. She is super cute and sexy all hell, but the scenes the spark that we saw from some of the others. The plot is simple, with a few clever twists and just enough reason to move us from one scene to the next. Robbie D brings us a couple of really good sex scenes in this tightly edited, well shot movie.

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