Sodomania 40


Sodomania 40


137 Mins.

Elegant Angel

DIRECTOR: Patrick Collins, Axel Braun, Jake Malone, William H, & Atom Faktor





STARS: Victoria Lee, Lynn Stone, Rio Mariah, Angel Long, Mandy Bright, Cassie Young, Frank Gun, George Uhl, John Slovak, Nacho Vidal, Jeff, Sasha, Frazer Lovitt


Sodomania is one of the most successful vignette-style porn lines in the history of smut. Early on, it was a Patrick Collins project that featured individual sex scenes where the performers acted out little stories that always had a little twist at the end. Over the year, Collins had turned the reins over to countless other directors with varied results. There have been so many great scenes from this line, the it spawned its own cumshot line. For this 40th episode of Sodomania, Collins is back, but he is sharing the behind-the-camera duties with most of the other Elegant Angel directors. It will be interesting to see what each director brings to the table.

The first scene has Rio Mariah trying to drop the immigration hammer down on Frank Gun and Mandy Bright. They aren’t supposed to work in the country, but she hires them anyway. Rio is rather bitchy and decides to boss Frank around. She orders him to have his wife dress up and report back to her. He is ordered to the ground where she uses candle wax on his naked chest and Mandy is forced to watch while playing with herself. While she watches, Rio starts sucking Frank’s cock, working it until his wife storms out of the room. While Frank is still busy, Mandy finds a sexy, fishnet maid’s uniform and tries it on. Rio is right in the middle of being eaten by Frank when Mandy comes back. This time she gets turned on and decides to join in. As the girls kiss, things change quickly (I won’t give it away) and suddenly Rio is forced to serve. She sucks Mandy’s feet and goes down on the hot Euro-babe. They use wax on Rio’s ass and make sure her mouth gets stuffed with dick. He starts power fucking both girls and finds Rio to be a very willing sub. For the big finale, he shoots a huge load all over Mandy’s boobs and orders Rio to lick it up.

Axe Braun is credited with directing the next scene. The long lead has a guy looking for Axel and ending up at a photo shoot. It takes a long time to get going, but eventually the photographer kicks the new guy off set because he can’t quite get it right. That leave Lynn Stone to take on George and Johnny. She doesn’t care who she plays with, as long as they give her their big cocks in every hole. At first the footage is a little too tight, but as the scene progresses the action is really good. The guys put Lynn in a chair to make it easy to take full advantage of her. After stuffing both of her holes at once, the guys paint her pretty face with two big, sticky wads.

William H. directs Cassie Young and Nacho Vidal. The pretty blonde is tutoring Nacho, but in a matter of moments he has his fingers in her pussy and is making her scream. Nacho starts using her body, starting with her feet and working up to her mouth. I love blowjobs, but there are some directors who insist on making them as ugly as possible. This just doesn’t do it for me, though I know a lot of you will like watching Cassie choke fucked until she’s out of breath. Cassie bends over, talks about how much she loves big cocks and gets slam fucked. When she can, Cassie gives hot talk, but as Nacho pounds her from behind, he stuffs his toe in her mouth. The rough scene finally ends when he pops a big load all over her face.

Victoria Lee is a very pale, bottom heavy girl who comes into the room, paints “DP” on the wall and gets taken by two guys. They leave their painting smocks on as the action starts. Victoria lets them cut holes in her coverall and then gets on her knees. The guys take turns with some standing 69 that heats things up pretty nicely. Once she gets started, Victoria is more than ready to get fucked from behind while choking on dick. The RCA isn’t all that flattering to her soft middle, but the guys cover her up when they double stuff her orifices. Though the action is hard and furious, this girl doesn’t quite do it for me. She does get glazed with a couple of big loads at the end and that’s worth a look.

I’ve seen Angel Long in dozens of scenes, but she looks quite different during her short little tease segment. Ever the hot little thing, Angel has her feet back up to her head and a toy in her hot slit. Frazer comes in, shoves his fingers up her twat and makes her lick them clean. To quiet her moans, he stuffs a dick down her throat and the British tart loves it. After stuffing a fat butt plug up Angel’s ass, he works her pussy with his tongue. As long as there is no dick in her mouth Angel seems very happy to be talking dirty an encouraging him to fuck her deeper. There is some great footage of her bent over a chair and taking him deep between her cheeks. She likes it so much that when he takes a break, Frazer has to stick a plug up Angel’s ass to keep her happy. There isn’t a lot of rough sex in this movie, just good, hard anal and a very well shot facial pop.

This is an interesting collection of scenes that work on some level. The opening scene is the one that looks the most like a Collins effort and I liked it a lot. Watching them flip the dom/sub thing on Rio. Cassie Young is very hot and the energy is really good, but it’s just not my kind of scene. Angel Long gives a really good scene in the finale, showing us just how hot she can be. There is plenty of good action and a nice variety from the team of directors. I’m not sure if any of them can reach Collins’ level, but it’s a solid level nonetheless.

DVD Extras: There is a bonus scene between Daisy Chain and Mark Davis that includes some outstanding oral action. We also get behind the scenes footage, trailers and bonus footage.

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