Clusterfuck 2


Clusterfuck 2


112 Mins


DIRECTOR: Skeeter Kerkove

THEMES: Gang Bangs, Double Penetration




STARS: Aurora Snow. Jessica Dee & a whole bunch of guys who don’t even get listed in the credits


Talk about your good news bad news situations. Here I’ve got Clusterfuck 2 in my hand, the latest gang bang movie from Skeeter Kerkove and the folks and Mayhem. There is plenty of good news of course. Aurora Snow makes up half of the female talent in this two bang movie and that’s always a good thing. She looks great and we know she can fuck like few in the business. The other girl, Jessica Dee is a fine performer who doesn’t turn me on all that much, but who certainly brings a great deal of energy to the table. The action in the first Clusterfuck was pretty hard-core, though there were some issues in the editing bay and some pace problems that no one quite figured out. With any luck, those will be cleared up this time. There shouldn’t be anything to get in the way of either Aurora or Jessica. So what’s the bad news you ask? Well it’s nothing new. Clusterfuck 1 was just another movie that featured extensive 2into1 action. Two dicks, one hole is just one too many rods for me. It’s a personal thing. Lots of my favorite directors do it and a lot of you totally dig it. It’s just not something I’d want to do and not something that turns me on. No big deal, just a personal taste sort of thing so hopefully no one will get overly upset if I find that part of this flick less than enthralling.

Aurora comes out in a hot little dress, shaking her ass and teasing us for a few minutes. She does some pseudo-bondage writhing in what appear to be plastic chains and a collar. Skeeter sits on the couch with her for about fifteen seconds before turning the guys loose on the lovely young thing. They don’t waste any time, slamming her from behind while she moans around several cocks. (She still has the chains on her wrists if that helps with some bondage fantasies.) Aurora has great energy and encourages the guys whenever her mouth is not stuffed full of meat. She turns to face the camera and bounces up and down on cock like she’s trying to poke a hole in her lung. Aurora gets into some serious anal and eventually has the guys DP’ing her while she still chokes on dick. So far, this is a great scene with high energy, good angles and a lot of heat. That said, it’s time for the guys to double up in her ass. Aurora can take this just fine and the action is well captured. In all honesty, the action picks up again as soon as the guys find their own holes to bang. The guys can pound away and she loves it. They make her gag for a while and that sound is about as erotic as Ed Powers is funny. After that we get some freak show sex with a bunch of guys sticking fingers into her ass at once. When that is over, there is more really great DP as the guys stand and hold her between them. Aurora makes her face available for some big loads and the guys are happy to coat her tongue and lips with jazzy One of the guys fires onto her ass, but it’s the facials that are really strong here. When this scene is focused on sex and hot side show acts, it’s totally hot.

Jessica has a tough act to follow and because I’m not personally crazy about her, it’s going to come up a bit short from my point of view. That said, this import has a nice body, perky tits and a love for cock that we have to admire. After Skeeter introduces her, the guys come in. From the start, she is moaning around cock and getting slapped on the ass. The lighting is a tad dim for some of the tougher angles, but most of it is covered well. Maybe it’s because Jessica is such a dick-pig, but they go for a lot of face fucking and we end up with a lot of footage from underneath her chin. The guys spit in her mouth (On direction from Jim Lane who can be heard barking orders during the bang) and because this is a much less appealing scene sexually. I am actually glad that it’s Jessica and not Aurora who gets it. When the action is focused between her legs, there is some good footage of Jessica being slammed in the ass, the pussy and then both at once. Because Jessica has such great energy and a nice (fairly) big ass, the DP footage is pretty damn hot. Her body looks excellent in RCA and this footage is totally strokeable. Eventually they move on to the double anal and it doesn’t seem to slow Jessica down at all. Returning to great footage, the guys take turns on her ass in piledriver They end up shooting into her gaping asshole and spoon feeding her the cum. (The audio during this part is either looped, or the guys talking in the background are saying the same things over and over.) Ever the trooper, Jessica takes the last few loads directly into her mouth.

Without question, Clusterfuck 2 is better than part 1. The problems with pace have been resolved and the action is well shot. Yes, there is quite a bit of 2into1 action, so consider that a plus or minus based on your own feelings. For me, it’s wasted footage so feel free to add a few points to the score if you’re looking for that sort of thing. Both scenes are pretty straight forward gang bangs, with Aurora and Jessica taking cock like champs. The guys do a good job of keeping them busy, stuffed and eventually well fed. I didn’t notice any looping of video footage in this movie, so the only real snag was hearing Jim Lane bark orders from behind the camera. With another girl as hot as Aurora, this one would be pushing a perfect ten. As it is, Clusterfuck 2 is still a pretty fine stroke flick.

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