88 Mins

Digital G


THEMES: Hookers, Jail Sex



STARS: Nicole Sheridan, Dru Berrymore, Gina Ryder, Chelsea Bleu, Venus, Kaylynn, Evan Stone, Voodoo, Eric Masterson & Rafe


This is the third release from Digital G. I liked their debut effort, but was even more pleased at the second. Dropping some of the typical ‘couples’ stuff like slow motion and overbearing music, it was a quality movie with some good stroke value. I’m sure that they haven’t gone totally to the other side and produced a rain coater flick, but I’m all for quality features with great sex. If Nicole Sheridan, Kaylynn and Dru Berrymore are turned loose in this movie, then I would imagine that things are going to be even better. As they say, the third time is the charm. This time, the story revolves around the Las Vegas PD and their number one problem, prostitution. (Evan Stone does an overwrought opening voice over talking about sex for money as we see a dead cop with a knife in his chest. Priorities man.)

There is a high-end call girl ring working one of the major hotels and they are doing more than turning tricks. Vice has to move in and shut things down. Detective Voodoo is on the case and he hooks up with super hot working girl Nicole Sheridan. He tries to arrest her, but just isn’t listening. I guess she figures that the right to remain silent includes keeping her mouth full of dick. Voodoo fucks her tits for a while, warming Nicole up for the main event. This couple always manages a great deal of heat when they fuck, so it’s nice to see a scene without slow motion to get in the way. After a blistering 69, he works his cock slowly into her tight pussy. They work into longer strokes and give us plenty of eye candy during a long, single-position vag. For anal, Nicole gets on top for RCA. The action is really well captured here, with deep stokes into that snug hole. Nicole looks great and her energy is top-notch. She turns around and fucks his cock with her ass until he is ready to have a big load stroked out onto her chest. With cum still dripping off her body, Voodoo slaps on the cuffs and takes her downtown.

Voodoo has to let her go, but the next cop, Dru Berrymore, comes in with a better bust. She’s got the pimp in charge, Rafe and goes to work on him. He seems tough to crack until Dru offers him some pussy. Dedicated to her work, the sexy brunette sucks his cock like it holds all the answers. The blowjob is so good that it’s almost a shame to see it end. Rafe has more in mind for the sexy cop though, fucking her pussy hard and deep while she claws at his back. She rolls him over and power fucks him for all she’s worth. Holding her cheeks open, Dru takes a load on her ass.

The fun continues in the cell as Nicole and Chelsea get friendly while another blonde girl services the officer who comes in and tries to stop them. The action jumps around a little bit too much for my taste, but it’s all good stuff. Nicole is hot again, but the veggie action is so strong that the blowjob becomes sort of background sucking. (And it probably deserves more attention.) The toy play is especially strong when Nicole gets fucked from behind with a fat strap-on.

Outside the cell, all hell has broken loose and two lucky cops get to share three hot hookers. Evan Stone has Gina Ryder and Venus on his lap while the incredibly sexy Kaylynn is working her magic on a Eric Masterson. Moving back and forth is a little frustrating because Kaylynn has her ass high in the air and is doing deep oral strokes that really should be savored. Not that there is any room for complaints here because Gina and Venus are doing one hell of a job on Evan’s pole. The best footage comes with Kaylynn on her knees using that super tongue to just bathe Eric’s cock in pleasure. I really like energy in the two on one scene, but the slick editing actually takes a way a bit of the heat. (Unless you happen to have ADD. This type of editing is great when you are trying to cover up a weak scene, but the action here is really hot. Kaylynn gets slam fucked and there is nothing at all weak about that. Evan has his hands full with the other women as well. Venus really loves having her pussy stuffed with four fingers. Eric finally shoots into Kaylynn’s mouth and Evan rains jizz all over his prone partners.

Sexually, this is the best Digital G movie to date. The slow motion and other elements that often cool things down are gone. Instead of a typical couples movie with minimal heat, we get some high-quality, strokeable smut. Nicole Sheridan turns in two very good scenes, first fucking the shit out of Voodoo and then shows us that she knows how to survive behind bars. Dru and Rafe turn in another fine performance, fucking each other with a vengeance. The final scene is good as well, but I still have a problem with dividing our attention between two really good scenes. I love the look and quality of this movie and the cast is excellent. The story gets a little thin, but the sex is way above the norm for a feature so I’m cool with that.


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