Six Degrees of Penetration


Six Degrees of Penetration


95 Mins



THEMES: Cheating, One Night Stands



STARS: Chloe, Lezley Zen, Aurora Snow, Britney Foster, Violet Blue, Eric Masterson, Pat Myne, Tyce Bune, Trevor Zen & Rafe


Before “Independence Day” made him a huge movie star and long before “Wild, Wild West” made him a has-been, Will Smith amazed critics and fans with a little movie called “Six Degrees of Separation.” Although Chloe is one of porn’s finest actresses, I don’t think we are going to see that kind of depth from this flick. Instead, we get to follow her as she tries out her own separation theory. The original idea is that everyone on earth is tied together by a chain of only six people. Chloe believes that everyone is tied together by no more than 6 sex partners. To prove this, she buys a special necklace that is to be passed from person to person after sex. With a silver bauble and a hypothesis, she goes in search of new cock.

Rafe is the first lucky guy to spend some quality time between her thin thighs.

There are some nice candle shots in the foreground to add a touch of romance to the scene. Once he has her slit well lubed with his tongue, Rafe slides on the condom and starts fucking her. From the start, she looks ready to fuck this guy’s dick right off. Rafe is up to the challenge and gives her everything he’s got. Chloe seems quite fond of the word “fuck” and repeats is with virtually every stroke. They do some high-energy anal, though Rafe seems to struggle a bit with the condom. After a good, hard ass fuck, he pops on her tummy and is given the necklace to give to his next conquest.

At lunch a few days later, Chloe sees the necklace around her friend’s (Lezley Zen) neck. We don’t see how she got it, but we do get to watch her give it away. Lezley is looking for some art and after a bit of pretentious dialog by Trevor Zen, she just rips his clothes off to fuck him. He spits on her pussy while lapping away. He uses his tongue to work her asshole for a bit before fucking her mouth. Lezley is not on the top of my list, but she sure can give a hot looking blowjob. With plenty of spit, she works him to full length and bends over for doggy. The energy is really high and I do like Lezley’s lower half. Trevor fucks her hard and lets her stroke a big load right onto her mouth.

The necklace gets passed around a bit and ends up around Tyce Bune’s neck. He’s a judge who is banging Aurora Snow who just happens to belong to Chloe’s coven. I can’t tell who has more make up on, Tyce or the two women combined. Aurora does her usual stellar job on her knees, pro-sucking Tyce while Chloe slides under that pretty pussy and feasts. Tyce stays mostly inside of Aurora, letting her ride his rod while he fingers Chloe’s slit. The action stays hot as the girl trade places. Chloe goes right over the edge while being banged from behind. This leaves Tyce in position to shoot on her ass, sadly leaving Aurora’s face dry at the end of the scene.

Britney Foster steals the necklace from Tyce’s house and takes it home with the other loot to show boyfriend Pat Myne. They celebrate the haul with a hard fuck right on top of the jewelry. Pardon me, but that has to seriously hurt her back doesn’t it? Brit gets off of her back and onto her knees where she is able to slip every inch of his dick between her hungry lips. She is a pretty good thief, but her real talent seems to lie in her ability to suck like crazy. Once he has been well sucked, she climbs on top and Pat slaps her full as while she rides him. She leaves her knee high black boots on and that’s kind of a turn on. After fucking her hard, he leaves a load on her face.

Pat steals the necklace and takes it home. When he gets there, his buddy Eric Masterson is busy making out with hot little Violet Blue. Pat comes right in and joins him. Violet doesn’t mind and slides down to suck some cock. She is a very cute girl who really knows how to handle two guys at once. They pass her back and forth on the couch, fucking her pretty pussy while she keeps sucking. Girls this cute are pretty rare in porn, but girls this cute who have this much sexual energy are nearly impossible to find. The only thing she won’t do is take it on the face, so both guys shoot all over her perky little tits.

Everything comes full circle when Chloe and Eric hook up for the final scene. She gives him a great looking blowjob with tons of eye contact and some really good hand action. When it’s nice and wet, they slap a condom on it and she starts grinding her hips. Chloe takes it hard, but rides him even harder, slamming the full length of him all the way into her pussy. She gets down on her knees and lets him stroke his cum right onto her lips.

There isn’t much of a story here, but we can follow things from scene to scene pretty easily. It’s mostly just a string of pretty good sex scenes held together by a really loose idea. Chloe gives to really good one on one scenes and is part of the three way with Aurora. Violet Blue adds perhaps the very best scene in the movie with her three-way. Lezley has good energy to round out the action. Though it’s not much of a feature, the sex is mostly ‘feature-sex’. It’s well shot feature-sex with good heat and a great cast, so if you like couples friendly porn, this one works well.

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