New Wave Hookers 7


New Wave Hookers 7


130 Mins


DIRECTOR: Antonio Passolini

THEMES: Aliens, Firefighters, comedy,



STARS: Tawny Roberts, Dru Berrymore, Kiki D’Aire, Beauty, Mary Carey, Belladonna, Honey, Sabrine Maui, Mia Smiles, Rick Roberts, Rafe, Kyle Stone, Chris Cannon, Joel Lawrence, Guy DiSilva, Tyce Bune & Steve Hatcher


The New Wave Hookers line of movies has maintained a level of quality unmatched in serial adult features. Yes, the NWH movies have evolved and have nothing at all to do with the twisted dreams of the early Dark Bros. days. Antonio Passolini has his own vision and has made the movies fresh, crisp and still pretty damn hot. (Though it is still hard to beat the DB’s for pure filth value.) I have yet to watch a Passolini movie that failed to hold my interest so it’s always nice to see what he can do with a great cast. This one stars former VCA girl Tawny Roberts, but it’s the supporting girls who really make the cast stand out. Belladonna, Sabrine Maui, Kiki D’Aire, Mia Smiles and Mary Carey are just some of the hot women on display here. Like all Passolini flicks, this one takes a cock-eyed look at more than just sex. Kyle Stone plays a wacky psychic who can unlock the mysteries of the “past, the future and even the present.”

Tawny Roberts shows up looking for some insight into her past. The first scene takes place under the watchful, oversized eye of an alien being. Chris Cannon and Honey are sitting around hoping for someone new to play with. In pops Tawny and the fun begins. The first several minutes of the scene aver over done with way too many digital effects added to really enjoy the sex. It gets a little better though, the quick cut editing and slow motion kill any heat that we might normally see with Cannon banging Tawny hard from behind. Late in the scene, he has the girls side by side and bangs then pretty hard. Even the facial is a little disappointing as this first scene comes to a close.

The next scene has Dru Berrymore all dressed up and Rafe in a bloody butcher’s smock. He slides right between her legs, slips a finger into her pussy and has a mid-day snack. Used to delivering the meat, Rafe gives her a big sausage. Dru handles every in perfectly, He shoves her head down and she just goes faster and faster. Just when it looks like he might just stay there all day, Rafe rolls her over and fucks Dru’s pussy from behind. The neatly trimmed box gets blasted, but he doesn’t slow down at all when it’s time to go up her ass. There are some great close up shots and Dru has outstanding energy as she takes the bareback A. I love the doggy shots with her butt high in the air and split in two by his big prick. For a feature, this is a really long scene and it’s got a really good facial finish.

Tawny is back for the next scene with Mary Carey. They are in a beauty salon with beehive wigs on and become part of something that looks like a John Waters nightmare. (Which is not to say that it’s not a brilliant piece of editing.) When they settle down to the sex, there is some good stuff. Mary’s pussy looks really sweet and Tawny power fucks it with a vibrator. There is a bit too much going on for me to really get into the action until the scene is about half over, but once it does, I really like it. (And not just because I’m dying to try out Mary’s tits.)

Belladonna is a rookie firefighter who is put through her initiation by Tyce Bune and Joel Lawrence. In a heartbeat, she goes from mild mannered chick to cock sucking sex demon. She easily throats Tyce’s dick and does a really nice job on Joel’s as well. After the great blowjob, the guys move quickly to fuck both of her holes at once. DP is no problem for Bella who bring a ton of energy to this scene. (Note- I’m reviewing this on VHS and the lighting in this scene seems a bit dim. Perhaps it looks better on DVD.) The anal/oral three-way footage is better because more of her body is visible. The guys finish up with perfectly fired shots onto her face. This is a great scene from one of the nastiest babes in all of porn.

Moving into B-movie land, Joel and Guy DiSilva have a go at dominatrix Kiki D’Aire. The scene is dark and we get a lot of early cut-aways, but once things settle down, the action is good. It’s hard to go wrong with Kiki on her knees in front of two hard cocks. When the guys break off and work her pussy and mouth at the same time, the action gets even better. Guy grabs her ankles, shoves them back and fucks her pussy while Joel penetrates her lips in between the loud cries of lust coming from the dirty babe. They cap off a fairly short scene with a big double blast on her face.

Steve Hatcher is drunk and babbling about aliens in a bar while Joel listens. Eventually we get to see him take on some hot alien chicks played by Sabrine Maui and Mia Smiles. They go right to work on his cock, providing us with a ton of eye candy. Sabrine is one of the best looking women in porn, but she is also Mia squats over his face and watches her friend deliver a blistering blowjob. When she sees an opening and gives his cock a lick before riding it. Lucky Steve has both hot pieces of Asian ass at his disposal and it’s a delight to watch him fuck them both. Sabrine really gets loud when Steve strokes her pussy, but Mia won’t let him plug away for long without tasting his dick. He finally pulls out and allows them to share his load.

The last scene has Tawny doing a really nice pole dance for the big alien eye creature. When it changes into a guy, she shoves he pussy right in his face. He happily licks her for a long time before rolling over. Tawny gives him a pretty good blowjob, but reserves most of her energy for a reverse cowgirl ride. Her pussy gets a good work out, but the camera angles are better during the anal. He sprays a big load all over her face to finish things off.

Alien abductions, giant eye balls, kooky psychics, B-movie clichés and JKF busts all over the place; this movie has a little bit of everything. The problem is that the sex scenes are remarkably inconsistent. They are all interesting, all crisply edited from a technical standpoint, but certainly not all done for MWP (Maximum Whacking Potential.) There are some great scenes with Bella, Kiki, Sabrine, Dru and Tawny, but there are others that remind me why I am still often disappointed by artsy-porn. Perhaps the DVD copy of this movie had a less dark look to it, but it still has some holes in it sexually. That said, NWH 7 is another funny, odd, tight flick from Passolini. I think I miss the core story that the Dark Bros. created two decades ago, but I can’t think of anyone more capable of picking up the ball and running with it than AP.

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