Mamacitas 2


Mamacitas 2


82 Mins

Video Team

DIRECTOR: Van Styles

THEMES: Latinas, Interracial Sex



STARS: Daisy, Honney Bunny, Simone, Papillion, Mercedes Ashley, Justine Romee, Sledge Hammer, Mark Ashley, Chris Cannon, Lee Stone & Talon


The first Mamacitas was a little round-robin fantasy movie that followed some interracial fantasies. This one appears to be five separate scenes with a Latin flavor. I don’t think it matters much though. There will probably be just as much dialog setting up the individual scenes as we had in the last one. This vignette movie has some very cute latinas, including cover girl Daisy who is very cute with her clothes on and seems like big dicks. We’ve also got Justine Romee who seems to have dropped off the face of the earth recently. Mamacitas 2 also features the return of Papillion, one of the most tragically tatted girls of all times. The other major change in this one is the racial balance. While Mamacitas 1 focused on black cock banging Latin gash, this one is mostly made up of white guys going south of the border for premium snatch.

Sledge Hammer likes to sit up late at night watching the Spanish channel. He drifts off to sleep with his hand on his cock and his mind in the gutter. Daisy wakes him up, speaking Spanish and stroking his face. She is all dolled up in a sparkly read dress and thigh high stockings. The dress bunches up nicely around her middle as he slides a finger into her pussy and licks his way around her lower lips. Her brightly colored lips wrap tightly around his fat pole though only the head fits. Daisy does her best, but that thing is just too fat or her mouth. There is no such problem with her pussy though. She faces the camera, mounts him and drops all the way down on every stroke. The action in this position is great if you like petite girls riding big cocks, but the lighting is a bit spotty. Sledge rolls her over and pounds away. Close up shots of her tummy aren’t really good, but Daisy’s pussy is just gorgeous. Sledge pulls out and shoots across her face. It’s not a perfectly captured pop, but it ain’t bad either.

Simone is a pretty domestic who is dressed in a little French maid’s outfit, but definitely has that south of the border spice. Mark Ashley is unhappy with the way she dusts his banister. Since she is a horrible housecleaner, Simone offers to polish something else for him. She gives nice looking head, working his cock with her tiny hand and talented mouth. Mark likes the way she looks out of her uniform and starts sucking that pretty little pussy. You have to wonder how she cleans in those stripper shoes, but I guess that doesn’t really matter to a guy who gets to bang the shit out of his hot little maid. She straddles his lap and bounces her tiny ass up and down on his shaft. When she turns around, we see some belly art, but also get a good look as he power fucks her from below. Simone looks really good in doggy and Mark is able to take her hard on the couch. Right in the middle of some deep strokes, she spins around and takes a really good facial shot.

Chris Cannon is out cruising the streets when he picks up Honney Bunny on the side of the road. She’s selling oranges, but he has other orbs in mind when he gets her home. Working quickly from her tits to her pussy, Cannon gets a mouth full. Honney returns the favor and shows more energy in her sucking that I think I’ve seen from her in other scenes. There are some odd camera angles during this otherwise sexy suck, but Honney gets better when the dick is inside of her pussy. As Chris pushes up into her, she gives us more Spanish than we’ve seen in the first two scenes and that is a very good thing. Most of her best work comes when she is on top as much of the steam goes out of Honney when Chris does the work. They try anal in a spoon position that gives us some good shots of her body. After a rather boring anal, she shoots onto her mostly closed mouth.

Talon comes by to see Papillion looking to learn how to Salsa dance. She wants to teach him a lot more than that. In a very dimly lit scene, she begins to suck his cock. We cant really see most of the work she is doing with her hands and mouth, making this a very disappointing scene early on. The lighting improves only slightly as they fuck, leaving us with a rather good scene from an energy standpoint, but one that is technically a step below where it should be. Papillion lets him fuck her ass, showing us that tat as she rises and falls on his stiff prick. By the time she is done squat fucking, she can barely stand as she shoots all over her face.

Justine Romee and Mercedes Ashley are doing the gardening in cut offs that leave nothing to the imaginations. Lee Stone notices their hard work and brings them some cool liquid refreshment. They all head into the house where the two sexy babes share his big cock. Justine doesn’t seem to want to share and gives one hell of a hot blowjob. Mercedes just slides up onto his face and watching as Justine’s experienced mouth works its magic. She moves onto his dick, giving us some Spanish, but I’m really looking to see how Justine reacts to that big rod in her pussy. We have to wait for a long time tough as Lee pounds away on the girls as they 69. All we get from Justine is half a facial as she shares the load with her friend. What a huge disappointment that is.

This whole movie is a bit of a disappointment. It’s not horrible by any stretch of the imagination, but it could have been so much better. Daisy does a pretty nice scene with Sledge Hammer, but the action never quite reaches this level again. The final scene is really strange because Justine Romee ends up as more of a spectator and that’s a shame. There are some lighting issues and a few other technical problems that help drag down the overall rating a bit. The cast was promising, but the movie fails to live up expectations.

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