Teen Dreams 3


Teen Dreams 3


85 Mins

New Sensations

DIRECTOR: Tyrone Shuz

THEMES: New Girls, Natural Breasts



STARS: Lisa, Jezebelle, Alexis, Jaden, Kaylani, Julian and Lee Stone



I can’t really figure New Sensations out sometimes. Most companies that shoot new or young girl lines do it either as pure hardcore or as pro-am. NS does it with a little bit more style I suppose. They do it with soft music, a slightly fuzzy camera style and other elements that are usually reserved for couples flicks. I wouldn’t call this a couples line and yet it’s not exactly a raincoater line either. What it has is some very fresh girls being fucked by some pretty big guys in scenes that are shot in a very ‘pretty’ style. Maybe we don’t need to figure out their strategy to enjoy the action.

Jezebelle starts things off in a shower. After a few seconds she is joined by Julian who rubs her from behind. They move to the bed and kiss for a while before Jez makes her way down his chest to his big prick. She works him very slowly with her mouth and her hands. (Slight fetish alert: Her hair is still dripping wet as this happens.) Julian follows up by licking her pussy for several minutes. The energy level does not impress me at this point. Julian gives her some long strokes when he is on top, but the best looking footage comes in reverse cowgirl. Jezebelle never does show anything more than average enthusiasm as she rides so the scene has to rely on eye candy factor to carry it. As such it’s not bad to look at, but nothing all that exciting even when he shoots a big load onto her face.

Kaylani tells us about a favorite fantasy she has. She is blindfolded and touched by a stranger. (Lee Stone) Eventually the blindfold comes off and she gets a good look at him as he eats her pussy. Lee pulls off a nice move when he lifts the little spinner up in the to continue his flesh feast. They switch places and she stuffs her pretty face with his long rod. Kaylani takes a pretty fair amount of meat into her tiny mouth and gives us major eye candy. Her little pussy swallows every inch of cock during reverse cowgirl, making me wonder where the hell it all goes. Lee stands up and impales her on his dick. This is the best looking girl in the movie and the energy level is excellent as well. Watching her drive her body down on his cock is great looking and the facial is really hot. (But we cut away too quickly.)

Jaden is asleep and dreaming of Julian who comes to her bed naked. She doesn’t say a work, but starts sucking his cock like she really means it. Her face looks good and she gives decent head, but there is something missing. When eh starts fucking her, Jaden moans a bit, but the short strokes and the look on her face just don’t spell size queen. Her moans get louder when she is on top, but the only really good footage here shows her tits shaking as she gets pumped from underneath. Julian gives her the full stroke from behind before shooting his load on her tightly closed face. (Eyes and mouth are totally clenched.)

Lisa is daydreaming as she rubs and apple against her chest. She lies down and slips her fingers into her panties. Lee Stone is once again the dream lover who peels young Lisa out of her top. His mouth finds its way to her spread pussy and his fingers open her right up. She does her best to return the favor sticking his head in her mouth and sucking while she fingers her pussy. The blowjob is rather unimpressive, but Lisa looks good with her legs up on his shoulders. Even without a great deal of energy, this scene looks good and has some decent heat. By the time she gets into reverse cowgirl, Lisa is taking the full length of his cock ease and starts to really get into it. Lee backs up and shoots a load onto her pretty face.

That leaves us with blonde Alexis who can’t keep her hands off her pussy as she relaxes in the bathtub. Julian joins her for a romantic kiss with the sun shining behind them and a fuzzy glow all around them. She is quite attractive and uses her hands really well as she sucks his prick. After a quick blowjob, he bends her over and takes liberties with her thin frame. There are several minutes of doggy and standing doggy for leg lovers to fawn over. Alexis looks best in reverse cowgirl, but that gets cut short so Julian can get on top and really pound away. She hooks a foot up onto his shoulder and takes it like a champ. He pulls out and sprays her pretty face, giving us a good facial that is once again, cut too short. (What’s your bloody hurry?)

If you like pretty girls in pretty scenes, then this is a great movie for you. The girls are young, cute and get fucked by big dicks. They don’t always show great energy and the scenes are not shot to please raincoaters. Kaylani is the best combination of beauty and heat in this movie and her scene is well worth checking out. The other girls lack Kaylani’s enthusiasm, but are great eye candy. Julian and Lee Stone do a pretty good job dishing out the meat, though they respond to the girls and don’t really push to make things hotter. I’d like to see these cuties take things to the next level, but this is still a really nice looking movie with young hotties from start to finish.


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