Booty Bandits


Booty Bandits


115 Mins.

JM Productions/LeWood

DIRECTOR: Francesca Le

THEMES: Anal Sex,



STARS: Francesca Le, Mark Wood, Darren James, Anna Nova, Rick Masters, Billy Blank, Carmen, Mr. Pete, Brett Rockman, Renee Pornero, Rod Fontana John E. Depth


Since she returned to porn, Francesca Le has been doing great work on both sides of the camera. She isn’t the kind of director to take things easy on her talent. Francesca is a hard core slut and she expects the girls in her movies to show the same kind of energy in their scenes. This is another anal movie and it looks like every girl is going to get double stuffed. As a bonus, or not, we get the guys wearing masks like old-time bad guys. The booty bandits swing in, snatch the girl and don’t leave until they own her asshole. It’s a simple concept, but if the girls in the cast can fuck like Francesca, then it should be a good one.

As Francesca enjoys the mid-day sun, she is grabbed by Mark Wood and Darren James. They push her to her knees and watch as she starts sucking. This babe doesn’t need a whole lot of convincing, showing both dicks a lot of respect. They move inside where she totally sheds her clothes and just pro-sucks them both. Mark rolls her onto her back and pounds into her pussy while Darren keeps pumping her mouth. The guys take turns like this for a while, fucking her pussy and her mouth in mish and reverse cowgirl. Francesca looks really good in RC with her feet on Mark’s thighs as she bounces hard. Darren takes her from behind, teasing her ass with a finger. That’s not nearly enough so he shoves his long black cock up her tight asshole. No DP for Francesca (Saving that for her next release), but she certainly gets plenty of ass fucking before these guys are finished with her. Mark gets her started in piledriver, making that ass gape and setting up some round-robin piledrive fucking. To end this hot scene takes two big loads right on her face. After draining them both, Francesca finger feeds every last drop to herself.

Rick Masters and Billy Blank sneak up on Anna Nova as she gets changed. They watch her lotion up her skin before attacking. She has a big smile on her face as soon as she realizes that she is about to be fucked by two guys at once. The busty blonde gets down and sucks with a huge smile on her face. Billy licks her pussy while she makes short work of Masters’ dong. When Anna shifts gear and rides Rick, we get a shot of her bountiful backside. Ass lovers are going to really dig this girl, but she also has a really nice looking pussy. She is bent over stroking Billy while Rick fills that pretty slit. She straddles Masters and lets him have her ass. He pounds away while Billy sort of stands around watching. Eventually he gets his turn, though it’s only for a few strokes. They both give her big loads of cum though and Anna just loves every drop.

Carmen is looking really good so it doesn’t matter all that much that we can’t really hear what Brett Rockman and Mr. Pete are saying. Carmen doesn’t get a chance to say much because there are two dicks in her mouth before she can even think of voicing any opposition. She strokes them both and lets the guys push her head around a bit. These guys seem to work together a lot so I wonder if they draw straws ahead of time to see how gets to fuck a chick first. Brett lets her ride for a while so that Pete can choke Carmen while he fucks her face. When they switch places, her mouth looks really good stuffed with Rockman’s fat member. She shows great energy as she rocks back and forth, letting her curvy ass get poked with fingers. Both guys take a turn in her ass, making sure that she tastes her butt when they are finished. For the grand finale, they feed her their jizz and the hungry brunette gulps it all down.

The last victim of the bandits is Rene Pornero. She is running late and Rod Fontana is getting impatient. She finally shows up and falls across his lap. His partner, John E. Depth, spanks her big pale ass to get her in the mood. The guys sit back on the couch and Rene tries to deep throat Rod’s dong. When she moves to John’s cock, Rod gets behind the brunette and licks her ass. She bobs her head hard on that long black dick as Rod starts slamming his own meat deep into her pussy. Rene doesn’t need it slow and gentle so the guys just jam into her holes as hard as they can. Rod goes into her ass first, but he is just a warm up for John’s monster. Rene is a perfect slut and takes it in the ass from all angles before opening her mouth for twin tastes of testicular tartar.

There are only four scenes in this movie, but if you like well covered action, the longer format is going to make you really happy. The ass fucking goes on for quite a while and you aren’t going to feel cheated by any of the four. Francesca is once again the hottest thing in her own movie. Her opening scene is really good and sets us up for her next movie where she gets DP’d. The other three girls are pretty evenly matched so take your pick. Anna is an energetic blonde, Carmen is a spicy Spanish babe and Rene is a cock starved Euro. If you like your action hard and anal, then add this one to your shopping list.

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