Kiss & Tell


Kiss & Tell


84 Mins.

Sin City


THEMES: Blondes, Outdoor Sex.



STARS: Karina, Chloe Dior, Brittney Skye, Cindy Crawford, Angel Cassidy, Laurie Wallace, Nikko Nights, Steven St. Croix, Lee Stone


Karina stars as a sex columnist who spends so much time on her work that she doesn’t have much of a life herself. The irony of that may not be the point of the movie, but it makes for an interesting start to the movie. The Sin City contract blonde gets to show off her sexual skills, but we’re going to just have to use our imagination about her writing talents. I would imagine that the rest of the girls follow the advice that Karina hands out to give their partners more pleasure than any man should expect.

Nikko Night is Karina’s man and he’s not happy with the amount of time she spends working. After a little bit of whining, she puts her pad down and decides to show him what she can do. He’s already hard, so she just slides her mouth away down on his shaft, stroking it in between deep swallows. If she could teach all women to do that, no one would need internet sex columns. When she isn’t trying to swallow him whole, the pretty blonde is sucking his balls and grinding her pussy down on his face. They move into spoon and Karina proves to be a very vocal girl as he pushes into her pussy. There are some good tight shots, but her hand covers the action a little too often. I like the way she looks on her back with her legs closed tightly and pulled up to her face. His enthusiastic strokes end when she opens her mouth wide and invites a big facial pop shot. It’s kind of tough to complain when your pretty girlfriend lets you fuck her and then shoot into her mouth.

Karina sits down to answer her email. She gets a proposition from a devoted fan, but decides not to respond to his request to meet him in a hotel. Instead she answers an email from a bored husband. Following her advice, Lee Stone sets up a romantic evening for his woman, Brittney Skye. They are sharing champagne on the couch as he goes down and starts licking her tight little box. Brit looks good in this scene and is especially skilled with her mouth. She takes most of that long cock into her throat, but the blowjob suffers a bit because it shot from only one angle. They move into reverse cowgirl where she slams all the way down to take it all. I like the longer shots with the glasses in the foreground, but they are used too often during this position. Thankfully the doggy is shot with a better mix of long and tight angles. Lee strokes onto her face and Brittney is hard at work cleaning him off when we cut away far too soon.

The next troubled email comes from a young woman who has a lesbian sex problem. She really has a thing for a hot co-worker, but is worried about what people would think if they found out. Predictably, Karina tells her not to worry about the world and just enjoy the thrills of veggie love. This leads us to a blonde on blonde scene between Angel and Laurie. It’s short and pretty, but just not that hot. Apparently it turns Karina on though, because she goes right to the shower to masturbate. Her solo isn’t too bad, but it has a funky look to it.

Karina has a conversation with her editor and finds out that his girl reads her column and does everything she says. Steven St. Croix is the lucky guy and Cindy Crawford is the pint size prick pleaser who gives one hell of a hot blowjob. Steven returns the favor and we get some good shots of her shaved little pussy as he slides a finer in. Cindy may look tight and petite, but she bounces on his cock like she’s dying for more. Her hips get going at breakneck speed and we are treated to the best fuck yet. She looks really good in doggy and Steven does his best to make the boisterous little babe happy. Cindy spins around quickly and takes her cream right on the face. Once again, we cut away from the post pop action too quickly.

Steven puts some doubts into Karina’s mind about her man’s fidelity. That thought haunts her as she reads a letter about a girl who is having great sex with an involved man. Nikko stars in this little fantasy scene with Chloe Dior. They get it on in the water, with Nikko licking her ass and then leaning back for a blowjob. Her head isn’t bad, but not nearly as deep as Karina’s. One thing this busty brunette does really well is scream. As he bangs her from behind, she is really loud. Their hard fucking makes some pretty good waves in the water and leaves her smooth pussy well fucked. Chloe jerks a thick load onto her lips and stares up into his eyes as she cleans off the head of his throbbing member.

Convinced that Nikko is really cheating, Karina writes to the woman, telling him to keep her no good man. That leaves her free to hook up with her obsessed fan who also turns out to be her boss. They have their private session and that turns the horny blonde loose on a new cock. His lesson starts out with a full helping of tuna triangle and Steven enjoys every bite. We get to see her work her mouth magic again as she devours his dick. Every inch goes down her throat with plenty of room to spare. When she spreads her thighs and faces the camera, her fingers rub her clit so much that we can’t really see much of the penetration. There is no such trouble when he takes her from behind, splitting her cheeks with his cock and pounding that tight ass. She turns around take takes his prick into her mouth again, tasting her butt and deep throating him twice before rolling into her back. Steven pushes her knees up over her shoulders and abuses her asshole until it starts to gape a little. He backs off and shoots an impressive wad all the way up near her face.

This is a simple little story with decent sex. Karina gives us two good scenes, including a really hot anal with St. Croix. She really doesn’t have a lot of competition in this scene except from Cindy. This little girl knows how to fuck and is a great little slut. Brittney gives us another good performance, but she has been a lot hotter in other movies. The scenes are pretty well shot, but other than those two, the energy is pretty average. As usual, Bud Lee has shot a movie that is really couples friendly movie that has a few nice scenes along the way.

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