Black Carnal Coeds9:Spring Fling


Black Carnal Coeds 9: Spring Fling


105 Mins.

Video Team


THEMES: Black Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Angel Eyes, Diamond Rene, Ashley Foxxx, Nikki, Shy Nasty, Sylvio Mata, Jason Zupalo, Guy Disilva, Bishop & Roc Magnum


Spring is in the air so I suppose even the most studious young coed would need some time to unwind. I don’t know if we will get to know what classes these girls are taking or what their dreams are, but I’m damn sure that we’ll know why they groom their tuna triangles before this movie is through. I’ve seen some of these girls before and I have to wonder why we can’t seem to put together a cast of black performers who aren’t all inked up. Nothing screams fresh-from-campus like a half dozen blobs all over their flesh. Then again, the coed thing in this line is more about a title than an actual theme. I suppose I should worry less about body art and just enjoy the parade of sexy black babes.

Angel Eyes is up first and she looks really good in her short pink dress. Angel has a great smile and starts her scene with a big toy. Guy DeSilva comes in and puts his cock right between her full lips. Angel does a really good job of sucking it before she spreads her thighs and gives him a taste. Angel has long legs that Guy swings up out of the way as he pounds away on her juicy slit. In between positions, she gives him more sloppy head. Getting on top, she moves her big ass up and down until we get an awkward pop. I don’t think they were quite ready for Guy, but he squeezes out a few drops onto her face anyway.

Ashley Foxx is a nineteen year old babe with a big mouth, wide eyes and a shaved slit. She shows off her interesting toy that doubles as a make up brush. There is minimal heat because the guy behind the camera is a little too involved with the action. He gives way and lets her suck on a long black cock. Ashley treats it like it’s the best meat she’s ever seen. Her oral skills make for some good smut, but it’s time for her to spread wide and let him lick her clit. Bent over, she takes it from behind for a while, but really gets into it when she’s on top. Her tight young pussy slides up and down the full length of his prick. During spoon, she ends up with something on her pussy. I’m not sure if he quickly pulled out and shot his wad or if they helped him out. At any rate, it wasn’t very shot, but the scene is good.

Nikki comes down the stairs, giving us a chance to look right up her short dress. When she turns around we get some extreme close-up shots at a huge ass. I don’t mean a big ole’ butt, but a huge, saggy, cottage cheese backside. The rest of her body is normal sized, but her ass just seems to have picked up all the extra Twinkies during her life. Nikki sucks a dildo for about ten seconds before getting her mouth around the real thing. She gives good head and with her head hanging backwards, her thick lips look really good around his thick shaft. The footage of missionary is pretty good as he slams her snug slit. When Nikki gets on top, that ass just seems impossibly soft. (It looks like someone just pulled all the muscles from those buns.) Her stomach is nearly as soft, so reverse cowgirl isn’t much better. Nikki has pretty good energy, but they just can’t find a good angle. She turns around and takes it right on the face.

Shy Nasty is a young girl with hair that just doesn’t look quite right. Her body isn’t bad and there is something kind of sexy about her face. There is a pretty serious bush growing between her legs so Shy does some grooming. When she finishes with her pussy, it’s smooth and ready for action. Everything speeds right up and they move through blowjob, pussy licking and the first position within just a few minutes. There is nearly no energy in this scene as Shy just doesn’t seem to really want to be there. They do some decent standing doggy and he shoots a big stream across her face.

Diamond Rene is a rather nice looking thin girl with a pretty smile. She lubes up a toy and gives her pussy a few strokes. There isn’t a lot of energy as she does her solo, but keeps right on pumping as her mouth is filled. He gets hard enough to really pound her from behind. The energy picks up quickly until she cums all over his cock. That leaves her pussy all creamy as he licks up her juices. He finishes off with a cream pie deep into her folds.

There are a couple of girls in this movie, but most of them are forgettable and the action isn’t all that great either. Following a pretty typical pattern, the first and second scenes are pretty good with a decent girl in the finale. In between we get a couple of girls who just don’t work. Between Nikki’s body and Shy’s lack of energy, there is a long stretch of movie where you might want to just hit the fast forward button or take a nap.

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