More Dirty Debutantes 64



More Dirty Debutantes 64


131 Mins.

New Machine


THEMES: New Girls, Older Guys with Young Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Alyssa Love, Genee, Holli Woods, Katie Gold, Ed Powers, Jake Steed & Mr. Cody


Hey, where the hell is Shay Sweet? Wow, some of you probably got that joke, but many of you don’t have a clue. When this movie was shot, there were four girls from Texas who all hit the porn world at about the same time. They often appeared together and certainly were the hottest things going for a short while. Three of those women, Alyssa Love, Holli Woods and Katie Gold are in this movie. Only Shay is missing. Ed got Shay of course, but put her in a different set of movies. The three girls who are on hand are all super hot and we get them fresh so hopefully Ed will take a back seat long enough to let Jake Steed properly welcome them into the world of xxx stardom.

Alyssa and Holli start out together which was quite common for the pair of Dallas girls. Alyssa is great looking as always and Holli’s got her hair up really high. They exchange banter with Ed and we find out that Alyssa has never been with a woman before. (Yeah, right.) He has them kiss and they both seem to like it. Before the guys come in, Holli gets to go down on Alyssa while Ed plays with her tits. The girls are pretty low energy here and that doesn’t improve when Ed mounts Holli from behind. She eventually lifts up out of Alyssa’s pussy, but looks bored by Ed’s strokes. Alyssa trades places with her friend and shows surprisingly good skills for a woman who has never licked pussy before. He tugs on her hair a bit and fucks her doggy style. The girls double up for a short blowjob before Ed tries Holli’s ass. Even though he’s plenty small, Holli looks a tad pained as she holds her legs back to let him have his way. Ed shoots his cum into Holli’s mouth and she has a really good time playing with it.

Now it’s time to turn this sexy pair over to a guy named Chase. He wants to get into the business and is going to get to watch Jake Steed work on the two young ladies. They close their eyes and get a little shock when his cock comes into view. There is enough meat there for all four of their hands. Both girls give it a weak little suck, but they seem more interested in watching him jerk off. Jake slides up into Alyssa and she loves it. Holli struggles a bit with the size, even wincing a bit as Jake gives her the full stroke, but give her credit for being able to take it all. Alyssa takes her turn on top, showing off her ass first and then swinging around into reverse cowgirl. The smile on her face tells us all we need to know about how much this sexy girl loves big cock. Inspired by her friend’s hard ride, Holli decides to give it another try. Alyssa licks her asshole while Holli gets used to taking it deep. By the time Holli turns the cock back over to her friend, she has been thoroughly fucked and it takes Jake only a few strokes to shoot a big stream of hot cream all over Alyssa’s pretty face. Ed comes back for one final pop before saying good bye to these cuties.

Katie Gold is next and she looks fresh faced, if slightly too made up. Ed tries to get her to talk, but she’s not overly impressed by him. Katie gives her answers, mostly with a straight face, even when he’s trying super hard to be funny. Ed plays with Katie as she plays with herself. Her pussy is ready for his cock and he slides right in. He pounds away with her legs up over his shoulder. Katie takes it up the ass with ease and then looks into the camera as Ed shoots into her mouth.

Now that she is warmed up, Jake comes in and attacks her tiny tits. The pretty blonde works her mouth down his chest and pulls his cock out. Without so much as a word, she licks it up and down. She does make a few comments while he sheds his jeans, but goes right back to sucking it as soon as she can. Katie warms Jake up, but he still has trouble fitting all of that meat into her tiny box. He gives her fast, short strokes, but that drives her absolutely crazy. When she turns over, we get a nice shot of her ass, but Katie looks like she might just split in two from his big dick. She gets on top and really earns her money, finally stroking a load from Jake onto her pretty little face.

Genee is the final girl in the movie and there is something really attractive about this smiling brunette. Ed talks to her for way too long, but eventually figures out that letting her dance is a better idea. She sheds her tight black dress slowly and shows off her body. Genee is really well built and a damn fine tease. Enter Mr. Cody, the man with a dick that Genee just has to suck. In no time at all, he shoots a load into her fist. She goes right back to masturbating, this time using a big toy to fill her horny little twat. The solo action is fantastic and Cody comes back to fuck Genee hard until she cums loudly and takes a second pop on her pretty face. This girl would have made quite a porn star if she had chosen that path.

As usual, the best scenes in this movie are the ones where Ed lets someone else do the fucking. Jake Steed delivers some serious cock to Holly and Alyssa. They are so fresh faced and cute that I can’t help but love the way they take him. Katie seems even more impressed by Jake’s rod and she gives probably the best scene of the flick. Genee is really sexy in her solo, but appears to be one of those women who pops in for an Ed movie and then bails. It’s still hard to watch Ed work with these girls, but the scenes with Jake make it worth a look. Katie, Alyssa and Holli are perfectly hot, totally cute and well worth the price of this DVD.

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