Inari Vachs Exposed


Inari Vachs Exposed

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation

140 Mins.

New Machine

DIRECTOR: Ed Powers/Randy West

THEMES: Interracial Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Inari Vachs, Drew Hurlie, Gabby, Lexington Steele & Ed Powers.


Inari has collected a rather large fan base over the years. This collection of scenes is from her early days and features some stuff from Ed Powers. Normally that might make me roll my eyes, but there is also a scene between Inari and Lexington Steele. That’s bound to be a whole lot of fun to watch. As an added bonus, Gabby is actually Jesse who is a super cute babe that sort of vanished from the scene.

Inari starts out on the couch talking to Randy West. She has requested a scene with Lex and Randy is happy to make that happen. Looking great from head to toe, Inari shows off her body then rubs her pussy for the camera. The solo is hot, but there is no way that toy is going to prepare her for the pounding that will follow. Lex sits down next to her and takes out his cock. Inari sprawls out across his lap and starts working her skilled mouth on that massive member. Trying her best to swallow every inch, but leaves much of the shaft untouched. Still, she gives one hell of a blowjob, working his balls and stuffing meat all the way to the back of her throat. Her pussy looks wet already, but he licks it for a bit just for fun. Inari’s tight little hole takes about half of his dick at first, but she bucks her hips and keeps working until Lex is able to pound away. When she gets on top, Inari slides three quarters of the way down and starts shaking her hips like crazy. The way she moves is pure porn magic and creates some real heat. After a great vag fuck, she bends over and lets him try her ass. It takes him a few strokes, but pretty soon, Lex is banging away on her ass until the pretty girl is out of breath and in need of a new position. She squats over him and takes considerably less up the butt this time. This is fantastic anal scene, but the stop with no pop. Inari talks about letting him cum, but we never see it.

The next scene takes Inari from one extreme to the next. From Lex and his massive tool to Ed the colossal fool. While she takes care of her needs with a little pocket rocket, Ed makes himself useful by licking her ass. He stands around stroking his mini-member while she gets herself off. You have to feel sorry for her licking around that forest that Ed has down there. Dude, buy a weed whacker and give the women a break. To her credit, Inari makes it look like she really enjoys sucking his dick. Ed gets behind the pretty girl and pumps away for what seems like forever. She looks great in this scene, but after watching her work with Lex, this one doesn’t stand a chance. On her back, she spreads wide while he works her pussy and then takes her ass. Ed finally pulls out and shoots all over her body.

After that lackluster scene, Inari is paired with a brunette girl for another rather low energy boff. I know that a lot of people will prefer the girl on girl action, but beyond some decent toy play, there isn’t anything that impresses me here. The best action comes near the end when Inari fucks her little friend from behind with a sizable strap-on. Sadly, this is the last we see of Inari. After such a great first scene, the other two are real downers.

Drew Hurlie stars with Ed in the next scene. As it opens, he is licking away and she is lying there like a rug. Still dressed, Ed takes out his cock and stuffs it into her. I don’t think she could be less interested if she tried. When she sucks his cock, Drew has her hand on her pussy, but looks lost. This is like watching some middle aged guy fucking a disinterested whore for crack money. It’s not remotely erotic and it goes on forever. To make matters worse, she tells him how great he was when he’s finished. If this is the best fuck of her life then I feel even more sorry for Drew.

Gabby (Jesse) seems at least a little bit interested in Ed as he licks her pretty young snatch. We get a better look at her body when she is sucking his dick. Jesse rubs her pussy and makes short work of his shaft. More eye contact would be good, but this is still a lot better than the last scene. Jesse rolls over into spoon and lifts her leg up high while he fucks her. The energy in this scene is good. During the doggy, Jesse even gives us some hot talk as she nearly screams out that she’s cumming. When she rides his dick, Jesse looks fantastic and then she talks a blue streak as Ed pounds his way to a pop on her tummy. She is hot and this scene is good because Jesse manages to put on one hell of a good show.

The first scene on this DVD is easily the best. It’s also one of Inari’s best scenes. She and Lex have great chemistry and turn in a blistering performance. If you’re a fan of Inari, then this scene is a must-have for your collection. The other two are not nearly as good, though the girl/girl has good energy and toy play. Jesse gives us a solid scene, working with Ed and managing to still make it look hot. If you’re just looking for great stroke material, watch Lex wreck Inari, recover with a beer for a while and then watch Jesse make us all believe that cute young girls really do prefer older trolls with three inch cocks.

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