Island Rain



Island Rain


95 Mins.

Sin City

DIRECTOR: Michael Raven

THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Older men with young girls

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Monique Alexander, Cherry Rain, Monika Star, Cameron, Krystal Summers, Cindy Crawford, Dillon Day, Steven St. Croix, Nikki Knight and Poppa Wadd


We’ve seen a few mother/daughter teams in porn and even one mother/son combo that I know of. (Though it’s probably best not to talk about that one.) As far as I can remember, this is the first time a movie has featured a male performer and his own dad. This Michael Raven movie, set in a tropical resort, is bound to be beautifully shot. Though I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Raven’s work, he knows how to make a movie look good. Ironically, this may be the last Sin City movie I review for a while because I hear I’ve been removed from the screener list because of another director. (Something Raven never did no matter how much he may not have appreciated some of my reviews.) I’m not sure yet how Dillon’s dad fits in, but the basic story is simple. Steven St. Croix lets us know that he and his wife have decided to separate. Before she can even start separating the CDs, he’s on a plane to an adult resort where hot flesh and fruity drinks abound.

Steven makes eyes at Krystal Summers while they stand at the bar. She doesn’t’ respond, but that is only because she is just waiting for him to leave so she can fuck the bartender. (Dillon) He hops over the bar and chows down on her shaved slit. Krystal pops her big tits out into display and goes to the ground where she can suck his cock. The short blowjob isn’t particularly memorable, but it does the trick. Dillon rolls a condom over his dick and takes the curvy brunette from behind. The best looking footage comes with Krystal bouncing up and down on in reverse cowgirl. After some missionary, Dillon fires a thick load onto her face.

Steven has his eye on Cameron, but he loses her when she takes a walk around the pool. Instead he ends up watching a young couple in a hammock. Cast ID’s in this movie are horrible, but I think this might be Cherry Rain fucking Nikko Knight. She is a thin girl with perky breasts and a pretty face. They move quickly into fucking and give us a nice looking scene with decent energy. After a good doggy, he shoots onto her face.

Just around the corner, sexy little Cindy Crawford is on her knees sucking on Pappa Wadd’s dick. Dillon’s dad has a pretty serious belly, but he also has a cock that gets hard in her busy mouth. Steven watches the bikini clad blonde suck and stroke until he explodes between her smiling lips.

There is sex happening all over the club, with Monique Alexander joining Monika Star for some lesbian fun. To make matters worse for Steven, Monika is his estranged wife. I guess they both needed the same thing to make things right, a little bit of young female flesh. Monique is one of those veggie-only performers who is so freaking cute that I watch her scenes in spite the no-dick clause in her contract. She and the older blonde go pussy crazy on each other in the water, lapping and licking until they can barely stand. They both look really good spread wide, though the scene runs a bit long.

Steven eventually tracks down Cameron and hooks up with her in a very romantic setting. An open air hut with rain falling all around is a very pretty place to shoot a sex scene and Cameron is a nice looking babe as well. Sadly the scene is very soft, couples oriented with heavy shadow and soft music. Cameron gives pretty good head and looks good being fucked from behind. He gets on top and bangs away until he shoots onto her face.

The scene with Cameron was just a fantasy, but Steven realizes that all he really wants is to love his wife. He and Monika hook up in the pouring rain. I dig the way this scene looks. No, it’s not a raincoater pairing, but the rain is very sexy. Monika takes his cock into her mouth and gets it plenty wet for easy insertion. Steven takes her from behind on top of a big rock. That must have been fun trying to stay balanced on a wet rock. They fuck hard and fast until a wet facial leaves her face even more drenched than before.

There are some really well shot scenes in this movie. I like the outdoor action and the finale is really beautiful. No one is going to confuse this with a pure stroke movie, but it is what it is. Monique Alexander looks fantastic in her scene, giving us some heat even from a veggie scene. Cameron also looks really good as well. Cindy’s blowjob with Pappa is nicely shot and hot. The plot is really simple with St. Croix handling what little dialog there is. If you’re looking for a really pretty movie made for couples, this is it.

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