Planet Max 12



Planet Max 12


85 Mins.

Max World Entertainment

DIRECTOR: Max Hardcore

THEMES: Anal Sex, A2M




STARS: Queeny Love, Amy Lee, Valerie Jo & Max Hardcore.


This is the first Max movie I’ve reviewed in a couple of years. After he had me pulled from the screener list, I just haven’t found any that I just had to run out and buy. In fact, were it not for Queeny Love, I probably wouldn’t have even seen this one. So all you Max fans who have been asking me to review his stuff can thank Queeny for this. I doubt if Max’s flicks have changed much in the past few years. If anything, the stuff that I didn’t like before has probably become even more prevalent in his work. We might as well get this out of the way early. I own a few dozen Max movies from early in his career. He is a pioneer of hard-core porn and is capable of absolutely brilliant smut. However, over the years, his stuff has become more specialized, violent and (for me) less arousing. There is a lot of shit I just don’t like, but I’ve always stood by his right to make any kind of porn he wants. So keep that in mind as you read this. If you’re a fan of Max’s work, then you will likely enjoy this DVD a lot more than I will.

Max starts out at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas. After a long montage, he settles down to interview Canadian Amy Lee. She’s a ninety-five pound girl who has never seen a Max movie. They go upstairs, put her in a short skirt, thigh high stockings and pigtails so she can play the part of a bored fucktoy. Her eye make up is pretty hideous, but her body will appeal to those who enjoy the triple-B build. Amy calls him “mister’ a lot, but tells Max that she’s eighteen. He bends her over and starts fucking her from behind. The sound doesn’t always sync up and we seem to get parts of different conversations, so we can only guess as to what might have been said during the taping of the scene. Amy spreads out over his lap and drops her ass down on his dick. She uses her candy to keep her pussy sticky while Max sodomizes her young ass. Max has her use her mouth again, hanging her head over the edge of couch until she spits up all over the floor. Amy is a very flexible girl who can put lock both of her feet behind her head as he fucks her. After a long ass fuck, Max holds her mouth open with some medical instruments and fires a big load right in. Amy takes it all with a big smile on her face.

Max is casting for his new movie and needs a “big titter.” Queeny Love shows up and is busting out all over the place. She’s in a typical Max outfit, but looks even better than the anorexic chicks he usually uses because of her great ass and lovely rack. He takes a look at her portfolio, but needs to mold Queeny to his own specifications. First he molests her big tits and then works four fingers up into her willing slit. He folds her legs back over her head and fucks her for a while. Queeny hangs her head over the edge of the couch to fuck her throat. Some girls can take all that Max can dish out and then some. Queeny is one of those women and she just lets him have his way with all of her holes. Things get a little freaky when he pries her mouth open, uses speculums on her pussy and ass, and spits on her. We get an interesting cut again that leaves us with Queeny sucking something out of her ass through a long tube. She spits it out, but we never find out exactly what it is. (Three guesses.) When the freak show stuff is over, he goes right back to power fucking her ass in piledriver. For the big finish, he shoots his load deep into her as she sucks that out through the tube. Queeny is as nasty as she is beautiful and is a perfect Max girl.

Valerie Jo is an average looking girl who seems bored as she’s talking to Max. They are in the back of a moving RV which is kind of interesting I guess. After a quick blowjob, Max puts her on top and spreads her pussy while he fills her ass. They fall into a rhythm as he moves from ass to mouth, fucking both holes with as much meat as he can. Val doesn’t look thrilled about being drilled until she gapes, but she doesn’t act like she’s in pain either. Instead it’s sort of a dead look as he goes about his business. Max shoots a big load into her mouth and she just stares blankly at the camera. I expect to see girls look bored when Ed Powers fucks them, but they usually at least have a reaction when Max plows them.

Let’s see, where do we start? Well this is a DVD, so let’s the disc basics. There are not a lot of extras here, just a photo gallery, behind the scenes reel and some bios. The picture quality is excellent though and that’s the main thing. The girls aren’t bad in this one. Queeny is good looking and totally sexy. Amy is skinny, but not half bad. Val is not great looking and she’s a dead fuck, so her scene pretty much kills the energy. Sexually this movie is what fans should expect from Max. There is some rough fucking, choke fucking, trash talking and A2M. Queeny gives the best scene, Amy’s worth a look and Valerie is a train wreck. (And I know some guys are going to like her scene best.) I’ve got two more Queeny DVDs to review and I’m already dying to fuck those tits, so I can’t wait to see the next one.

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