Wicked Weapon


Wicked Weapon


98 Mins.



DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong

THEMES: Super Heroines

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Jenna Jameson, Laure Sainclair, Jill Kelly, Nici Sterling, Jeanna Fine, Sindee Coxx, Midori, Brad Armstrong, Eric Price, Mark Davis, Peter North, Jake Steed, Mike Horner, Steve Drake, TT Boy, Vince Vouyer & E.Z. Ryder.


There are some fetishes in porn that have been done to death and some that have been done even though they should have been dead long ago. An underused fetish in porn is a pretty rare thing, but Brad Armstrong hit on it with this movie back in 98. With so many young men raised on comic books with massive crushes on the scantily clad heroines who jiggle their way through the pages, one would think that porn would exploit this angle more often. Only a handful of XXX flicks have ever taken this road. With Jenna in the lead, Armstrong had the perfect girl to play a super heroine busting out of her costume at every stitch. I am actually shocked that it took Wicked this long to put this movie on DVD. Not only is it a really good super heroine movie, but it’s visually stunning and perfect for DVD.

It is a dark time for the city, a time for heroes and Jenna helps the forces of good by stalking villains in the night. When a big time heist takes place, she swings into action. The regular cops are buys interrogating a lady of the evening. (Jeanna Fine) I’m not sure what sort of information she can give them with Jake Steed’s cock in her mouth, but I’m really glad she didn’t lawyer up. For some reason the music in this scene is super loud so we really can’t hear much of the actual sex sounds. (I don’t know if this continues through the whole movie, but the alternative audio tracks don’t have this problem.) Jake and Mike Horner are busy passing Jeanna back and forth. Her pussy takes a decent pounding and she deep throats as much cock as she can swallow. Horner pounds her ass for a long time while Jake strokes his cum onto her face. Mike’s load mostly misses which is too bad because the scene is pretty well shot otherwise.

When she can’t the information she needs in costume, Jenna shows up at a high powered party in her street clothes. She doesn’t get much more info from the party crowd, but she does get to tango and is introduced to Brad Armstrong. They hit it off and retire into a private room. He must really like her because Brad starts out by licking her asshole. Jenna takes her sweet time taking his cock from his pants, but once she starts sucking, she gives him head with all the energy that made her a star. Brad pushes Jenna up against the bookcase, slides four fingers into her pussy and then follows that with his cock. They do some acrobatic standing doggy as Jenna takes it while standing on one foot. He moves her into a chair for some mish that ends with a facial. For some reason Jenna is really mad at the placement of his goo. I guess a second date is out of the question.

By the time she gets cleaned up and back to the party, the sexual energy has spread and everyone is having a good time. She joins Sindee Coxx who is busy sucking Peter North’s prick. Nearby, Nici Sterling and Laure Sainclair are treating TT Boy to a really great looking double blowjob. There is a lot going on and things move a bit too quickly for my taste, but with four hot looking women going at it with two well hung studs, it’s hard to have a bad angle. Nici does some really great cowgirl on TT’s rod while the other three girls gets Some of he best footage has Sindee in a chair with her legs pulled up over her head while Peter slams away on her slit. TT delivers a good facial, but Peter blows a massive wad all over Sindee, Laure and Jenna. They lick up what’s left, but it looks like someone rained jizz all over these ladies.

Jenna bounces into the police station in her Pam Anderson/Barbwire outfit and pisses off the cops. They sent Mark Davis to keep and eye on her, but Jenna knows how to distract a boy in blue. She puts working girl Midori on the case and that does the trick. The beautiful black babe puts her talented lips on his dick and starts shining his knob. He takes her out and bends Midori over the hood of his car to get a taste of her perfect chocolate buns. The scene takes place at night, so the lighting is dim, but there is great energy as he slams into her from behind. Midori rolls over and gives him access to her ass. After plowing away, he pulls out and leaves a very sticky wad right onto her bush.

Jenna is up against super villain Ice played by Laure Sainclair. In spite her chilly demeanor, Ice is hot at heart, keeping her henchmen at the ready whenever the mood strikes her. Steve Drake and Vince Vouyer stand with their boss bent over between them. This leaves Laure open to fuck and suck at will. She gives some pretty good looking head, though the quick-cut editing in this scene hurts the overall heat a bit. As they move to the cold floor of their icy lair, Laure throws her legs up in the air and lets Vince take her ass while she leans her head back to keep sucking on Steve. Vince pulls out and shoots onto her pussy just as Steve unloads on her face. (The facial is captured from a really awkward angle.)

Jenna steals the crystal that Ice needs for her plan to freeze the city. That part is easy, but remembering how she became a crime fighter. It’s a good thing Jenna has officer Jill Kelly there to ease the pain. I’m not into Jill and not wild about girl-girl scenes, but if you happen to be into the heroine costume thing or police uniforms, then this veggie scene will get you off. Jenna looks really good in her leather pants and both women are really into each other. Jill uses a silver dildo to fill Jenna’s ass. That little hole is super tight, but she takes it anyway. Jill also gets her butt filled with metal before they are caught by Armstrong.

While Jenna and Brad go at it again, the henchmen snatch Jill right off the street. This time Jenna is in full costume and is really focusing in on her oral skills. This is a quick blowjob, but Jenna happily takes his load on her face this time. Considering this is a costume themed movie, I think a longer scene with Jenna in her suit might have been a good idea. (See the bonus materials for just that.)

Back at the lair, Jill is being ‘tortured’ by Laure and Eric Price. Jill and Eric were together at the time, but he certainly has a good time with his face buried between Laure’s cheeks. Jill sits on the floor sucking his cock whenever it pops out of Laure’s pussy. The poor officer then gets stuck in the middle of a sandwich as Laure fills her pussy with plastic and Eric fucks her ass from behind. For the big finale, the girls share a blowjob and a big load of sticky cum.

The bonus material on this disc is really excellent. There is an animated comic book that runs the length of the movie. When this option is turned on, you can flip back and forth between the comic book and the video. There are four extended sex scenes, including the Jenna blowjob scene. We get a blooper reel, behind the scenes photo gallery, audio bios, photo galleries of the stars and the usual Wicked bonus material. (Trailers, award winners etc.)

The sound issues I had during the first scene seem to disappear as the movie goes on. I really like the way the comic book themes are played in this movie, but watching it on DVD, I am only slightly disappointed in the overall sexual heat. Perhaps more Jenna boy/girl action might have helped. There are some good scenes, including the orgy which actually held my interest and had a really hot facial finish. Laure is a very pretty villain, but we really miss out by not getting to see her take on Jenna in some sort of sexual finale. The DVD quality and bonus material are outstanding and Wicked Weapon is the kind of movie that looks really great and is one of the best super heroine XXX flicks ever shot.

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  1. lindsay says:

    i definently gotta get this! i love the movies that jenna made in the 90’s with brad armstrong! they really were the best.

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