Violation of Alexandria Dane, The



The Violation of Alexandria Dane


108 Mins.

JM Productions

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Jail Sex




STARS: Alexandria Dane, Brittany O’Connell, Debi Diamond, Fallon, Golden Jade, Barbra Doll & Autumn Day.


In the long history of porn, I can think of very few lines that are totally original. This lesbian semi-rape/gang bang line from JM is one of them. From the beginning Jim Powers has taken the often stale world of veggie sex and added a whole lot of attitude to it. This volume is an early movie that features a young Alex Dane being used an abused by veteran labe lappers like Debi Diamond, Fallon and Brittany O’Connell. Alex plays the poor little straight girl role in this movie. To add a little fun to that angle, Alex is a probation officer and her all-girl gang bang takes place in a jail cell. You can imagine the kind of fun these girls are going to have with little Alex’s hot little body.

Alex is hard at work trying to better the lives of the women she works with, starting with Fallon. Her story is sketchy, but Alex keeps probing to try and find out the truth. Fallon is looking a little chunky in this movie, but Alex can’t resist her overtures. Even though she has never been with a woman before, the pretty parole officer leans back and enjoys Fallon’s gentle touch and soft tongue. This scene was shot before Alex pumped up her tits so she is still nice and natural. For a first timer, Alex knows just where to kiss Fallon to get her going. She sucks on those big tits for a while before moving south. They get into 69 and give us some very enthusiastic pussy sucking. Fallon gets off loudly and before they are done, Alex seems to be totally turned.

Three weeks later Fallon is behind bars with some foul talking, scantily clad, cell dykes. The women talk for a while and Fallon even wrestles with Debi Diamond for a while. Alex shows up in a little flowered dress and heels with her clipboard and her confident attitude. The women overpower her and get that dress out of the way. They shove a dildo in her mouth and even get a little freaky with her feet. With so many experienced veggie lovers in the cell, Alex is in for a long ride. Her tight little holes are like an all you can eat buffet to these women, but they want to tenderize the meat first. They jam her mouth and her pussy full of strap-on cock. Alex looks great on her hands and knees, taking deep strokes and giving the sort of head that we know she can. She catches on quickly and is more than happy to work on Debi Diamond’s tits while she is split in two by a big dildo. The oral strap-on footage is really good with Alex’s pretty face getting a serious work out.

The toys get larger and the girls surround Alex as she mounts Brittany and leans back to keep her mouth available. Since Alex is a straight girl, they bring in a male blowup doll with a big fake cock for her to ride. Debi gets a little jealous so two of the women keep her company with some serious fucking. The toy play gets even more interesting as they slip an inflatable plug into Alex’s pussy and pump it up. With Debi getting slam fucked doggy style and Alex having her slit stretched, we have plenty to watch and enjoy. There are some lighting issues here and there, but not so much that it ruins the action. Eventually the girls work some toys into her ass and build up slowly. Before it’s over, all of the girls have had a chance to fuck the pretty little PO in her tight asshole. I don’t think things will ever be the same for Alex again.

This series has come a long way in terms of picture quality and sexual heat. The long gang bang at the end is a lot longer than they are now and there are times when the fast forward button felt like a good option. Alex is the perfect victim and many of the girls in her cell are super hot as well. The whole thing just runs a little long. There is some great toy play though, especially when the girls abuse Alex’s mouth with their bit strap ons. If you’re a fan of the series, you may want to go back and see where it all began.

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