Sunset Stripped


Sunset Stripped


140 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Veronica Hart

THEMES: Plot, Old Porn, Costumes




STARS: Ginger Lynn, Randy Spears, Ashlyn Gere, Tyce Bune, Jamie Gillis, Sharon Kane, Mickey G., Nikita Denise, Sondra Hall, Alex Foxe, Cherie, Hamilton Steele, Kelly Fire, Chennin Blanc, Cheyne Collins, J.T. Cannon, J.D. Coxx.


Ginger Lynn, Ashlyn Gere, Jamie Gillis and Sharon Kane in the same movie? Is this 1985? I know that VCA brought Ginger and Ashlyn back, but looking at the cast I can already see a whole lot of the raincoaters just cringing. I’ve actually enjoyed some of Ginger’s comeback movies and Ashlyn certainly puts a lot of energy into her scenes these days. As for Veronica Hart, I’m always up and down on her stuff. Her last movie with Julie Meadows was pretty hot, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that she lets her cast just sort of roll with it instead of trying to make an AVN Award winner.

Ginger opens the movie with some voice over dialog as the police and photographers gather around her dead body. The rest of the story is told in flashback and begins with Ginger going to see her agent. She is having trouble writing her book, but also has a serious case of the hots for the guy. (Randy Spears) Things go horribly wrong for her financially and all of her friends have run out of patience. Her rent is past due and Tyce Bune comes to repossess her car. Tyce is willing to play ball if Ginger will do something special for him. She has to dress up in a cheerleader uniform and take a drive with him. OK, she’s a little old to be in that outfit, but pigtailed Ginger still looks like she could be fun in the backseat. Tyce gets up under her skirt and licks her pussy. This gets her moaning pretty well, but the rimming has her hips grinding like crazy. In return for his generous oral attentions, Ginger goes down on Tyce. She makes quick work of his modest member, but manages to give great looking head. After a too-short blowjob, Ginger mounts his dick and takes it into her pussy. They get into some pretty hot sex in the car with Ginger still wearing her uniform and stifling screams like a love sick cheerleader making her boyfriend happy. After flipping her over, Tyce sticks his thumb into her ass and shoots a wad all over her butt.

He leaves her on the street and takes her car, sending Ginger in search of a phone. She ends up at a big mansion where Sharon Kane works as a maid to Jamie Gillis. He’s a retired porn legend and it just so happens that he’s working on a book. She agrees and ends up dressed like a porn girl from the mid 80’s as they watch one of his old flicks. Mickey G plays a younger Gillis as he interrogates Nikita Denise and Sondra Hall. The scene flickers a bit like an old movie and the girls look like peers of Ginger from her early days. Nikita gives a great blowjob, taking charge of the scene. Sondra takes a standing doggy and then sits on Nikita’s face while Mickey porks her pussy. We get a great anal from Nikita and a pretty good facial as well.

The book is going well for Ginger and she ends up calling Randy’s finance (who was supposed to help her with her own book. She sneaks out of the house and brainstorms ideas with Ashlyn Gere. The ideas get things heated up so when Randy shows up Ashlyn wants a little something. She opens her mouth and takes all the meat he’s got. He stands over her and lets her swallow as much as she can and stroke him hard enough to start a fire. When she begs to be fucked, he hurriedly unwraps the condom and slides it over his dick. She is still fully dressed as he rams it deep inside of her. They take off some of her clothes for a short bend-over fuck that ends with a load on her ass. (Won’t that stick to her skirt when she puts it back on?)

Back at home, Ginger gets some action of her own. She lies on the bed and lets her fingers do the walking, eventually settling between her legs. With her fingers busy in both holes, Ginger gives us one hell of a hot solo before realizing that Sharon is there watching. Since she caught Ginger leaving the house, Sharon forces her to strip and please her. Poor Ginger has to lick her feet, kiss her way up Sharon’s leg and then plant a big wet one on her ass. They take a long time getting to know each other, with a lot of tit sucking and mild domination from Sharon. This scene lasts a long time, with Sharon taking her time sucking Ginger up and down and making her squirm.

The next old movie they watch has Sharon in a long blonde wig starring opposite Mickey. They really do a lot with this scene to make it look grainy and jumpy, probably so we can actually imagine that this might be a twenty something year old Sharon instead of a half century old chick. After riding his face, Sharon bends over and takes it hard from behind. The scene has decent energy, but it’s like watching an old movie with old babes in it.

Ginger sneaks out again and makes her way over to Ashlyn’s for some more work on their book. They keep talking about the story and breathlessly work their way into some hot lesbian sex. Ginger licks Ashlyn for a long time before breaking out some toys to pick things up a bit. When Ashlyn turns the tables she uses a little horsetail whip thing to drive Ginger crazy before using the plug to fill her ass. They enjoy each other and the scene is actually pretty hot.

Jamie has a bunch of friends over for a big orgy that includes Chennin Blanc, Cherie and Alex Foxe. With so much going on, this really isn’t much of a sex scene, but it keeps up the freaky backdrop that Ginger is working with. Orgy scenes don’t do much for me when great sex shooters do them, so in features they just end up a mess of quick shots of rather forgettable sex.

Ginger and Randy finally get together for the final scene and they draw it out. She pulls his pants off and slowly works his cock with both hands. She teases the head with her mouth, enjoying every inch of his meat. After a very nice blowjob with a lot of eye contact, Randy gets between her legs and pumps slowly. The sex is slow and sensual for most of the scene. Only when Randy gets behind Ginger and pumps her hard does it pick up a bit before shooting onto her ass.

There is a pretty good story here and the first half has some decent sex as well. Like so many adult features, it sort of unravels in the second half and the scenes lose a lot of heat. Ginger and Gillis do a great job with their dialog and hold our interest pretty well. Sexually this one is going to be hard to take unless you really appreciate the older women in the cast. Ginger still fucks well and looks pretty good in her cheerleader scene. Ashlyn and Sharon have been victimized by the lip fairy and it’s hard to watch them even if their energy is better than ever. The rest of the cast is only on hand for throw away sex scenes, though Nikita Denise manages to shine once again. I liked this as a feature, though the sex lost me about half way through the movie. It’s still better than a lot of the feature stuff out there. If this is Ginger’s final movie, then at least she wasn’t upstaged by young cast mates.

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