Train My White Ass


Train My White Ass


86 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Bobby Rinaldi

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Anal Sex




STARS: Aurora Snow, Wesley Pipes. Lena Ramone Tony Eveready, Ashley Long, Paris, Mr. Marcus, Valentino, Mika Tan, Devlin Weed Guy DiSilva & Bree Brooks.


I haven’t seen a whole lot of Wildlife movies since they took me off their screener list after one box of videos, but this one made me laugh. I was checking out the sale shelf in the local video store and found the title amusing and my girl Aurora Snow on the box. (Barely) Since she always does great anal scenes I figured it was worth picking up the tape, checking it out and seeing what the Wildlife guys are up to. Not that I needed any more reason to grab it, but the rest of the cast, including Paris, Mika and others, is pretty impressive as well.

Aurora is sitting around watching Wesley Pipes fix her TV. She is sad because her boyfriend broke up with her when she wanted him to fuck her in the ass. (OK stop laughing.) Wes offers to take care of that for her and quickly has Aurora get naked so he can inspect her pretty flesh. With his mouth going a mile a minute, he feeds her his long cock, making her take as much as she can. Wes does his little dick-dog trick, but all of the focus should be on Aurora as she sucks. You might want to turn the sound down and just enjoy watching her squat over his dick and pump it with her slick little twat. There are some great shots of him filling her up and the color contrast between these two is very hot. After using a finger to warm her up, Wes turns Aurora around and lets her slide down on his dick with her ass. This is really hot RCA with the gorgeous babe working her hips to jerk his dick off in her butt. Wesley keeps talking and he’s having a really good time taming this white ass. The footage is outstanding and the energy is just as good in this scene. He shoots all over her face, which is great expect for the fact that it’s shot from an awkward angle.

Lena Ramone is very unhappy when Tony Eveready shows up with her box of dildos. She wanted black dick and they delivered the wrong stuff. Instead of tipping him, she asks to see his black dick and goes right to work sucking it. Lena is an all right looking girl who tries to take him to the root and comes up just short. Tony puts four fingers into Lena and that seems to work for her. He fucks her for a while and then watches as she uses a vibrator to open her ass up a bit. In the middle of a pretty routine anal scene, he tells her to take his cell phone and call her husband. They have a discussion about dinner while her butt gets blasted. In the end, we get a pretty good facial to end a scene that has good energy and nicely shot anal action.

Paris and Ashley are a couple of blonde who are fairly cute, but early their points by being totally hot sluts. They hit the streets and thumb a ride from Valentino. He takes them home and introduces them to Mr. Marcus. It’s off to the races as the girls spread their legs and get tongue fucked. When the girls turn things around, both of them do well with oral. Ashley has a pretty face and Paris has great eyes. Her lips stretch around Marcus’ dick as she strokes him into her sweet young mouth. Before fucking, the girls double up on both dicks, really treating the guys well. The guys go almost right away to anal and pound the shit out of the horny white girls. Val goes balls deep into Ashley from the first stroke and she loves it. The girls switch partners and do side by side RCA that looks great. Ashley ends up getting doggied by Marcus who turns her around for an A2M facial. Val strokes his load all over both girls until he’s totally dry. They kiss each other to close out a nasty little four way.

Mika Tan is a very naughty Asian babe who knows how to power fuck. She looks great in her little black dress as she plays pool with Weed. There actually isn’t much playing going on before he puts her on the table and gets a finger up into her asshole. Weed stands next to the table and lets Mika suck his cock. Even thought there are some shadows across the shot, this is a very energetic blowjob. He gives her pussy some attention for a few minutes before bending her over to get access to that tight little asshole. Mika takes it in the ass perfectly and picks the energy up another notch when she gets on top. The cowgirl is really good as she gets her bountiful booty bouncing as hard as she can. He finally pulls out and douses her face with a very good load.

Tall blonde Bree Brooks gets a visit from her boss Guy DiSilva. She needs the job and asks him if he would consider keeping her if she let him fuck her up the ass. After going down on her for a few seconds, Guy lets Bree suck his cock. She gives nice eye contact, but he doesn’t seem all that excited by her mouth. After the slow start, he bends her over the bed and slaps her ass as he fucks her. In no time at all, she’s on top of him, shoving her asshole down the full length of his rod. I love the long shots of the RCA which show off her long legs and firm tits. I don’t know if she saves her job, but her ass gets drilled before Guy shoots a load that almost hits her on the face.

I was pretty impressed with this movie. It has a really good cast and they have fun with the set ups. Aurora is super cute and does her usual excellent job with the anal scene. She is the best reason to watch this movie. Mika does a really enthusiastic scene on the pool table. Lena plays into the interracial angle better than any of the other women and the Paris/Ashley four way is a hot one. Bree’s scene has a nice set up, but it feels a bit rushed. There are some technical low points, but this is a very good stroke tape that makes me want to see some more Wildlife stuff for the first time in a long time.

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