Black on Black #3


Black on Black #3


140 Mins.

Red Light District

DIRECTOR: David Luger

THEMES: All-Black, Natural Tits




STARS: J. Lava, Jazz, Trish, Tianna, Chloe Black, Seduction, Weed, Mr. Marcus, Darren James & Brian Pumper.


When it comes to all-black vids, there are at least three styles to choose from. There are the very low end stuff that gets thrown together with trashy looking talent of both genders that I almost never bother with. There is highly stylized, hip-hop stuff that WCP is going and then there is the straight forward sex vids that we get from this line. David Luger just puts hot new black girls on the couch and lets guys like Marcus, Darren and Brian Pumper go to town. These are for guys who like the RLD/Anabolic/Diabolic style and who just want to see an all black cast getting busy in this type of flick. Like his other stuff, this line puts girls in front of the camera for a short interview and then gets right to the action.

Tianna is a nineteen year old with a pretty face, great body and a fresh look. She has only been in the business for five days and already knows that she has something special under her tight shorts and little top. After taking her shorts half way down, we follow her up some stairs for some good looking tease footage. During the interview we find out that Tianna works in a bookstore and gets noticed for her ass a lot. After nearly ten minutes of tease and lead up, she finally crawls over and gets her first taste of dick. Taking Weed’s prick nearly to the root, Tianna smiles as a second dick comes into the picture. The guys roll her over onto her side and give her a little action at both ends. Her energy level isn’t great, but that body and especially her tits, are worth a long look. Tianna seems to like being on her back for the final few minutes and happily takes two loads on her face.

Jazz is another nineteen year old babe with an awesome rack. She has braces on her smiling face and tight shorts on her pretty little ass. The interview and tease footage doesn’t last nearly as long because she’s showing off her tits to Brian Pumper and Mr. Marcus. Marcus keeps asking if he can stick it in her ass, but this young girl is a pussy only girl. She also doesn’t mind sucking dick, letting them both sample her mouth. The eye contact is very good and we get a great view of her hot tits. In fact the only thing I can see on this girl that I don’t like it a tat over one of her awesome boobs. When she really gets going in reverse cowgirl, this sexy teen looks like she might just have what it takes to make it as a full time porn slut. When she turns around and shows off her ass, Brian does a nice job of holding her open so we can see where porn dicks don’t get to go yet. Capping off a very hot scene, Jazz takes popshots right on her face. I’ll watch this girl again as soon as I can.

J. Lava is a Los Angeles girl with a pretty face, juicy lips and a pretty tight body. She has never had sex with two guys before, but is going to change that today. Before the guys come in, J shakes her ass and her tits. That’s the signal for Weed and Marcus to come in and start molesting her small but firm boobs. J sucks cock slowly, looking for the camera out of the corner of her eyes. She doesn’t really show a lot of energy when sucking, but does keep her mouth stuffed as she gets ready to take one in the pussy. There is some good footage of her taking it from behind, but the sideways glances get a little old. Eye contact shouldn’t be this much effort. With prettier girls in the movie, her moderate enthusiasm makes this the weakest scene of the first three. Even a couple of good blasts on her pretty face can’t save this one.

Trish is just barely eighteen with a really pretty face. She is quite a find and seems to have a pretty great personality on screen. When she is being interviewed, Trish tells us that her sister used to do porn, but Luger doesn’t ask the follow up question. He seems more interested in the fact that she has only had sex with two guys off camera, has never fucked a white guy and hasn’t had anal on camera yet. She gets off to a slow start as Darren James goes down on her and barely gets a response. At least she perks up a bit when it’s time to start sucking dick. Trish uses both hands and fits a few inches into her mouth as she slides her lips over his head and shaft. Trish holds her tits and spreads her young legs to give Darren full access to her tight pussy. When Darren has tamed that hole, he rolls Trish onto her side and slides it between her sweet buns. She takes it really well and bends over to get every inch. Her hard work earns a big load all over her face and the camera lingers a bit.

Seduction really fills out her cut offs nicely. We follow her up the stairs and watch as she shakes her ass back and forth before spanking it. I like the tease, but when the clothes come off, we get some writing on the buns and milked out boobs. Her personality weans her some points and she has Marcus and Darren ready to fill her smiling mouth with dick. With two big dicks in her hands, Seduction has her work cut out for her. After a lot of eye candy during the double blowjob, she lowers herself slowly onto Marcus. His size seems to take her by surprise at first, but by the time the guys work her into doggy, Seduction is taking full strokes in her pussy and her mouth. When she is on her back the camera moves from her stuffed pussy to her jiggling boobs. She ends up taking loads on her face and smiling as cum drips down her chin.

Chloey Black is a decent looking girl with a nice, big ass. She strips out of her shorts and rubs her pussy while waiting for some meat to munch on. Pumper and Weed give her plenty and Chloey’s smile really lights up the scene. She squats between the two guys and takes them into her mouth. Her strokes are short at first, so she uses a lot of tongue. Too bad Chloey has that big ink blot over her tit because she is pretty nice to look at otherwise. They roll her onto her side and Pumper gets deep inside of her pussy. They have her ass in mind and we get some well shot doggy as her cheeks get split. They roll Chloey over so that her pussy is open and waiting for some DP. The energy is good and the facial shots are a perfect end to this scene.

David Luger has found a pretty good looking cast for this movie. There isn’t an ugly girl in the mix and we get plenty of natural chicks who have the asses to go along with the nice racks. The sex is pretty well shot with varying degrees of energy. Most of the girls do a good job and a few do anal. The common factor here is the wall to wall black flesh that keeps this movie true to its title. If you like new black girls and want to see them take on hard, black cocks, then you won’t have to worry about anything getting in the way with this one.

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