Foul Mouthed Sluts


Foul Mouthed Sluts


135 Mins.

Sin City/ Mayhem

DIRECTOR: Johhny Glock

THEMES: Anal Sex, Solo, Talk

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Britney Foster, Ashley More, Felix Vicious, Cailey Taylor, Amber Michaels, Frank Fortuna, Steven St. Croix, Randy Spears, John West, Dillon & Pat Myne


One of the most frequent questions I am asked is where to find good dirty talking movies. Some guys like it when chicks talk dirty and there just don’t seem to be many lines devoted to this sort of stuff. (there are more titles with guys talking trash than girls and we all know what makes me wonder.) I haven’t seen anything from Mayhem yet, but I am hoping that this movie will let the girls do the talking. If it does what the title promises, then plenty of guys are going to enjoy it. Cover girl Britney Foster is a new girl who also happens to be Pat Myne’s SO. She’s actually the reason Pat has decided to hang it up and focus on his work behind the camera. She’s a cute girl who I think you guys will enjoy watching and hopefully listen to as well.

Amber Michaels leads things off. She is one of my favorite sluts in porn. During a short interview she talks abut what makes her slut, the wildest things she’s done and other interesting tidbits. This is all quick-cut together with shots of her fucking her pussy with a big black dildo. I never like this style because it takes away from the hot solo. By the time she is done, Amber is bent over and Frank shoves his face into her ass. While riding his face, she shows off her big butt and is very vocal. She can’t say much when she’s sucking cock, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t make a ton of noise during the deep, messy sucking. Any Amber blowjob is going to be hot and this one has a little extra enthusiasm. She sits up in his lap, facing the camera while waxing his dick with her slit. Even with the rather pronounced scars on the bottom of her tits, Amber is quite a site in this position. (Though there is a quick cut of her tits for about a half second that makes no sense at all.) They roll into spoon for anal and Amber’s long legs stretch towards the ceiling as she gets drilled. We could use a little fill light for most of the action, but the tight shots are pretty good and Amber’s energy is great throughout. The RCA is probably the best position, but Amber shows off her butt in cowgirl when she isn’t sucking his cock straight from her hole. After some hot piledriver, she strokes a big load right onto her pretty face. The hot talk ends up taking a backseat to the hot anal action, but it’s still a really good opening scene.

Felix Vicious has always show good dirty-talk skills so she is a natural for this line. Her solo and talk session has the same quick cut feel and isn’t quite as hot as Amber’s. Her talking stops as the scene begins because her mouth is full of Stephen St. Croix’s cock. I love Felix’s eyes and the way she looks up at a guy when she’s blowing him. She takes him all the way to the root with no trouble at all, repeatedly banging his head against her throat. He hangs her head over the edge of the couch to give us some more throat fucking. Even after fucking her pussy for a bit, the guy returns to her mouth to make her take as much as possible. Felix takes a really hard pounding with her legs all the way back to her shoulders, but really doesn’t do much talking. When she gets on top, the camera focuses on her round ass, trying to avoid her massive ink blots. Stephen slaps her ass hard enough to give it a nice pink glow. This is a pretty good scene, but I think Amber’s hot anal opener has spoiled us a bit. I do like the doggy, but she’s still not really doing much talking. There is a nice facial that totally soaks her smile and hair, but this is still a step backwards in terms of hot talk.

Cailey Taylor is a hard looking blonde who reminds me of Shelbee Myne. That’s not a good thing, but I do like the way she shoves a big dildo into her snatch while waiting for two guys to come in and keep her company. She can’t do much talking here because she has a dick in her mouth and a head between her legs. Since I’m just not all that into this woman, the scene needs to be pretty damn hot to catch my attention. The energy is OK and it’s pretty well shot. There are some more shadow issues, but if you like Cailey you’re probably going to enjoy it just fine. Eventually the guys grease up her ass and give her some DP that makes her moan pretty loudly. The facial is pretty messy, so she gets credit for that.

Ashley Moore has a pretty cool haircut for a tramp. Her skin is really bad, but she does make up for that with a pretty vigorous self fuck during her interview. Her aggressive behavior doesn’t stop when she gets a crack at Dillon’s dick. She sucks and moans and strokes like she wants to just rip that thing out at the root. Her blowjob is really sexy and that hot talk is back as soon as she starts bouncing on his lap. Of all the girls so far, Ashley is the nastiest talker by a long shot. Her pierced nipples don’t do much for me, but that shaved box is really pretty. Her energy level is outstanding, but as she rides dick, you’re going to have to like soft bouncy asses to enjoy Ashley. I love her energy and the mish footage is quite hot. She takes a great facial, though it’s not shot from a very good angle so it’s a good thing the camera lingers while she eats cum from his fingers and then blows bubbles with it. (OK maybe that’s not so great.)

Last but not least is Britney Foster. She is proud of her ass and shows it off during her interview. When she is done with her short hot talk segment, Pat comes in and shoves some fingers into Britney’s hot slit. She opens her mouth and rams her lips down to the base of his dick. Brit is a pretty nice looking blonde who handles his cock with ease and shows good energy while bobbing on that knob. When she starts riding his cock, Britney’s pussy swallows up his dick and her soft tummy jiggles as much as her cute little boobies. I like Britney’s energy and I guess her talking is no less prominent than we’ve seen throughout this flick. After tasting her pussy on his dick, she throws her legs high into the air, giving us some really good looking footage and leading into the anal nicely. Britney takes it in the ass well and the tight shots are very well done. She turns her full ass towards the camera and takes a ride until it’s time to take his cum on her pretty face. I like the facial finish on this one, it’s just too bad that we don’t get see Brit work with anyone other than Pat.

I liked a lot of the action in this movie, but it has a long way to go if it wants to be a real dirty-talking line. Half of the girls didn’t do any of that during their scenes. The short interviews just really don’t cut it. There is some good solo action during these, but they are chopped all to hell. Amber does the best scene right at the start of the movie, but there are a few really hot fucks in this cast. I always like Felix and Ashley Moore had great energy. A few of the shots suffered from some low lighting, but beyond that the technical end is pretty well handled. This is a decent little stroke flick for those looking for good sex with a little bit of hot talk, mostly before the sex. I hope they will lean more towards actually filthy talking sex in the next one.

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