Teen Sensations #2


Teen Sensations #2


MOVIE TYPE: Vignette

110 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Constance Le

THEMES: Young Girls




STARS: Gauge, Nicky Reed, Patricia. Katie Morgan, Luciana, Ruby, Barbi, Tereza Sweet, Marika, Cheyne Collins, KK, Pat Myne, Alan Neilson, Alfie, Jimmy Falcon, Johnny Slovak


A long, pretty funny BTS reels, great solo scenes with each girl, high quality photo gallery and trailers make for a very solid batch of bonus material.


When DVSX burst onto the scene as porn’s new hot company, they choose this line from new director Constance Le to anchor the assault. That’s a pretty big responsibility for the company’s teen line, but Teen Sensations 1 was an excellent effort, with cute girls, well shot sex and a nicely put together DVD. Part two is also filled with some very cute young girls and promises to continue the tradition that Le started with part one. It once again mixes some of the best American girls with totally hot Euro babes. With Gauge and Katie Morgan taking care of things stateside and the beautiful new chick Nicky Reed treating us to hot Euro-flesh, we have a lot to look forward to.

Kitty Marie just wants to play with her boyfriend Cheyne Collins, but for some reason he isn’t interested. She is fed up and asks Gauge to help her. I guess the only way she feels good about dumping his ass if she catches him cheating. She agrees and there is no way Cheyne is going to say no to Gauge. She skates in with her cut off jeans and tight tank top and he’s gone. After stripping off her little outfit, Gauge starts sucking his cock. It might have been nice to see her start with those shorts still on, but it’s hard to argue with the choice of shots when you’re looking at her tight little body as she inhales his prick. When his dick is wet enough, she squats over his dick and bounces as hard as she can. For such a tiny girl, Gauge really can take a lot of dick inside of her and love every inch. Her energy is great and her petite body is perfect for squat fucking in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Since Cheyne is about to lose his girlfriend, it’s nice to see that he at least gets to fuck this hot babe up the ass. The doggy looks great and there is even a really tight shot of her ass as it starts to gape a bit. After her rolls her over and pumps her butt some more, Cheyne drops a good load onto her flat belly. If you have to get dumped for cheating, this is a pretty good way to go out.

Nicky Reed and Patricia are getting ready for a night out. KK comes in and needs to take a shower. He is Patricia’s boyfriend, but isn’t shy about stripping down in front them. The girls enjoy the show and there is just no way these three are going to make it out of the house. Patricia is a nice looking brunette who instructs Nicky (A totally hot blonde) to start sucking some cock. They move into the bed room where Patricia teases her friend about liking her boyfriend, but then joins her in a double blowjob. KK sits back on the couch and allows Nicky to ride his dick. She is facing the camera so we get to enjoy all of her charms. Her legs, pussy, tits and face all look great and the energy is good as well. He takes Patricia from behind for a while, but is quick to get back into Nicky’s hot box. To get her man’s attention back, Patricia offers him her ass and then sucks him clean when he’s done pumping her full of prick. Nicky even steals the spotlight back as she slips her ass over his dick and gets him ready to explode. KK treats them both to a load of hot cream. I’ve been impressed with Nick in the past and this just makes me want to see her even more.

Katie Morgan is cute as can be in her fancy red dress. She has a big date with Pat Myne, but he doesn’t want to wait for the end of the night to get a taste of her. He asks her to strip for a bit and Katie turns on her little girl voice and cranks up the charm. Her lingerie is every bit as fancy as the dress and her body looks great. Katie smiles as she gets down and sucks his dick. She handles him easily and wants to feel that thing inside of her pussy. Bent over, the pretty blonde starts taking dirty, egging him on as he starts pushing his prick into her slit. Katie keeps up the energy when they move down to the deck for some mish. Her great ass is on display during the hard pounding doggy and Katie caps things off perfectly by taking a great facial. Pat dishes out a pretty good load and that cute smiling face makes a great target.

Ruby and Luciana are a couple of young girls who just want to go to a party with Alfie and Alan Neilson. The guys seem worried at first that the girls are a bit too young, but the girls convince them. As it turns out, the party is just for the four of them. Both girls look pretty good, though Ruby’s pigtailed cuteness is lessened a bit by the ink on her back. Side by side, the girls start getting busy with Luciana gaining points for her perky tits and big eyes. Ruby seems more into the action and really seems to like riding cock. Neither of these women measure up to the first four we’ve seen, but their vocal fucking is pretty sexy. Ruby lines the guys up to DP her. There is some even better footage when one guy fucks her ass in spoon while she sucks the other. For the grand finale, both girls get copious loads of cream fired onto their faces. I’d rather have Gauge or Katie, but I wouldn’t kick either of these babes out of bed for eating crackers.

Barbi is a very pretty blonde who has a problem with her guy. He is kind of shy and she needs to know how to approach him. All she has to do is sit on a couch with him and let him know she has no panties on and the rest is history. He may be shy, but he isn’t stupid and is more than happy to let this pretty little blonde suck on his cock. Barbi is cute, with a few tats on her back, but she is a pretty tame cock sucker. The eye candy factor stays high during doggy and as she rides his rod. Her energy is still pretty low, but her man gets a serious handful of soft ass flesh as he plays with her butt. I like the way this girl looks, but her enthusiasm needs to pick up because watching her fuck just isn’t all that exciting. Even as she takes a load on the face, she seems bored.

Tereza Sweet and Marika show more energy just running up the stairs than the last girl did during her whole scene. They decide to call their boyfriend for some fun and then have a pillow fight while they wait. When that gets boring, they do a little girl on girl play that is well shot and very sexy. By the time Johnny Slovak shows up, the action is already pretty hot, so he dives in right away. He lies back and enjoys the blonde and brunette combo as they double suck his stiff cock. Johnny also takes care of the girls with his mouth and both of them look to have very tasty boxes. The eye candy factor in this scene is high as both girls are nice to look at. Best of all, they are vocal and seem to like fucking quite a bit as well. I’m pretty sure Tereza is the brunette and she looks great slamming her butt back against him during the doggy. Her friend gives a great looking right, but it’s back to Tereza for the anal. He sticks into both girls, but I’ll take Tereza for the anal if given a choice. Pulling out, Johnny sprays both girls with a big load of cum.

Teen Sensations 2 picks right up where the first one left off. The set ups vary from scene to scene based on how much English the girls speak. Kitty and Gauge team up for a fun bit of revenge that leads to a great anal opener. After that scene, it would be easy to just sit back and coast on home, but there is too much hot action to ignore. Nicky Reed impresses again and proves that she is one hot little fuck. Katie Morgan is a sexy little tease who really shines in her scene. There is really only one weak scene in the bunch and that’s from Barbi who is a cute girl and may learn to fuck on film before she’s through. The rest of the girls are hot and the action is very well shot. Chalk up another winner for Constance Le and DVSX.


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