Pussyman’s Teen Land #2


Pussyman’s Teen Land 2


87 Mins.


DIRECTOR: David Christopher

THEMES: Young Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Katie Morgan, Lisa Parks, Buffy Sinclaire, Ann Marie, Becca Brat, Tiffany Mason, Ian Daniels,



As I continue on my Katie Morgan kick, I have found yet another Pussyman with her in it. He seems to like using her as much as I like watching her. In addition to this super fine blonde, Pussyman has a couple of real cuties on board for this one. Tiffany Mason and Ann Marie stand out right away, but Becca Brat, Buffy Sinclaire and Lisa Parks are nothing to sneeze at. The plot will undoubtedly have two more girls and guys competing to see who can bring Pussyman the best teen meat for his Teen Land movies. It’s been done a hundred times before, but as long as the sex scenes are good who cares? If we’re watching Pussyman to see a plotted porn feature, then there is something seriously wrong with our set of expectations.

Tiffany shows off her long, skinny body for Pussyman. She has been finding him teenage babes and wants him to lick her pussy to show his gratitude. He makes a meal out of her meaty lips and even rims her asshole for a long while. When they are finished, she gets a call from Ian Daniels who is trying out a hot new teen, Katie Morgan. He has her pose for some stills, stretching out and showing off her pussy. Eventually the sight of her hot box is too much for Ian and he pulls her twat down onto his face. There are some nice ass shots as she grinds her pussy on his mouth. Young Katie proves that she already knows how to suck cock like a pro, giving lots of eye contact as she sucks his balls and pleasures his shaft with her warm, inviting mouth. Right in the middle of the blowjob, her boyfriend shows up and Katie just invites him to join in. Once she gets two cocks to play with, Katie really turns up the heat. She is quite vocal as the guys take turns fucking her and then hold her face up as they shoot big loads onto her face. What a cute smile she has with jizz dripping off it.

Pat Myne is also in on the recruiting game and he gets Lisa Parks on his couch. He pushes her knees up against her chest and starts eating her out. There are some extreme close up shots as he tires out a few fingers in that snug little slit. Lisa is not as cute as Katie but gives good eye contact and seems to be a good little cock sucker. She gives an enthusiastic ride in reverse cowgirl and then gets slammed pretty well from behind. After a very long spoon session Pat shoots a load on her mouth and lets Lisa clean him off. I think she passed her initial audition.

Buffy Sinclaire and Becca Brat come by to see Tiffany, but run into Pussyman instead. He has the girls put on a little show for his pleasure. Buffy is a very pretty brunette with a tight body. Becca is a cute blonde with curly hair and pert titties. They do some gentle fingering, with Buffy working on Becca’s slit for a long time. Sadly, the blonde has the word “Pretty” tatted on her lips. Girl, when I’m down there, the last fucking thing I want to do is read. Leave the ink off the cookie. There is some decent toy play in an otherwise forgettable veggie scene between a couple of pretty attractive girls.

Ann Marie shows up and does an audition with Tiffany right there watching. Tiff works a dildo on her pussy while Mark Ashley explores Ann’s tight young folds with his tongue. I like the way Ann works her mouth on Mark’s cock, but we keep cutting away to Tiffany. Not that it’s bad watching the leggy babe fuck her twat, but the blowjob footage gets better when we focus just on Ann. Tiffany moves into another room and lets them play alone. He bends her over against the rail, giving us great shots of her legs as well as her shaved pussy as Mark goes all the way into that hot little hole. She has great energy during reverse cowgirl on the stairs. When it’s time to cum, Mark stands over Ann Marie while she strokes him with both hands until he explodes all over her tits.

It’s finally time for Tiffany to do her thing. Pussyman takes down her top and starts sucking on those stiff little chocolate colored nipples. When he’s busy sucking her delicious pussy, a surprise guest walks in. Ryan Meadows steps in and shows off her stuff. She’s a bottom heavy girl who really isn’t much better than average looking, but Pussyman lets her ride his face anyway. She gives him a blowjob while Tiffany tongue fucks her pussy. Pussyman gets blown by Tiffany as well before letting Ryan ride his dick. Just when it looks like Ryan is going to finish him off, Tiffany takes over and gives us some nice looking reverse cowgirl and standard CG before taking a dribble of cum onto her tit.

This movie starts out pretty well thanks to a hot scene from Katie Morgan. After that it’s spotty at best and I kept wanting to see them bring the perky little blonde back for more. Becca and Buffy are pretty fun to watch and will probably come back in later Pussyman flicks. Ann Marie and Mark Ashley give the second best scene of the movie and she’s plenty cute. I like Tiffany Mason, but her scene runs into some problems when Ryan Meadows shows up to kind of bring things down. Like so many other Pussyman movie, this one flows easily from one scene to the next and rally only shines when we get a really sexy chick to carry the action.


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