Slumber Party #10


Slumber Party #10


77 Mins.

Shane’s World

DIRECTOR: Camera Guy

THEMES: Lesbian Sex




STARS: Bobbie, Halli Aston, Bunny Love, Daisy Chain, Charlene Aspen, Love Lee, Delaney, Charlie & Barrett.


The folks at Shane’s World have perfected the art of mixing porn with reality TV. The SW movies focus on boy/girl action so they came up with the Slumber Party line to cover the veggie fans. The set up is basically the same with a bunch of porn chicks showing up at a house for a weekend of drinking, sex and fun. Daisy Chain seems to be playing the role as ring leader, though she isn’t alone in this one. Bobbie, who would later be known as Cassidy, is a big time veggie lover. Halli Aston always has fun on these all-girl parties and Charlene Aspen just never gets enough action no matter what kind of sex she’s having.

The party takes place at Daisy’s house and she tells everyone that it’s haunted by a ghost. Apparently the ghost makes everyone horny because Bunny Love and Delaney Daniels get it on right on the stairs. Delaney finds her shaved young slit quite tasty and enjoys a huge helping of tuna salad. They break out a small toy and fill Bunny with it. Some of the angles aren’t perfect, but there is some genuine heat put out by these two women.

Upstairs, Daisy joins Bobbie in the shower. She shaves her legs and tells us more about the ghost. Once out of the bath, the two women go after each other. Bobbie is really cute and no one can blame Daisy for wanting that pretty face between her legs. Though she is young and cute, the brunette is more than capable of keeping up with her more experienced lesbian pal. Daisy uses a series of toys on Bobbie, really showing her the ropes before letting her go.

Halli, Charlene and Love Lee retire to a bedroom so they can spend some quality time in bed. They all play with each other for a while before settling on Love as the first enter of attention. Halli leans back on the bed and lets Love taste her while Charlene works her with a toy from behind. The whole thing erupts into a toy fest as the girls all fuck themselves in a little circle.

After some fun out on the town, the girls come back home for more sex. They watch as Bobbie does down on Bunny. They make a very attractive pair of all natural hotties. The action starts off slowly with a long exchange of basic pussy licking. When they break the toys out, things pick up a bit and Bobbie’s strap-on fuck of Bunny is pretty damn sexy. I’d dive in between these two sexy veggie girls with a huge smile on my face.

Charlie and Barrett Moore get together for a Slumber Party reunion. For those of you who think you recognize Barrett, she would later change her name to Veronica Caine for her days with Extreme Associates. Charlie is the big time veggie lover here so she goes right in for a taste. They switch places and Barrett uses a big dildo and her fingers to get her pretty friend off. That gets Charlie good and hot so when she straps on a big black toy, she fucks the shit out of Barrett’s beaver.

This is a pretty simple little veggie movie with a sexy group of girls playing around with each other. Daisy is the host, but Bobbie clearly takes the lead sexually and she really steals the show. The action is pretty good and if you like relaxed, fun veggie sex, then you’re probably going to really like this one. Personally I would have loved to have been around for this slumber party because there is enough sexual energy to spill over and get everyone in on the action.

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