Cherry Poppers #15


Cherry Poppers #15


115 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Jay Ashley

THEMES: P4P, Natural Tits, Anal Sex




STARS: Micki Lynn, Little Cinderella, Alex Dane, Ashley Shye, Victoria Lee, Jay Ashley.


I had almost forgotten that Jay Ashley took this series over for a time after Max Hardcore split from Zane. It wasn’t a particularly successful run as I recall, but it did introduce some different elements. Jay took Max’s style and added some force, a lot of eight finger action and some attempted choking to the mix. Come to think of it, that was Max’s style. I guess what Jay did was parlay his wife’s success into his first line where he gets to fuck, direct and take credit for whatever comes next. This collection of girls is a tiny tit lover’s dream team with a still natural Alex Dane anchoring the squad.

The movie opens with Micki Lynn and Little Cinderella playing ball in an alley. Jay and Steve Hatcher come by and they just can’t keep their eyes off these young sluts. They invite them over for some Popsicles and really turn on the P4P charm. In pigtails these girls look even younger than they are, but both are quite willing to do whatever the guys want. Micki is white trash sexy while Little Cin is just white trash scary, but they both seem to know that boys like. The sex starts as the girls suck popsicles and the guys use as many fingers as will fit into them. Skinny little LC has a really tight looking pussy, but Micki is the one who really looks good getting stuffed. She also gets higher marks for oral, though LC does make her blowjob very wet and messy. Some of the best oral footage comes when the girls double on the dicks and really give the guys a treat. When they are finally through sucking, the girls get their pussies stuffed. There is some hot doggy footage of Cin that becomes anal as soon as the guys switch places. Both girls get their asses plowed until they even gape just a little bit. The piledriver is pretty good for both girls. For the cumshot, the girls use the Popsicles to swap jizz. After taking loads on their faces, they trade it on the sweet frozen treat like good little sluts.

Alex Dane is sleeping in her childish PJ’s and sucking her thumb. In comes Jay and the molestation begins. He decides that his cock fits better in her mouth then her thumb and Alex doesn’t really fight it. Instead she just helps him shove his dick to the back of her throat as hard as he can. She does look really cute when he gets her out of the pajamas. Jay starts fingering her shaved little box while she keeps playing with his dick. After letting her shove four fingers into herself, Jay fishhooks her ass and gives her eight at a time in the coochie. They go for more blowjob footage, but it’s not a great angle as we mostly see Alex’s chin. Eventually he stops fucking her mouth and goes after her pussy. With her legs all pushed back, Alex looks quite delicious and gets both holes filled before changing positions. In doggy, Alex shows off her ass as it gets totally fucked by his pounding prick. I love the way she rocks back to take him and buries her face in the pillow during the standing doggy at the edge of the bed. She spins around and takes a big shot right on her pretty face. I don’t think we are going to get a scene any better than this one.

Next up in Ashley Shye. Jay is babysitting her and agrees to let her stay up late if he can play with her. She isn’t exactly the most responsive girl in the movie, but she has cute little tits and a tight little pussy. Ashley fingers herself, and then lets Jay do the fishhook thing with her ass. After he does the eight finger thing, the camera moves up just a bit to catch the bored look on her face. That’s not exactly great porn, but she saves the scene a bit with a decent blowjob. With nice eye contact and a willing tongue, she sucks for a very long time before he moves to her pussy. Ashley is back to being somewhat dead as he pumps her, but she does look cute in her little white socks. Moving to her ass doesn’t really change things for Ashley. She lets him slam away with no energy on her part. By the time she sucks a load of cum from his cock, I’m ready to give up on this scene and hope that the next one is better.

Victoria is pretty cute and she too becomes a light night victim of the late night stalker. When she sees Jay in her bedroom, the little brunette has a fake scared smile that is pretty laughable. She moans a little as he fingers her, but mostly she just lies there. If you like watching guys finger tight pussies then the early footage might turn you on. Victoria gives a decent blowjob and has a cute face so the oral footage is pretty damn good. Some of the camera work is a little crappy during this, but at least it’s not a totally wasted segment. When Jay takes the tiny titted brunette on her bed, she has a huge smile on her face. Her ass looks pretty good in doggy and even better as he pumps it full of meat. As they roll back into mish she actually makes a bit of noise for a few seconds, but quickly goes back to silence as Jay finishes his business. He finally shoots a load onto her face.

In addition to the obvious P4P appeal, this Cherry Poppers vid has a little bit of stuff worth praising. Alex does a nice job with her mouth and looks cute being fucked. Victoria has a nice smile and a pretty good body. Micki has her white trash princess act working pretty well. The ‘force’ implied in the scenes is very mild when used at all. Some of the lighting and camera work is suspect and that messes with an already inconsistent rhythm in the scenes. I liked some of this movie, but was also bored by some of it. It’s not horrible, but if you’re looking for something that is start to finish strokeable, look elsewhere.

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