Straight to the A #3


Straight to the A #3


140 Mins.

Red Light District

DIRECTOR: David Luger

THEMES: Anal Sex,




STARS: Luisa De Marco, Janet, Romana, Charlotte, Julie Silver, Jessica Mar, Mr. Pete, Steve Holmes, Brian Pumper & Joel Lawrence


Now that Red Light District has made their most recent trip to Prague, we’re getting a whole bunch of movies that they shot over there. Unlike other home movies, these aren’t exactly boring run of the mill stuff you see at your Uncle Joe’s. The RLD home movies star hot Czech chicks getting freaking with the boys from the States. With David Luger behind the camera, we know they are going to turn in good performances. His work has really blossomed since coming over to RLD and he’s fast becoming one of the better all-sex shooters in the biz. I’m not familiar with any of the girls in the cast, but cover girl Luisa De Marco looks pretty good and the chicks on the back of the box look very doable as well.

Luisa kicks things off and she’s not bad at all. The twenty-three year old brunette has a very sharp nose, a few too many tats and one hell of a nice butt. She starts out in a pink bra and panty set that comes off slowly as she teases us. When she finishes, we meet her friend Julie Silver, a pretty blonde who is just twenty years old. Julie is thinner, but also has a nice ass. She spreads her cheeks and lets us stare right into her ready-for-anything asshole. The girls play with each other for a while before Joel Lawrence comes in to give them something to enjoy. He shoves his tongue into Luisa’s ass and then gives her a finger test. Julie takes the first ride though, sliding all the way down onto his cock. Just like the title, the action goes straight to the A, so if you hate all the cock sucking and pussy fucking, then enjoy the sodomy. Luisa shoves her ass to the camera and also grinds as hard as she can while Julie guides it in. Since it’s all anal, there is not a whole lot of variety in this scene. Joel goes back into Julie’s ass until she gapes a little. There is A2M by Julie and finally a facial with cum swapping. I like a good anal scene, but the lack of anything else really left me flat in this opener.

Jessica Mar is a nice looking blonde with a cute smile and sweet laugh. Hey maybe Jessica can use the money she gets from having her ass fucked to get her roots re-done. Brian Pumper is more concerned with the end of her body that has the hair shaved as young Jessica fills her mouth with cock. They both have her suck cock for a while, pushing her head back and forth. At least this scene has more than just anal, giving us something fun to watch as we wait. Once our girl is done sucking, she faces the camera and bucks her hips to take very last inch of dick up her tight ass. With Mr. Pete deep in that hole, Pumper lets her feed on his long black dong for a while. Since Brian was so patient as he waited his turn, he gets to roll the pretty blonde onto her side and really pump away into her tiny rump. There is great anal footage here, but also some very hot cock sucking from this sexy babe. In doggy that make her gape a little as they take turns. The guys don’t really have to wait for the facials, dropping one load right after the other on her pretty face.

Charlotte is a skinny brunette with a big tat on her belly. She is the least pretty girl so far, but isn’t bad to look at by any means. Pumper is back, this time teaming with Steve Holmes to investigate her tight young ass. Brian feeds her some dick while Steve slaps her buns. Charlotte does what she can with that big dick, taking about half of it. They pass her back and forth, keeping her filled at both ends. There is some nice low angle footage of the reverse cowgirl. Her pussy really does look good in the close up as they fill her ass. They give her a lot of cum to swallow and Charlotte does her best to gobble it all.

Romana looks a little bit like Jessica, but with an even cuter face. This is her first scene and I really like the way this girl looks. Joel and Steve get to break this girl in and I hope they do a good job because I really want to enjoy Romana again. Joel is impressed by her cock sucking and Steve can’t decide if he likes her tight ass or awesome tits better. She looks like she could use a little more work in the blowjob area. Joel said she was good, but her shallow strokes could certainly improve. At any rate, the eye candy factor is really high as she grinds on his big cock and Steve plays with her boobs. Romana improves her sucking as the scene progresses, taking more and more meat as she goes. When the boys shoot cum at her, Romana turns her mouth away. Yes, she’s a dodger, but her face gets covered and I would spend money on another movie just to watch this girl in action again.

Janet is another pretty good looking little brunette who can barely speak English. (Look who’s talking chief. How good is your Czech these days?) As her clothes come off, we get a look at a really big tat on her arm. She tells Steve that she has only had three men in her ass before today so he is lucky number four. He gets down and kisses it for a bit. There are some good ass shots as she sits on his lap and lets him slide fingers into her hole. This gets her in the mood and lets him move right in with his cock. After he plows it for a while, she takes it deep into her mouth, cleaning it completely before riding him in RCA. She takes a good facial to close out a decent scene.

I like some of the girls in this movie a lot, but I really think that the pure-anal style leaves something to be desired. I guess if you’re looking only for butt sex, then you might like this more than I did. For my taste, the lack of vag sex leaves us with not enough variety and ends up becoming a little dull. The anal is no more intense than in other movies, we just get a little more of it. In this day of specialization, this title is just a little too niche for me. On the other hand, there are some girls here who I want to see in other flicks, so it’s worth a look for that reason.

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