University Coeds


University Coeds


86 Mins.

Sin City


THEMES: Coeds, sluts

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: April, Shay Sweet, Allysin Chaynes, Dominca Leoni, Brittany Blue, Shelbee Myne, Calli Cox, Randy Spears, Eric Price, Dale Debone & Joey Ray.


You know it never hurts to put a sexy girl in a cheer uniform on your box cover. In this case, Jack Remy’s little movie has the sexy April with her ass exposed and her pretty face beckoning to come to class with her. Somehow this single shot on the cover has kept this video on my must-see list for a year. At long last, as I unpack the final boxes from the move last year, I get to see if the movie is as sexy as the picture. Working its favor, University Coed has April and Calli Cox. On the other hand, I have a terrible feeling that this will be a wasted Shay Sweet scene where she just licks bush. At any rate, we’re finally going to see if the movie is as good as the box.

Randy Spears is the professor who has trouble keeping his students’ attention. Dale Debone sits in the front row and fantasizes about being the professor when a tardy tart, Shelbee Myne, strolls in late. (Pardon me, but if you’re going to fantasize, why not pick a girl actually worth dreaming of?) Shelbee has her hair up and is overly made up for anything short of a PTL reunion. The bespeckled DeBone uses a whip to get her started and then makes Shelbee suck his dick. She looks like she belongs in a college classroom about as much as she belongs in a fantasy. Dale finds the strength (just barely) to get his dick hard enough to slip into her well worn slot. OK, this scene was doomed for me because of the chick, but the angles aren’t bad. She get bent over the desk and fucked pretty hard and then she rides him, showing off her huge growth of a tat. He tries to cum on her face, but most of it just ends up his hand. (Maybe the three inch coat of make up created a shield against jizz.)

Dale’s daydreaming has his scholarship in danger. He needs an A on the final or he’s off the squad. (Why does this look more like a gay porn plot twist?) Back in the dorms, Dale’s roommate, Joey Ray, has Calli Cox dropping to her knees for a blowjob. Now this is more like it. The sexy blonde looks up into the camera and has a great time playing with his rod. She really works him slowly for a while, really making him wait for the fun. Returning the favor, Joey teases Calli a while before really working his fingers deep into her tight folds. She keeps her plaid skirt around her waist a he bands her from behind in the center of the bed. He flips her over and makes the sexy girl smile as Joey stretches her thighs and pumps her pussy. Speaking of thighs, we get some great shots as she pumps her legs to guide him up into her during the reverse cowgirl. Holding her face still for his big shot, Calli takes a really nice facial assuring us of at least one hot scene in this flick.

Dale presents his roommate with his dilemma and then decide that a night out drinking is really the best way to improve his grades. They go somewhere to watch a little lesbian sex show. Shay Sweet, Allysin Chaynes, Shay Sweet and Dominica Leoni are going at it. Shay seems really into Allysin, leaving Dominica sort of off to the sidelines a bit. They turn their attentions to Shay who gets her sweet box filled with rubber dick. Despite some good toy play, this is a throw away veggie three way that is a waste of Shay’s skills.

Dale has another problem. He is dating the campus whore, April. Apparently she is the hottest mouth on campus. We learn right away just how much she loves cock as we cut to her sucking Eric Price’s dick. The pretty blonde seems quite intent on working every bit of fluid Eric has in his body out through the tip of his cock. The facial on this scene is as good as the blowjob.

Needing to get an A in class and get back at his girlfriend, Dale goes after her roommate, Brittany Blue. She turns out to be really easy to nail and not bad looking with her little bunched up around her waist. He fingers her pussy and makes Brit taste her own juices before he dives in for a real taste. Brit is just as happy to suck on some cock as April, so he’s in for a treat as she gets him ready for the main event. They move to the center of the bed and she wraps her legs around him to take his cock deep inside of her. She pumps his cock and isn’t bad to look at, but let’s face it, Brittany is no April. He dumps a huge load all over her face and pillow.

April finds out about the cheating and Joey tells her that the best way to make sure that he flunks is to fuck the teacher. April marches into Randy’s office in a tiny skirt and top. She really turns on the charm and he has no choice by to take full advantage. April locks her lips on his dick and starts giving another excellent looking blowjob. Getting up into his lap, she works those long legs perfectly, giving us the best looking reverse cowgirl of the movie. All of her clothes come off during this footage and stay off as Randy bends her over his desk. I like the tight shots, but to be honest, the longer view is much more visually pleasing with this babe. After a great fuck, he strokes a load right onto her face.

This is a very simple little feature with just enough dialog to run from one scene to the next. It’s got the sexy coed theme going for it and that’s a plus in most cases. Calli Cox is perfect in her role and gives us a hot sex scene. April doesn’t really seem much like a co-ed, but here scenes are very hot. The blowjob is hot and watching her fuck Spears over his desk is really smoking. The three-girl scene is OK, but it wastes Shay Sweet’s talents. Beyond these scenes, the action is pretty standard, so skip them or enjoy them as you wish. I’m still wondering why anyone would throw Shelbee into a movie when we could have had another April or Calli scene.

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