Guilty As Sin


Guilty As Sin


96 Mins.

Adam & Eve


THEMES: Lesbian Sex

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Asia Carrera, Lezley Zen, Kelsey, Kitten, Randy Spears, Dillon Day, Mark Davis, & Steve Hatcher.


I was pleasantly surprised by the last Adam & Eve movie I reviewed so this one gets moved to the top of the pile. With Bud Lee, I’m never quite sure what I’m going to get, but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Asia in a movie and I’m hoping she turns in a good scene in this one. The box cover text promises a pretty intriguing story, which can be good, but often leads us down a very unstrokeable path. Lezley Zen and Steve Hatcher open the movie being questioned by the cops. They have to go back and tell the story in flashback format.

The recently paroled Ms. Zen gets a job working for Kelsey and Dillon Day. They aren’t at all shy, getting down and dirty with the help in the house. I’ve never really been fond of Kelsey so this is a really weak way to start a flick. He pushes her back onto a couch and just plugs away at her pussy. Kelsey is really vocal in her scene and works her hips well. After a well shot anal, she starts spitting on his cock, stroking it like crazy. This is well shot and has some decent heat if you find Kelsey at all appealing. She ends up taking it right up her ass and strokes a load out onto her face. Fine for some people I guess, but it leaves me totally bored.

Watching her new bosses get it on has Lezley so hot that she has to go in and rub her pussy. She is pretty enthusiastic in her self love, grinding her hips and stroking her clit. As the questioning continues, Lezley tells how Kelsey came onto her, asking all sorts of personal questions about sex in prison and eventually wanting to be submissive for a little girl on girl action. It’s more Kelsey so I’m already pretty bored, though Lezley does a nice job as the dominant dyke in this scene. She even leaves her flat at the end of the scene.

Hatcher’s story goes into more detail, including the side deal that parole officer Mark Davis has with the couple. He gets to come by once in a while and take advantage of the ex-cons. Kitten is watching dishes one minute and deep throating his cock the next. At last we get a scene that I can kind of enjoy. The lighting is a bit weak, but the sexual action is plenty hot as she rams all of his meat down her throat. Mark decides that a blowjob just isn’t enough so he gets her pussy and ass ready with some tongue and finger action. As soon as he starts fucking her, Kitten’s tits are bouncing on her chest and his balls are slapping against her cheeks. Davis takes the curvy sista and fucks her hard from behind before making her spin around and take a big load on her waiting tongue. It took almost an hour, but we finally got something hot.

Eventually Hatcher and Lezley get to know each other better and hook up. This is another scene that could really use some more light at the start. He starts out by getting her out of her top so he can have access to those pumped up boobies. While counting her pussy piercings, Hatch sticks some fingers deep into Lezley and has her pretty hot before letting her suck his dick. Down on her knees, Ms. Zen really gets to work. His cock is hard in her hands at no time, but she keeps playing with it for a quite a while. With condom in place, Hatch gets her in spoon and holds her leg high in the air for a good angle. By the time Lezley gets on top, she is really going wild, fucking him hard. There is something about the way she fucks that makes her a lot more appealing to me. He gives her a good pump and then leaves everything he’s got on her chin and neck.

Some tricky investigating helps the two solve the case. Celebrating together, Spears and Carrera give us the final scene. He starts her off slowly, licking her pussy through her panties. Asia’s face just lights up as he spends several minutes tongue fucking her hot little hole. I really like these shots because we get good body and face angles as she cums. After tasting herself on his lips, Asia puts her pretty face to good use. She gives nice eye contact as she sucks his cock. She looks great sucking and really puts her whole body into the act. After the great blowjob, she mounts his lap and starts riding with her tits right in his face. She moves her hips nicely, giving us some good shots of her as well as the longer full body shots. Randy takes over for a while and pumps that tight little pussy as hard as he can. Eventually he pulls out and shoots his cream all over her pussy. (This load would have been great on her face, but oh well.)

I guess a movie with simple dialog keeps people happy, but this one is so thin that it really didn’t seem to make much sense. Maybe I was looking for too much, but there was nothing here that kept me interested. Having Kelsey anchor the movie at the start is not a great thing either. I was bored by her scenes, though Lezley’s heat in their girl-girl kept me somewhat interested. Asia is the best looking girl in the movie and she does some good work as well. By the time we get to her scene, the movie had pretty much left me so cold that it barely brings me back. I think that a director like Lee should know better than to bury his best talent at the end of the movie like this. Then again, someone might think that Kelsey is the hottest babe in this movie which totally turns it around.

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