Double Parked



Double Parked


111 Mins.







STARS: Aurora Snow, Stacy Silver, Gauge, Janet, Julie Silver, Marie-Anne, Angel Long, Rick Masters, Jay Ashley, Pat Myne, George, Claudio Meloni, Johnny Slovak, Ian Tate, Frazer & K.K.


Hmmm, Alex Ladd directing an all-DP movie that stars Aurora Snow and Gauge. Let’s see, do I think I might enough this DVD? I don’t know. It’s got cute girls two from the very top of my personal favorites list, a director who knows how to shoot sex and …and? What the fuck more do you need? So far every DVSX movie has been quite impressive. They are staying true to their genre-specific format and that means we are going to get all DP’s in this line. Perhaps this is a little more generic than their big boob or Asian lines, but at least we know that all of the chicks in this flick will be filled to capacity. We can also be sure that I will spend a lot of time extolling the virtues of the aforementioned Ms. Snow and Gauge until everyone is either in love with these perfect creatures or is just to fucking death of hearing about them.

We lead off with Aurora who looks great in her little blue bikini. Alex gets in close for some nice tease footage and then sits down next to Aurora to talk to her for a while. He gets in really close and even get to play with her a little big. (I want to direct, I want to direct) When he is all finished, Aurora saunters up between Rick Masters and Jay Ashley and the fun begins. They get her out of her clothes right away and Jay sticks his dick right into her mouth. Rick doesn’t waste much time before sliding in between her thighs and pumping her hard. His balls slap up against her ass as Aurora makes those sexy noises we love so much around Jay’s dong. The doggy footage is great with good energy and sets up the DP nicely. Aurora tries both face down and face up DP with the same results. Even though this is good footage, I think I like the following shots a little better. Both guys take their turn fucking her tight ass from behind. Rick shoots his load all over her stretched ass while Jay shoots right into her mouth.

Stacy Silver is a blonde with a huge tattoo on her arm. She looks rather curvy in her black dress. Alex strips and then turns her over to KK and some long haired Euro-dude. They bend her over so she can suck some black dick and let the other guy work her from behind. There is some great double blowjob footage with Stacy bobbing her pretty face back and forth between the two guys. KK bends her over again and starts slamming her slit while she moans around the other prick. When she turns around to face the camera during RC, we get a really nice look at her body as well as her smiling face. Before they double up on her, the guys give her pussy a work out and then work on her ass for a while. Stacy mounts KK with her ass and lets him slide up her ass. His partner moves in from the front and double stuffs the pretty blonde. They give her one load on the face and the other gets shot right up her belly and onto her tits.

Gauge is up next and she looks fantastic during the tease footage. She doesn’t have a whole lot to say during the short interview, but is more than ready to take on Jay Ashley and Pat Myne. Working her mouth on both dicks, Gauge has the guys throbbing and wet in no time. They pick a side and take turns pumping her pussy. When Gauge moves into RCA we get a good look at her petite frame and strong thighs. There aren’t many women in smut who look better in this position that Gauge does so this footage is fantastic. It ends a little too quickly as the guys plug both holes at once. They pound away and can barely keep up with this hot little ball of energy. In between DP positions, we get a little gape footage and some A2M, but the best shots feature this tight little body stuffed with hard dick. She gets down on her knees and holds her mouth open for two big loads of hot cream. This is another great scene from this sexy young thing.

Janet is a nice looking brunette in a sexy black outfit that doesn’t stay on long. Her hair is slicked back and I think she would look a bit softer with a different hairstyle, but no one really cars how her hair looks when she bobbing her head on a cock as another one pushes it’s way deep into her tight folds. With her stockings on, spoon is a nice looking position. Before the traditional DP, the guys both give Janet’s pussy a try. She handles this just fine and then opens up her ass for a couple of penetrating shafts. RCA looks good, but the view gets blocked when it’s time for DP. One guy shoots on her belly and the other fires on her face.

Blonde Julie Silver and her cute pal Marie-Anne are a couple of Czech girls who get stripped and ready for action. Marie has some seriously great tits, but both girls look good to me. Two guys come in and both pretty girls get to work. Julie uses her mouth very slowly, trying to take every inch into her mouth. Marie takes shorter strokes, but really attacks the dick in front of her face. When the fucking starts, the blonde goes for doggy while Marie looks really inviting in reverse cowgirl. There is good footage of both women as they ride dick and eventually swap partners. Since there are only two dicks in the scene, someone has to sit out during the DP. Before we get to that there is some really hot side by side RCA. Both women are tasty looking so there is eye candy galore as well as sexual heat. Julie gets the first double plugging, but Marie Anne steals the show. The girls each get a big load of cum right in the mouth. Someone needs to bring these Czech babes over to the States and put them in a dozen or so titles.

Angel Long is a tall British blonde with legs that go on forever. She has tiny little tits and a big tat on her hip, but is always ready to go. Alex turns her over to a couple of guys who are considerably shorter than Angel. That height advantage is all gone when she gets down on her knees and starts sucking their cocks. She gives some great looking head that includes hot deep throat and a whole lot of hand action. The oral continues as one guy fucks her from behind. Angel is a very hot fuck who isn’t afraid to scream out that she needs to be fucked. They roll her over onto her side and slam fuck that ass. She takes the dick from her ass to her mouth and back again. I know this is a DP movie, but the anal footage is so hot here that the double stuffing can’t be any better than watching her long legs bent back and that rosebud pounded. There is some good DP followed by an awesome facial. Angel gets one load on her face and then licks it from her fingers until the second guy is ready to bust his nut as well.

Fans of double stuffed babes are going to love this title because it gives them exactly what they are looking for. I actually like some of the straight forward anal footage better than the DP, but you get plenty of both. Gauge and Aurora were the primary attractions for me and they both turn in great scenes. Angel Long proves once again that she is a very reliable prick pleaser and the two Czech girls give us one hell of a hot group scene as well. The action is well shot and well let with plenty of eye candy and good sexual energy. Last time I checked that is exactly what most smut fans were looking for. I’ve seen a few DVSX movies now and I’ve yet to be disappointed.

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