100 Mins.

Digital Playground

DIRECTOR: Nic Andrews

THEMES: Plot, Prostitutes




STARS: Devon, Barrett Blade, Alexa Rae, Avy Scott, Mike Horner, Jezebelle Bond, Cheyne Collins, Aria, Lezley Zen, Omar Montana, Lancaster Merrin and Robby D.


Nic Andrews and Devon both joined the Digital Playground team this past year and they combined to make Rush in their DP debuts. The result was one of the most critically acclaimed features of the year. It’s the sort of movie Andrews has built his career on and the type of roll that is designed to let Devon show off a little bit more than her pretty face and beautiful body. I liked Rush the first time I reviewed it and while it didn’t quite garner a nomination for a Rog Reviews Critic’s Choice award as Best Feature, it was a top ten finisher to be sure. This high gloss movie is the sort of feature that is made for the DVD format. With improved picture quality and a huge package of extras, Rush will probably be an impressive disc.

Barrett Blade shows up after five years to pick up his car. Mike Horner starts to get the keys, but is sidetracked inside by Alexa Rae. She teases him in her tight top and cut off shorts while giving her lollipop some special treatment. He takes a break to lick her pussy before letting her mouth out. Mike slaps on a condom, lifts up her tank top and starts pumping away between her parted thighs. They have to get through quickly so he bends her over and finishes off by shooting all over her.

Later that night, Alexa helps Barrett clean off his car and then asks to leave with him. The tease footage is good here, but the pace is already slowing down. After the car wash scene, Barrett takes care of some business on the phone and then waits for his escort to arrive. Devon shows up looking way too good to be a hooker in this hick town, but we can enjoy the eye candy as they engage in brief negotiations. The pretty blonde gets right down on her knees and takes his cock in her hands. Devon does a really nice job with her hands and her tongue, providing us with a lot of eye candy as she gets him nice and wet. He goes down on her for maybe a minute before she mounts his cock and starts bouncing up and down as hard as she can. After taking her from behind, Barrett shoots his load all over her tits.

Things go badly at this point as a couple of gunmen shoot up the hotel room. Barrett and Devon hit the road. They have a very long dialog scene were Devon tells her story. It’s pretty well written and nicely acted, but after the shoot out, we’re looking at a long gap between sex. When Devon storms out, she needs a ride out of town. Cheyne Collins is her only option and they go into his office to “work something out.” She takes his dick right into her mouth and swirls that talented tongue over his head. I love her little outfit so the long shots are really sexy. It must be a very long ride because Cheyne gets more than just a blowjob from the busy working girl. After licking her pussy, he bends her over a chair and takes her from behind. Their two-position fuck is pretty to look at, but not exactly volcanic sexually. It ends when Cheyne shoots his load on her belly.

Things end very badly for Cheyne when he gets a little rough. The pair have to leave town again, this time with a dead body in their wake. They pull over to the side of the road for another long dialog scene. This pretty much spells out Barrett’s story, but if you’ve seen 48 hours with Eddie Murphy, then you already know the deal. A robbery with hidden money, double crossing partners and one pissed off guy try to whack Barrette before he grabs the money and heads for Mexico.

Barrett takes off for a while, leaving Devon to lie by the pool in her bikini. Other than letting us see her in a different sexy outfit, this takes us to a lesbian sex scene. Avy Scott and Jezebel Bond play in the pool and have no problem taking it all the way. Sex in public is pretty cool, even if it’s veggie sex. The part that bugs me is that Avy is the hottest babe in this movie and she ends up used only with another chick. I like bikini girls so this pretty bit of girl on girl action didn’t totally bore me. It’s worth watching just to see Avy get fingered and squirm all over her friend’s hand.

They stay on the road and find the hiding place. After several more minutes of dialog, Barrett finally digs up the cash and they celebrate with a moonlight fuck. He goes down on her for a long time before turning her lose to do what she does best. Her pretty blonde head bobs up and down on his dick as she strokes him gently. They use a picnic table for a quick two-position fuck that ends with a big load all over her tummy.

With the sex done we have a big car chase and shoot out that finishes the movie.

In addition to the feature, the DVD is loaded with a number of good extras. We get to watch the crash sequences from every imaginable angle, se a nicely put together behind the scenes reel and the story of how director Nic Andrews came up with the idea of Rush. There is also a pretty good blooper reel, trailers, a photo album, slide show and a copy of the original screenplay.

Watching this movie again, it’s easy to both strengths and some weaknesses, It’s a damn impressive DVD and a much better than average feature, that’s the bottom line. Some of the dialog scenes run long, but most of them are pretty well acted. Like most Nic Andrews movies, there are long segments with no sex and that’s never a good sign. Devon looks great and carries most of the sexual weight. Avy Scott is sadly underused, but looks great in her veggie scene. I like the car crashes, recognize the impressive technical aspects and even find a lot to enjoy in the script. It’s not perfect and it could use some more sexual heat to really push it over, but as a DVD, Rush is impressive.

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