La Femme Nikita Denise


La Femme Nikita Denise


78 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Jerome Tanner

THEMES: Porn Stars

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Nikita Denise, Calli Cox, Star E. Knight, Zana, Logan LaBrent, Dale DeBone, Herschel Savage, Joel Lawrence, Brain Surewood & Chris Cannon.


There aren’t many women in porn these days who can hold a candle to Nikita Denise when it comes to overall sexual performance. She’s damn fine looking with a lovely all-natural body and enough sexual energy to power a major metropolis. Even though she is very much a woman, but somehow I almost believe that she could be a super spy/assassin. There is just something about Nikita that makes you think she might just fuck you and then kill you for sport. She plays the title character in this lightly scripted spy adventure from Jerome Tanner. The opening assassination and get away scene is pretty funny because Nikita has to run out of a building and hop onto a motorcycle with her ass hanging out. Somehow this doesn’t seem like the best way to escape unnoticed.

Back at headquarters, Nikita is confronted by Chris Cannon who threatens her with a gun and assaults us all with stiffly delivered dialog. Nikita may be ready to suck her way out of trouble, but I’m ready to beg for the bullet after hearing Cannon’s delivery. Luckily Nikita is a lot better with her mouth than Chris is with his dialog. She gives a very good looking blowjob that includes nice tight shots and some hot longer shots as he pumps her face. Now Nikita’s outfit doesn’t seem so absurd because it gives him easy access to her Eastern block vag. Chris licks her clit and rams four fingers deep inside that hole, followed by a couple in her ass until Nikita is practically begging to feel cock. She pushes him into a chair and mounts his stiff prick, driving her wet lips down until every inch vanishes. He takes over and pounds into her from behind, making Nikita purr very sexy dirty talk. They move to anal and her energy level just keeps climbing. With one leg up on his shoulder, the moans as his prick pounds her ass. When Chris pulls out and shoots all over her pussy I wonder if he already knows that he’s about to get popped in the head as soon as she’s done with him?

Nikita really wants out, but of course this mission is just too important for them to let her go. There is some mildly funny stuff here, but nothing compared to what happens next. Another operative, Star E. Knight has been sent in to assassinate another terrorist, but she has been captured. Joel Lawrence hovers over her in a lab coat, holds a sex toy in his hand and asks “Is it wet?” (Yeah OK a lot of you don’t get it, but trust me, it’s pretty funny.) Joel rams the toy into Star’s pussy and follows that up with some generous tongue action. She goes totally insane from his efforts and falls to her knees to suck some dick. Joel’s big cock barely fits into Star’s mouth, but she looks great down there. Her meaty pussy is better able to handle his sizeable rod so the sexy agent drops her full body weight down in reverse cowgirl. Her tits shake quite a bit as she rides and those loud cries of joy will bring back memories of a young Teri Weigel. They keep up the fast pace in mish and only slow in doggy so he can do a number of penetration shots. Star gets down on her knees to take a facial that is not all that well captured, but still gives us a good shot of her gulping goo from a shooting prick.

Back at headquarters, Dale and Calli Cox take time out from saving the porn whores of the world to create some magical memories. She is looking really good in a tight skirt and see-through blouse, but Dale is interested in what lies under those revealing garments. She gets down and uses her tits to make his cock throb. There just isn’t enough of this in porn if you ask me. Dale goes down on Calli for a while, enjoying her sweet little taco until it’s ready to take his dick. They move over the desk for some very sexy standing doggy. Calli does her best work in reverse cowgirl, bucking her hips until he finally stands and explodes all over her face. The great popshot finishes a scene that could only have been better with a bit more sucking from the sexy blonde.

Brian Surewood sits at home watching the Home Slavery Channel and decides to order the special of the day, Logan LaBrent. Herschel Savage is funny in this dead on parody of home shopping. After a few minutes of solo on screen, Logan arrives at Brian’s door. Brian isn’t thrilled with her porn star ‘tude, but dives between her thighs and starts licking her pussy. Logan is pretty thick in the hips and thighs, but has a bit set of tits and a decent face. She gives a pretty good blowjob as well, getting Brian ready to fuck the shit out of his new purchase. (Aren’t you supposed to take it easy for the few thousand miles?) [Dude, that’s a car and it’s not Logan hasn’t been broken in already.) When she faces the camera and rides hard, those tits bounce enough to give an overly attentive viewer whiplash. Logan takes a hard pounding from behind and gets her hooters glazed in goo.

Herschel lures Nikita into a trap and has her tied up alongside of Zana before you can say Tom Clancy. They struggle a bit and then go for the big finish. Both women get down and suck his cock, with Nikita easily outdoing her blonde partner. The rooftop location is very cool and it’s fun to watch Nikita outfuck her co-stars. Zana spreads her long legs for Herschel, but you can tell he wants to get inside the sexy brunette. Herschel has Nikita ride his dick while Zana smothers him with her big ass. He keeps on fucking Nikita as they all stand so he can poke Ms. Denise while she bangs Zana with a dildo. (Why the fuck is she making little kid race car noises when she pretends to cum?) By the time the blonde gets some dick, it’s right up her ass in some very hot RCA. She shoves four fingers into her twat as she slams down. Nikita crams her own crapper with a big dildo and then waits to share a thick load with Zana.

This is one of those Jerome Tanner features that you just don’t want to take too seriously. Nikita Denise is funny and sexy in the lead and does the best sex scenes. She carries the final three-way with Zana and her opening romp with Cannon is very hot. Calli Cox is totally sexy, but this scene seemed shorter and not as well put together as the others. Star and Joel do a pretty good scene as well, but the reason to watch this flick is to see Nikita fuck twice. I don’t know if she’s ready to be an action hero, but this girl can star in my sexual fantasies anytime.

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