Ben Dover’s Anal Spunkfest


Ben Dover’s Anal Spunkfest


96 Mins



THEMES: Anal Sex

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Natalie, Sandra, Silvia, Kim, Sarah & Angela.


I’ve always really liked Ben Dover movies. They mix in true gonzo style with some new faces from the UK. OK, his girls aren’t always perfect tens, but they are usually good looking and we get a chance to see them for a while before they have a cock shoved into an orifice. There is nothing wrong with getting right to the point and once the sex starts in BD flicks, it’s always really good. I just happen to like what he does during the time before the scenes start. Usually Ben works his magic in England, but for this movie he has moved the operation to Amsterdam where he plans to sample the local talent. I’m not sure how the set ups are going to work with chicks who may or may not be able to converse with Ben, but I’m sure it will be fun anyway.

Natalie is the first girl he meets and she’s a Russian girl who doesn’t speak English. Maybe it’s because of her hair, but she looks somewhat older and weathered from the neck up. She has a very thin body with a decent little ass that Ben shows off as he helps her strip. Sampling the talent himself, Ben has the blonde get down and suck on his sizable member. He seems impressed and gives her pussy a two-fingered test before bringing in the two hired guns to really fill her up. They get right to work keeping her pussy and mouth full. There is some nicely shot standing doggy, but Natalie is only moderately appealing from most angles. When the camera is tight on her pussy, she looks pretty good, and the shots of her bent over aren’t bad. She gets pumped hard in doggy when it’s time to start violating her ass. This Russian blonde gets his marks for taking a whole lot of cock in her ass and for doing good facials, but she is thoroughly average in every other aspect.

Sandra is another skinny blonde who has a cute smile and is dressed up in a short skirt, white socks and has her hair done up in pigtails. Ben is quite excited by this girl and moves his camera all around her body to take in her tasty flesh. There is another girl playing with herself nearby who is even prettier. She will have to wait I guess because Pascal has a big cock waiting for Sandra to play with. She does some nice cock sucking, but the action moves quickly to power fucking. When she gets on top, Ben and a third guy give her a couple of dicks to play with. Sandra is a high energy little fuck who lets them do whatever they want to her mouth and tight little pussy. They fuck her hard enough to potentially damage a lesser slut, but she is ready to try some anal toys. After a few minutes of actual cock in her ass (Rammed in nice and hard for good measure) all three guys blast her face with big loads of goo.

The next girl is a chunky redhead who I think is named Silvia. Ben moves into another room and there is this tiny little Asian girl named Kim. (I think, the sound on my tape is really hard to hear and impossible to understand at times.) She’s very petite and strips to expose a tiny set of tits and tight little butt. Ben has her kneel and suck his cock while a second guy strolls in to join the fun. The POV oral action is really good and Kim does her best to keep them both happy. When she moves over to the couch and sticks her ass high in the air, it’s time to see how much her shaved slit can take. Not only can this babe take that big cock in her tiny hole, she absolutely slams her body down on it when it’s her turn to ride. Ben gets back into the mix along with a third fellow and they all keep this girl very busy. She gets rammed hard while bent over the bar and we get some outstanding low angle footage. Right in the middle of this hot fucking, the redhead comes in and she wants a taste of cock as well. Adding her to the mix is not a good thing and I’m disappointed in Ben for this stunt. You’ve got a semi-cute little Asian girl getting the shit fucked out of her. Why would you add an average looking chubby redhead to take away from the fun? There is some great anal from our Asian princess, but by now she has to share the screen. There is some good DP footage, but watching the pale rolls of fat right next to the cutie is just too much for my delicate stomach. At least the cut girl takes two really hot facials and keeps the chubby chick busy with some cum swapping. This would have been a super fucking scene with just one girl.

Sarah and Angela are a couple of cuties. He walks them into his studio and can barely contain himself. Angela is a blonde with some extra weight on her, especially in the chest. Sarah is thinner with sharp features and shorter, streaked hair. They strip down to their lingerie and start sharing dick. Both girls look good sucking cock and they work their way back and forth between Ben and his pal. The action cuts back and forth a little too quickly, but at least we have to hot girls in the same scene at once. They play with each other and to a lot of cock sucking before easing several inches of hard meat into their pussies. Angela gives us some really nice looking reverse cowgirl with her legs flailing about. In fact, she manages to steal most of the thunder as the guys pound away on her twat before getting ready for anal. Both girls take it in the ass quite nicely. Sarah has some problems, but comes right back after taking care of her shit. (So to speak) Angela has no such problems and provides the guys with an anal playground while her friend recovers. They share the first facial, followed immediately by a second and finally a third just for fun.

Things have changed a little bit in the Ben Dover formula, but the action is still pretty damn good. I kind of miss some of the cute set ups that Ben used to do. Here he just sort of comes into a room, meets the would-be porn chick and then we watch the girls fuck. There isn’t anything wrong with that I suppose, but I always liked watching him pick up girls at the train station or wherever. There was something fun about that. The other problem is that women just aren’t as cute in this one as in some of Ben’s other flicks. Little Amy is the best thing about this movie. Her scene is really hot. The last two girls are also pretty hot, giving us enough good stuff to make the movie worth watching. If you want to hit the highlights, skip the first few scenes and stick with the last couple.

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