Special Auditions #3


Special Auditions #3


117 Mins

Sean Michaels Productions

DIRECTOR: Sean Michaels


THEMES: Interracial Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Felicia Fox, Hunter Young, Danka, Jade Marxx, Roxy Andrews, Hunny Bunny, L.T. & Sean Michaels.


This movie came to me from Felicia Fox who starts in Special Auditions 3 and does her first IR scene. It’s also her first go without a condom, so that’s a couple of reasons for some of you to watch. I can think of two better reasons to watch Felicia and they are both attached to her chest. I’m not familiar with this line from SMP, but I generally like his stuff. It’s very laid back and the sex is usually hot. I know a few of the girls in this cast and there are some cuties. They are all going to get rocked by Sean or his buddy LT so interracial fans will have plenty to watch.

Sean interviews Felicia first, quickly asking her to take out the awesome natural tits. He joins her on a couch and goes right after the stiff nipples she’s sporting. Taking his time, he plays with her boobs, shows off her ass and finally dives in to eat her pussy. Felicia returns the favor, slowly working as much of Sean’s cock into her mouth as she can manage. Only about half of it fits, but she keeps the rest wet and taken care of with her hands. She eases her pussy down on his cock and takes most of it up in there. Sean rolls her over and pumps her slowly, really working Felicia with that long pole. He pulls out and shoots a good load all over her tits. I don’t like that they switch to black and white footage for the pop, but the camera lingers as she smiles in post-coital bliss.

Hunny Bunny has really lovely black hair and a pretty face. She and LT do an audition that actually has them running dialog. Sean directs them from dialog right into a sex scene. Hunny pulls out her tits and lets him taste her nipples. LT works down to her pussy and spends several minutes licking around her lips. The action is fairly low energy as she works his cock hard in her mouth. Once she sucks him to full mast it’s like someone flips a switch. Hunny likes having her pussy fucked and she gets very vocal. They move to the couch so she can ride his lap. There are some good shots of her ass but when he pulls out and shoots all over his fist, we got to B&W footage again.

Sean has Danka up next. She’s a tall Czech girl with creamy skin and big eyes. Sean interviews her for a bit then has her change into some lingerie. Now in a revealing little number, she rubs her pussy and tits, showing him what she’s got. He likes what he sees and gives her pussy a taste test. Danka takes fingers into her slit quite well and then lights up the screen a bit by putting her lips around his dick. There is a lot of great eye contact as she works his pole. He slides his dick up into her and she seems a bit low key at first. The tight shots don’t show her face so we don’t have to worry about her reaction so much. The action picks up a bit when she gets on top and drops her full body weight down to drive his dick home. She gets a facial, but the black and white is once again a really bone killer.

Jade Marxx and Roxy Andrews double up for their audition with Sean. They are working together. Jade is a 24 year old with nice tits, but Roxy is the real cutie in this scene. Both girls are from San Diego and Roxy is making her video debut. The girls work hard to impress Sean during their veggie audition. Jade makes Roxy scream with joy as she licks her box. When Roxy does her friend, she brings a toy into the mix and they go at it hot and heavy in a steamy 69. Both girls are pretty cute, but I will be looking for Roxy in other flicks for sure.

Hunter Young is pretty cute blonde with tiny tits and a bright smile. Sean joins her on the bed and work with her very slowly. He kisses her, rubs her panties and slides down to tease her pussy with his tongue. Hunter gives him a very short blowjob before getting on top of his dick and riding. He flips her over, spreads her legs wide and gives her as much cock as she can handle. They take a break for some more oral before he gets back on top. One more B&W pop and we’re done for the day.

I can’t begin to understand why anyone would mess up perfectly good pop shots like this, but beyond that, there is some good stuff here. Felicia Fox looks really good in her initial IR pairing with Sean. Hunter Young has made the rounds in some great titles and handles Sean really well in this movie. Roxy only does veggie sex in this one, but maybe Sean can bring her back and give her the full treatment. This is very couples-friendly interracial which makes it different from a lot of the raincoater stuff, but there is still plenty of heat. Beyond the pops, everything is well shot and the women all handle the action quite nicely.

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