Shane’s World 29



Shane’s World #29


125 Mins.

Digital Sin/Shane’s World

DIRECTOR: Camera Guy

THEMES: Gonzo, Public Nudity

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Calli Cox, Bobbie, Tony, Sunrise Adams, Venus, Tyler


Those wacky people at Shane’s World are always out having fun. Lately they have been getting a lot of attention for the trouble they’ve caused on college campuses. (Sex on campus? No way. Administrators just can’t stomach that.) The scavenger hunt movies are always a fun combination of sex and silliness that show us just how far some porn stars will go to win a competition. In addition to the obvious fun and frivolity on hand, there are some very hot women to provide sexual highlights. Sunrise Adams is one of the prettiest and hottest women in all of porn. Calli Cox is a personal favorite in part because she is so good in this kind of movie. It’s her personality that is so fucking sexy, like she could be the girl next door or the hot chick you see in the supermarket. There is something real about her that really makes me love watching her. Any of you who have read about the controversy involving Shane’s World and Arizona State University will finally get to see what the big deal is.

Before they start the hunt, the gang assembles in a house and tries to guess what they are going to have to do. This isn’t really important because Tony and Sunrise take a break for some sex. She leans her head over the edge of bed and lets him pump her pretty face. He spins her around and finds her pussy every bit as inviting as her mouth. Working a pocket rocket on her clit, Sunrise gets drilled by her lucky partner. They do some high energy mish and doggy until he pulls out and shoots all over her sexy ass.

Team one has Tony, Calli and blonde Bobbie heading out for a college campus. They have to find some guys willing to get hickeys, shower with the trio and engage in general silliness. Back at the house, Tyler is getting to know Sunrise pretty well. They are busy fucking when we join them. Looking great as always, Sunrise really shines when she’s on top sticking out that fine ass. Tyler gets busy behind her, slamming into that lovely young pussy as hard as he can. This sex leads us back to campus where Calli jerks off one lucky guy and lets another fuck her pussy with a big dildo. They take a few guys into the limo for some more hand jobs before hitting the next location. The same thing happens here with a couple of very lucky guys getting to stuff a rubber dong into Calli’s shaved slit. The guys drink from the bodies of both women and then party with them in the shower. While I enjoy this sort of stuff, we’re an hour into the movie with only two short sex scenes so far. The girls try and fix that by working over one lucky guy with their hands. It takes him a while to get up, but Calli brings him off with her talented strokes.

With team one finished, we get another sex break. This time it’s Venus who has her lips wrapped around Tony’s cock. She’s got a very pretty face and gives some decent eye contact as his dick disappears into her inviting mouth. Venus sucks his balls and licks his ass while her hands keep stroking his shaft. He bends her over, takes her asscheeks in his hands and just starts slam fucking her from behind. After a hard mish fuck, Venus takes a load on her face.

Team two hits the road and Venus, Sunrise and Tyler go down the same list of things as the first team. They find an old man to give hickeys to and then get another guy to hop into the back of their limo. Sunrise and Venus double up on the lucky guy and give him a very hot little blowjob. Sunrise takes over and strokes a load onto her tongue.

With team two hard at work, Bobbie and Tony take a break to get some private time. They slide into a 69 where the pretty blonde does some serious cock sucking. When he is completely ready, she slides her lower lips over his shaft and starts riding. She rolls onto her back and we get some nice overhead shots as he fucks her hard enough to get her tits dancing about on her chest. The doggy is pretty good, but the highlight of the scene comes when Tony empties his load onto her face.

Team two has some fun with the guys on campus before one of them gets into the car with them. They have all kinds of fun, eventually ending up in a crowded shower. There is a lot of footage of the guys just screwing around before the action heats up again. This time Sunrise and Venus have a row of lucky frat guys to suck and stroke. This makes for some pretty sexy footage to end the scavenger hunt.

Calli is the only girl left who hasn’t done a scene so she and Tyler get down to business. He slips his mouth down onto her pretty pussy and warms her up. Calli gets on her hands and knees and lets him go right after her pussy. Tyler doesn’t waste any time, slamming her with everything he’s got. He grabs the camera and looks down to find both Calli and Sunrise sucking his cock. As pretty as Sunrise is, she isn’t quite the oral expert that Calli is. Tyler hands the camera to Sunrise so he can fuck Calli some more. After pumping her for a while, he pulls out and shoots all over her mouth.

The scavenger hunt footage on this one is pretty fun. Some more variety in the action might be good, but overall everyone has a great time. The actual sex scenes are done back at the house, but they are all pretty hot. Calli, Sunrise, Venus and Bobbie are all good looking and have great energy. Some of the other SW movies have a better mix of fun and sex, but the girls do the best they can with the guys they pick up on campus. Beyond the movie, there are usually great extras on a Shane’s World disc, but I didn’t find anything at all on this one. Unless they are all Easter eggs, this disc is movie-only and that’s a big disappointing.

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