Teen Dreams #1



Teen Dreams #1

MOVIE TYPE: Wall to Wall

106 Mins

Digital Sin/New Sensations

DIRECTOR: Tyron Shuz

THEMES: Young Girls, Fantasy

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Kaylani, Honey, Hunter, Jasmine, Cherokee,


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Every time I turn around, there is another line with teen or co-ed in it. I’m not sure if this will be any different from the other lines New Sensations puts out. They generally use hot young girls and keep things simple. This one offers a really cute young cast and I doubt very much that they will stray from the formula that has worked so well for them in the past.

Jasmine is a dirty blonde who sits in front of her mirror and plays with her pussy. When she closes her eyes, Julian appears behind her and starts rubbing her slit. All warmed up she turns her head and finds a big stiff prick waiting to fill her young mouth. She gives him a passable blowjob and then bends over so he can really get to work. Julian slams every inch of that big dick into her from behind. Jasmine isn’t the prettiest girl we are going to see, but she thrusts her young hips up and down and lets him fuck the living shit out of her. When she dismounts his rod, Jasmine jerks a big load right into her mouth.

Cherokee is a short brunette with thick thighs that look hard as rocks. We get to watch her stretch in her cute off jeans and all I can say is WOW. Any girl this flexible is going to be a lot of fun in the sack. As she stretches, Cherokee drifts off into a fantasy where Nacho Vidal comes out of her pool with a big hard on waiting to tear up her little honey pot. She strokes it with her hand and then strains to get her lips around that big pole. Nacho holds her in the air for some standing 69. This girl is tiny, but he just rams the whole thing right into her pussy. Little Cherokee is a trooper and quite the screamer as Nacho gives it his all from behind. There are some great shots in mish as the camera moves in close. It’s hard to imagine where all that meat goes, but our little gymnast puts her feet over her head and gets drilled. He finally pulls out and dribbles a load all over her face OK, I’m sold on Cherokee, let’s see more of her flexible frame getting fucked.

Hunter lies on her bed with her hand drifting down between her parted legs as she fantasizes. Lee Stone is the man of her dreams and she treats his long cock to a very loving blowjob. The 69 is pretty good looking, but Hunter really picks things up with a cock in her pussy. The is out of breath and panting like mad after a long ride, but Lee has more in store for her. He pounds her from behind and in spoon, but saves the deepest strokes for a modified mish fuck. (She’s actually using her arms to keep her body off the bed.) He pulls out and shoots onto her face. This girl might be the next Katie Gold if she keeps fucking like this.

Julian is back, fixing Kaylani’s TV. She is impatient and when the set comes on, she gets an eyeful of the hot action on the screen. Julian was kind enough to set her up with free porn and then volunteers to help teach Kaylani some of the tricks from the movie. This girl has some skin issues on her cheeks, but has hot little boobs with very suckable nipples. Once he gets her pants off, Julian spends a lot of time licking and sucking her pussy while he slides a finger in to get her used to the feeling. No finger could prepare her for that big cock, but she eases things a long a bit with a short blowjob. (Bad idea to have cute girls only sucking for a few minutes in a scene.) She throws one tiny legs up onto his shoulder and lets him just pump away. Her pussy looks tight, but it swallows up every inch. Between Kaylani’s foot and Julian’s shoulder we loose the penetration for much of the missionary footage. Thankfully that isn’t an issue when she gets on top. The tight shots of her stuffed box are very hot as are the longer shots of her petite frame bouncing up and down. Cowgirl gives us a good look at her ass, but we go back to a view from the front when she takes it from behind. Julian gives her a nice shot across the face, but the camera cuts away a little too quickly this time. Come on, first you cut the blowjob short and then you cheat us out of her glazed smile, that’s just bad form.

Honey strolls outside with a bottle of water for the hard working guy in the garage. As a special treat she pours water all over herself and invites him to lick it off. He takes her inside and licks Honey’s shaved pussy up and down for a very long time. He moves right from there to mish. Honey is cute, but the scene seems to take forever to really pick up. There are some tight shots of her pussy in reverse cowgirl that look good. The scene gets kind of interesting for a few seconds during a standing 69, but they cut this short and fuck for a few second before he shoots a load. This scene really is pretty much a throw away.

The bonus material for this movie is on side two of the disc. There are several trailers for other New Sensations lines. You can play several of them in a row which is always nice. The rest of the bonus material consists of interviews with a dozen or so chicks.

This simple movie has a lot of highlights. First on my list is Cherokee. This super flexible little prick pleaser is worth watching more than once. Her scene is going to keep this in my personal collection for a while. I love not only her hot moves, but her vocal and enthusiastic performance. Even though Kaylani has some skin issues on this day, she is very sexy and takes a whole lot of dick in her tight little box. Hunter and Jasmine are decent, with Honey being the only girl who didn’t impress me. (And with her it was performance, not looks that left me cold.) Most of the action is well shot, with a few problems as noted in the Kaylani scene. The fantasy set ups are simple and don’t get in the way of the sex. People looking for fresh, young looking chicks taking on some pretty big cocks will get a major thrill from this flick.


Read Review of www.NewSensations.com Here

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