Sakura Tales


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Sakura Tales

MOVIE TYPE: Wall to Wall

111 Mins.



THEMES: Asian Girls, Schoolgirls, Fantasy

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Mika Tan, Loni, Kianna Dior, Luxi, Nika Lani, Sinnye Lang, Cheyne Collins, Frazer, Denis Marti, Darren James, Brett Rockman & Jazz.


Our friends at DVSX have already brought us a great teen line with their initial release “Teen Sensations.” This one is similar in some ways, but even more specific. According to my very good friend in Japan, Sakura means “cherry blossom.” I would imagine that we are not to take that title literally. After all, Alex Ladd is a versatile director, but I doubt if gardening videos are really the sort of thing he is going to produce. I think it’s a safer bet to look at the cover shot of Mika Tan in pigtails and assume that this is an All-Asian line with a tip of the hat to young girl appeal as well. Since I happen to dig Asian girls and so far have really liked the DVSX style, I hope you will excuse me if I cut the open short and get right to the action.

Busty Loni kicks things off. She is on her bed, gently touching her body as she tells us her story. It happens when she is young and a virgin with a huge crush on the boy next door. After dreaming about him for a long time, she finally makes her move. She goes over after school to get help with her homework, but soon offers Cheyne Collins a taste of her young flesh. Not a complete tool, he accepts and strips Loni down to her knee high socks. He gives her a lot of finger action that makes Loni wet and ready to scream. In return, she gets down on her knees and starts sucking his cock. A little too quickly, he sits down so she can finish sucking. There is some good eye contact, but more oral footage would have been nice. They do a quick cowgirl, but the sex gets really hot when Loni is on her back and Cheyne just slams the shit out of her hot little beaver. They do some doggy, but return to mish and wrap up the fucking in spoon. This final position shows off her tits as they jiggle about every stroke. Loni goes back to her knees to take a pretty big load of cum all over her face. There is just something about Loni that turns me on, a lot.

Luxi is a thing girl long black hair and a very thick accent. She says she is going to school to learn English and that she sometimes gets tired of being a good girl. This leads us into her story as she meets Frazer at the bus stop. He drives her home and get to know each other better. Luxi is a pretty girl with nice eyes and a very soft mouth. She bends over his lap and takes his cock between her lips, showing him just how much fun a good-girl-gone-bad can be. After a nice looking blowjob he goes down on her and we get some bonus blowjob action as he keeps fingering her. She nearly screams with every stroke as he pounds into her tight twat. Going all out, she drops herself onto his pole to take every inch. Luxi is very energetic and keeps driving her hips backwards as he takes her from behind. Her ass is super tight, but the action is hard and fast as he plows her. Luxi keeps her eyes tightly shut when he busts his nut, but her pretty face gets blasted with a whole lot of goo.

Kianna Dior tells us that back in college she made extra money as a tutor. One day a cute guy shows up and she is more than willing to do more than just help him with his homework. She looks really cute in pigtails and her short skirt so it’s no wonder the guy is this hot to fuck his curvy tutor. Kianna gives really good looking head and holds her mouth open while he pumps it hard. He spends a lot of time working on her big tits, sucking and kneading them for a long time before working down to her pussy. They start fucking and Kianna can’t stop screaming. She gets into reverse cowgirl which is great if you like watching her tits bounce. Though Kianna is a little soft in the middle, her energy and that rack are more than worth checking out. They bring it home with some high energy doggy and another big load on her face.

Mika Tan has a really cute on screen personality making it even more fun as she tells us her story. She had just finished up at private school and isn’t impressed when Brett Rockman tries to hit on her. She doesn’t want him to think that private school girls are easy so she pretends not to be interested. Brett is very interested and the way Mika looks in her schoolgirl uniform, braids and glasses it’s a wonder he doesn’t just jump right on her. When Mika gets a look at that big cock in his pants, she goes right after it. That great personality we saw during story time comes through as she sucks on his dick. After losing the glasses, she gives a great blowjob with really good eye contact. Brett fucks her tits for a bit and then leans her al the way back to get at her hot little hole. Mika keeps her skirt around her belly as she spreads her thighs as wide as they will go. When she gets the chance to ride, Mika pumps her thighs and strokes that long rod from tip to base with her juicy little pussy. He takes over and uses her braids to hold onto as he just keeps slamming away. This is a really hot scene that ends with a big shot right on her pretty, smiling face.

Nika Lani has a very simple tale to tell. She was in Europe and met a guy. What do you know, they end up fucking. I love how this stuff works out. She’s got a short skirt and white sweater on as they get to know each other better. Nika takes his dick right into her mouth and gets him good and ready. He has some work to do as well. Her shaved little pussy looks tight and wet as he gets it ready. Like the other girls in this movie, Nika has good energy and takes every inch of dick. The tight shots during the doggy are really good and that pussy looks plenty tight. When that’s not tight enough, he eases his dick right into her ass. She takes it in the ass really well, but then turns her head to the side and gets a big load on her cheek.

SinNye Lang is the last girl in this movie. She has a thing for big black cocks and is ready to show us what she likes to do with them. Darren James is the man of her dreams and he goes right for her nipples. Sin is a round faced girl with a decent body and good energy early in her scene. For a girl who says she loves big cocks, Sin has some trouble getting more than just the first few inches of Darren into her mouth. Give her good points for hand action and keeping him wet and hard. He slips his tongue into her pussy and finds it all ready for action. With her skirt hiked up and her top pulled down, he wastes no time filling that slit with dick. Sin is very vocal as his strokes increase. They move to one of my favorite positions, reverse cowgirl with her feet resting on his thighs, for some great shots of her pussy and the whole body. I like the standing doggy as well, but by now she should be hyper-ventilating from all that panting she’s been doing. He slips it into her ass for a few minutes and Sin takes as much as she can in the back door. Darren pops a nut into her mouth, finishing another very good scene.

As with other DVSX DVDs, there are a lot of extras here. We have an outstanding photo gallery with soft and hard core shots, trailers of other DVSX movies and an interesting behind the scenes reel. Best of all, we get full solo scenes from each girl in the movie. They aren’t really long, but very hot and a great bonus to this already hot movie.

If you like Asian girls then mark this one down as one to see. It’s a very well shot, sexually hot, wall to wall movie that features some of the hottest Asian talent in all of porn. Mika Tan stands out for her great performance and for how hot she looks in her outfit. Loni and Kianna are both busty, sexy and ready to rock from the very start. Luxi is a cutie who impressed me as well. There really isn’t a bad scene on this disc so you can basically pick the girl you like the most and enjoy her. One of the things I liked about this movie is that the sex is varied. Some girls do anal while others do not. This way we don’t have any uncomfortable looking chicks just doing A because someone thinks that every scene has to have it. It makes the actual anal action that much hotter. If Alex Ladd can continue to find enough hot talent, I would expect this line to go right to the top every Asian-lover’s must see list.

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