Finally Legal #6


Finally Legal #6


110 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Michael Adam

THEMES: New Girls, Natural Tits




STARS: Hunter, Daisy, Honey, Jade, Kayla, Chase, Gen,


Before we get into this movie I have a couple of questions. First of all, how many teen lines is one company allowed to have? It seems like every movie I’ve see from Metro lately is a teen movie. Secondly what’s with all the single name chicks in this movie? I thought the rule was that girls are supposed to come in with two names, build up a fan base, sign with Vivid and then confuse everyone by dropping to a single name. Did someone change the rules and just not tell me? If that’s the case, will some of these girls sign contracts and then add a last name to equally confuse us? I’m not sure that too many of these girls will be contract material, but I’d like to know ahead of time if they plan to become someone different. Those things said, this collection of finally legal girls does look pretty promising. There are some cuties here and the Metro gonzo stuff from Mr. Adams can be pretty damn good at times.

Our first newly legal babe is Daisy an eighteen year old girl with an interesting look that will land her in a lot of ethnic lines. She gets to play with Mark Davis. As a set up for the scene, Daisy strolls up the front walk and rings the bell. When no one answers, she walks around to the back. This gives us a chance to check her out in her tiny shorts and little top. There is no dialog, but we can guess that she’s selling chocolates and Mark agrees to buy some only if she shares a kiss with him. Mark peels off her little tanktop and shows us just how badly one girl can fuck her back with ink. He goes down and starts fingering her pussy and we see more ink. You take away that massive tats and this girl is pretty cute. Her face is nice and her tits are nice and ripe. Daisy could use a bit more energy though. She doesn’t respond to his fingers and sucks his cock like a girl who wants to be anywhere but on a porn set. When he starts fucking her, Daisy shows even less enthusiasm. She looks good riding in reverse cowgirl, but by the time she takes a load on her pretty face, I am as bored as Daisy looks.

Blonde Hunter is up next and she’s a very cute nineteen year old with nearly non-existent tits. The Tampa teen says she feels a little lost in Los Angeles and is ready for her second scene ever. She plays strip pool with Mark Woods and it’s the kind of game where no one really loses. Going right to work with her mouth, Hunter manages to handle quite a few inches pretty well. Once the blowjob gets him ready for more, Hunter takes a ride. The footage of cowgirl and reverse cowgirl is very good. We get some tight shots of her pussy as it stretches to take that rod. I like the shots of her ass from behind, but the really good eye candy comes when she’s facing the camera. Mark bangs away for a long time from behind before shooting a wad onto her face. Hunter shows some promise and may really come on in other movies.

Gen has a really fucked up last name that is an anagram of her real name. (Yeah, me too) She is a twenty year old California girl who has been in twenty movies so far and gets to work with Jay Ashley. He is the pool boy and young Gen is naked by the pool. Only in porn does this work, but then again only in porn can we watch a sweet young thing like this fuck and suck for fun. Jay goes right after her pussy with his fingers, working them in and out of her shaved hole until he just has to feel her lips around his cock. Gen’s not the best cocksucker around, but she looks young, fresh and totally corruptible. When she gets on top and starts pounding her pussy down onto his dick, Gen becomes a screaming fuck machine. Her pale skin and meaty pussy are nice to look at, but it’s her energy that really carries this scene. He fucks her tiny frame until it’s time to paint her face with some goo.

Jade is a very good looking girl who changes her name to Jada right before our eyes. During the interview we find out that Jade doesn’t do guys any more, has a boyfriend who wants to be a cop and currently works with kids. (News flash babe, his current and future career may both go down the tubes if you keep fucking on film.) She is paired with Kayla Paige who is nineteen, very pale and the proud owner of an awesome set of natural tits. These two girls are good looking and make me want to dive right in between the two of them. They play together on the grass, giving us good tease before Jade starts gobbling up Kayla’s knockers. As bored as I am by girl/girl scenes, the pussy licking segment is pretty good since both girls look really good naked and seem to enjoy the action. Kayla bends Jade over the edge of the pool and uses a thin dildo on her tight little box. Overall the toy play is weak, but both girls might be fun to see in other scenes.

Honey is a very girl next door looking girl with nice eyes and perky little tits. She is a nineteen year old girl studying to be a paramedic. Alex Sanders rolls by and picks up the young Cali girl at a bus stop and the rest is history. On the way home she is already reaching for his cock, but they save the action for the bedroom. He pulls her pants off ad buries his face between her legs. For those of you just dying to hear the inevitable Alex Sanders hair smack, here it comes. I really think that someone needs to remind Alex that poor Honey wasn’t even born when his look was still in style. Honey says she is doing porn for the money and watching her suck cock we can see that she has the skills to pay the bills. She really works his cock with her pretty mouth and has him more than ready to feel her tight slit around his unit. Honey is quiet and not a real ball of energy, but she looks really good in doggy and spoon. Alex pulls out after the long spoon and shoots onto her pussy.

Chase is a fresh faced Brit with braces. I just saw her in a POV scene with Mike John and was pretty impressed. She really looks like a California beach girl and says that she thinks that Mark Woods is “stunningly gorgeous.” I guess if you stick around long enough, you will hear everything. Mark plays a plumber who gets felt up by the cute young lady of the house. They retire to the other room and Chase’s clothes come off. When she is stripped down to her heels, Mark checks her plumbing, tasting and fingering her sweet honey pot until it’s dripping with anticipation. Her mouth is small and Chase can only get a few inches of his dick in there, but we have to give her bonus points for giving it a good try. Even more bonus points come when she is in reverse cowgirl because she just looks so cute bouncing up and down on that big dick. I like her energy and Chase looks good from every angle. To close things out, she takes a big load on her smiling face. Let’s hope this cutie doesn’t go back home to England too quickly.

It’s always nice to get a good look at a new crop of porn babes. Each scene begins with a little set up, but we never actually hear any of the dialog which may end being a good thing. It’s hard to take shots at the dialog if there isn’t any. Daisy is a promising young slut who really fucked things up with the ink. Hunter and Gen are both cute girls, but Hunter’s scene has a really orange tint to it. The girls on girl action left me kind of bored, but Honey and Chase finish things off nicely. The action is pretty well shot and the interviews are kept short and mostly interesting. As a side note, Mrs. Rog thinks that director Michael Adams sounds like talk show host John Stewart during the interviews.

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