Real Sex Magazine #54


Real Sex Magazine #54


90 Mins.

WW Productions

DIRECTOR: William Witrock

THEMES: New Girls, Natural Tits




STARS: Layla, Keilani, Chantelle Melody, Joel Lawrence, Rick Masters and Alex Sanders,


Sometime in the last year or so I put the RSM line at the very top of the list for best newcomer series. William Witrock gets some of the hottest new girls in all of porn and he is wise enough to stay behind the camera so that actual porn guys can do the banging. (Not that I’ve seen Witrock, he might be a fine looking man, but I am speaking of course of Ed Powers who manages to ruin his hot group of newbies by insisting that he be the male talent with them.) It would be nice if Witrock would stop using a couple of his usual meat puppets, but even the worst of this crew is better than watching Ed or Randy. Joel Lawrence, Rick Masters and Alex Sanders do the dicking in this volume. At least one of those guys is a good meat dispensing unit, but we’ll have to suffer through the other two as we enjoy the four sexy babes in this video.

Keilani has been in a few movies already, but she is so fucking pretty that Wild Bill has her along for our viewing pleasure. She is a gorgeous Filipina who isn’t even five feet tall. Just looking at her body during the tease is enough to make me want to dive in and give her a taste. Joel Lawrence does that instead and he seems to enjoy the experience. When she takes his big cock into her hands, Keilani goes to work. We get great shots of her body as well as her face during the blowjob. Some more eye contact would have been good during this portion of the scene, but it’s still pretty good. From the moment she slips her pussy over his cock, Keilani is all movement and noise. Perhaps she is a little bit too thrilled, but it makes for great porn. They spoon for a while before really giving us some really great reverse cowgirl footage. With a pocket rocket to help, Keilani goes nuts, driving her body down to take every inch of dick Joel has to offer. After a long mish, he pulls out and shots all over her face. This babe is eye candy who also knows how to fuck. Be watching for her in any new titles you can find.

Chantelle is making her video debut for the RSM line. She is only nineteen and brand new to the area. The young Oregon girl says she has only been with three guys, but loves to fuck. She looks like she could be Chloe’s younger sister and has a nice set of small tits to match her tight body. Rick Masters comes in and starts kissing his way down her body. She responds well to his oral attention and shows know hesitation when pulling Rick’s pud from his pants. Her hair hides a lot of the action during the blowjob, keeping it pretty cool as she sucks. Getting on top, she rides for a long time. Though her energy level is a bit lower than the first girl, Chantelle is still fun to watch. She picks it up a lot when Rick is doing the work. He slams her in mish and then works her from behind. By the time they get to spooning, she seems ready to explode and certainly doesn’t fuck like a girl who is taking only the fourth dick of her young life. Rick finishes her off when he stands up and leaves a load o her face. Chantelle is exhausted and smiling as she says good bye.

Layla is a cute brunette with a huge smile. This eighteen year old has the kind of face that is going to attract a lot of attention from the big companies. She is a little skinny for my taste and will have her tits pumped up soon I fear. Still, a face like this is bound to look good bobbing on a cock. Rick is back and helps the young babe right out of her short skirt and tube top. He eats her for a while and then slides her into a brief 69. When Layla is allowed to focus on his cock, she gives some great looking head. What I can’t figure out is why it would be cut so freaking short. You have such a pretty girl, why rush through the blowjob. Rick really wants to get into her pussy and he fucks her like he’s really having a good time. They start with Layla flat on her stomach, but soon move into doggy where we can get a good look at her body. She even lets him stick it up her tight ass for a bit while her fingers work on her young twat. Moving back to her pussy they give us a very high energy until he pulls out and shoots all over her chest and face.

Melody is a pretty Persian girl with great hair and a really soft eighteen year old body. This is only her second scene and Witrock throws her in with Alex Sanders. He helps her out his clothes and takes a look at her newly trimmed bush. Speaking of newly trimmed, someone needs to help Alex out with a gift certificate to Supercuts for Christmas. Dude, the only thing more dated than your Whitesnake haircut is the parachute pants and compensating-for-something tank tops. When he’s done eating her box, Alex impresses her with his prescription hard on. While she bathes it with her tongue and gently sucks the head, we get some nice shots of her lovely tits. I’d like to see Melody do some blowjob scenes just to see what she can do with just her mouth and hands. Alex pushes her onto her back and jams his sick into her waiting hole. They spoon for a while with Melody rubbing her clit, but the energy is pretty low. He finally pulls out shoots all over her big boob.

The four women in this RSM movie are all worth a look. I like the low key approach Witrock takes with his newcomers. The results speak for themselves and more often than not the scenes have good energy. Keilani is a real gem and she gives us a great scene. Layla is a very pretty girl and may well end up as a single name Vivid Girl if she plays her cards right. I like the other two girls even though Chantelle could use a bit more energy and Melody is slowed down a bit by her partner. As always, this RSM video is a great way to check which girls to watch for in the future.

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