Perverted Point of View #5


Perverted Point of View #5


140 Mins.



THEMES: POV, Swallowing, A2M




STARS: Loni, Ashley Blue, Melanie, Misty, Rose Petal, Ashley Long, Cameron, Mimi, Mike John & Erik Everhard.


Mike John isn’t the first guy to ever shoot POV sex, but right now he is that best at it. Pioneer Rodney Moore does great work with the camera, but seems content to work with some less than stellar talent. Seymore Butts is shooting movies about as often as Oliver Stone these days. There are other lines popping up that have taken their style from the Perverted POV line, but they can’t compare quite yet. Mike and pal Erik Everhard are ready to crawl out of their prime alley dumpster and take a turn with some lovely ladies. There are quite a few women in this movie who are fun to watch including the awesome Cameron. Ashley Long finds Erik in the alley and knows just what to do. She kneels on some cardboard ad starts sucking his cock. In no time at all, he feeds her a quick load of cum. This little bonus happens before the credits even roll.

Mike has Loni alone in a hotel room. She is a busty Asian babe with a great sexual attitude. He plays with her tits and they just sort of chat for a bit. This works much better than the canned interviews that we see in other lines. When she is done talking, Loni finds the floor and gives a nice looking blowjob. They move to the bed which allows him to mount her tits for a few quick strokes. Shooting POV sex isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, but John does a great job as he gives it to Loni in mish. Great energy from Loni to go along with the perfectly shot sex make this very enjoyable. She is rewarded with a big shot of cum right in her mouth for the pop of the scene. Loni mounts Mike and drops her ass down over his cock. POV in this position is excellent because we get to see her whole body and watch as she pumps his dick with her asshole. They fuck hard in doggy and mish, but the cowgirl position is the best for POV anal. After several ass to mouth sucks, he mounts her chest and shoots another big load for her to swallow. Loni is perfect for this line.

Cameron is one of the hottest new girls in all of porn this year. She is from Tennessee, with blonde hair, a pretty face, great tits and a wonderful smile. Mike reaches out and plays with her tits. The only flaw I can see on this girl is the huge zit between her boobs. Forget that for now though because she is down on her knees giving us super hot looking POV blowjob. Head from a girl this pretty is nice to watch, but Cameron seems to be quite a little oral fiend as well. Mike fucks her in mish and shoots all over her face making her clean him off before moving to the next position. Holding the camera high over his head, he gives us a nice view of Cameron’s ass as she bangs her from behind. We get a little bit of POV cowgirl before he gets on top of her again and shoots a huge load right into her mouth.

Melanie is a kind of average looking girl with fried looking hair, a soft middle and pretty big tits. Mike has fun with her as she takes her clothes off. Melanie is probably the least appealing woman in this movie, but she still looks pretty good during the POV blowjob. Her shaved pussy ain’t too bad either and her energy picks up as she bangs away from above. Some decent fucking leads to a facial and then the anal portion of our show. Mel does mish with several A2M breaks before finally giving us that great looking cowgirl A. Even though she’s the least appealing girl in the movie, she is proof that Mike shoots hotter chicks than Rodney. Mel would be a top shelf chick in a Rod flick.

Rosie Pearl is a young English lass with braces, perky nipples and very little to say. She starts sucking his cock and does it with a great deal of care. I like the way she uses her hands and varies her strokes. Apparently Mike likes it as well because he seems to be struggling not to just pop into the young blonde’s mouth from the start. He does feed her the cream after a few minutes and that just kicks things into the next gear. We get our first real look at Rosie’s body as she is on her back and the camera shoots her from high above. Her body is tight, her tits small ad there are no tan lines on this fair skinned young maiden. When she mounts his dick, Rosie shows us that she knows exactly how to make the most out of every position. After a short pussy fuck she swallows the second load.

Misty Hayes is a nice looking black girl who says that she can’t even count all of the dicks that have been in her young mouth. He moves down below and gets a good look at her pussy. She has a really thick bush around her pink lips and could use a little trim job around the edged. When she starts sucking his cock, Misty isn’t afraid to make a lot of noise. She works his dick to full mast and then lies on her back. In mish we get a good look at her stomach and she has some nice looking abs. Her legs aren’t bad either and she uses them to pump up and down on him. Anal seems to give Misty a little bit more trouble than vag, but by the time they get into doggy, she is taking it in stride. With a big smile on her face, Misty lets him dump a big load all over her face and into her mouth.

Mimi is a cute girl who says that she has never swallowed cum in her life. That’s all about to change as Mike prepares to give this nineteen year old plenty of cream to gulp. She has a big ass that Mike checks out as he slowly makes the naughty teen undress. Even though Mimi has never swallowed, it’s a safe bet that she has sucked more than her share of dicks. In fact I would guess that she was quite popular in the front seat of many cars during her formidable years. She looks horrified as she strokes him off and then goes tight lipped as he shoots a load. I don’t think Mimi could have moved any faster if he had shot her in the eye with acid. She still has to learn to swallow after getting a failing for this weak effort. They have time for Mike to work up another load as he fucks her tight twat. Mimi likes riding dick and even with her soft belly, she looks great sliding her shaved hole up and down on his throbbing pole. They try a little reverse cowgirl, but for the best view of her backside (and the big tat above her ass) Mike bends her over. For pop number two, he fucks her tits and then slides his dick into her mouth. He shoots right into her mouth and she takes it down, but clearly hates it. At least she is honest afterwards and admits that she won’t be doing this again any time soon.

Ashley Blue is pretty popular these days with guys who like young looking teen girls who are willing to do anything at all. (Which of course covers most porn fans.) She is twenty years old, but looks younger and has a really tight looking body. Ashley knows how to look into the camera as she sucks cock and takes it all the way down her throat with the greatest of ease. After this great looking blowjob, he fucks her briefly o the bed and shoots a load in her mouth. With her lips still around his cock, Ashley smiles into the camera and nods when Mike asks her if she is ready for it in the ass. When he slides into her butt, Ashley goes into a fit of ecstasy, rubbing her clit and moaning like there is nothing better in the world than a bone in the bum. She isn’t afraid of A2M either, but to really enjoy Ashley’s scene, wait for the cowgirl. Her hips pump hard enough to look like she’s jacking him off with her asshole. With more A2M this is highlight reel material to be sure. Ashley opens up and takes another big load into her nasty little mouth.

Ashley Long is back with Erik, this time inside a hotel so we can actually see her get naked before fucking. They have already tried the oral thing, so Erik goes right into her asshole. This leggy blonde takes it with no problem, sliding fingers into her pussy to add some sensation. When he has stretched he ass for a while, she gives her bum a taste. This is repeated three times before they finally go tot he floor for my favorite POV position. Ashley shoves her fingers into herself for part of this, blocking out view of her box. Thankfully she stops that after a while and thrusts her hips up and down to pump his prick. Erik mounts her chest and shoots a load onto her face and right into her mouth.

Once again Mike John has put together a fantastic collection of POV scenes. Cameron is a really hot girl who fucks with great energy. Both Ashleys turn in good scenes and Loni looks like she is a great time to be had by all. Even though Mimi doesn’t like to swallow, she is really sexy and I’m hoping to see her again very soon. The POV action is as good as you will find in all of porn. There is plenty of anal, A2M and cum swallowing to keep all of the raincoaters happy and the POV shots are perfect for eye candy as well. Quite frankly I love the POV cowgirl shots so much that I think I’m going to go back and watch this movie at least one more time.

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