An Early Thought on the Polls

I’m watching this year’s fan polls and trying to figure out how to save them from being even more fucked up than last year. My initial thought is that in addition to voiding all of the duplicate votes we find (Last round, we found enough to turn a ‘winner’ into a second place girl and I suspect there was some serious foolishness in the Best Male and Best Company voting as well) I am toying with the idea of voiding all votes where someone comes in and only votes in one bracket. After all, these are ROG REVEIWS fan polls. These are award giving out on behalf of the readers of this site. It’s not an internet popularity poll. As someone pointed out, the final 8 in the big award is a bit of a joke. They are called the Fan Faves, but these are not even close to the most popular women as voted on by the READERS of this site.

On that note I want to apologize to Belladonna, Gauge, Ashton Moore, Brittany Skye and the others who have clearly been aced out by clever internet fan base charging (and some not so clever efforts to work around the rules.)

Good luck to everyone, but I think this may be the last year for this mess. At least the last year where I bother to get trophies for the “Winners.”

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